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About Caeles

Caeles is owned by Margret I. Veigarsdottir

The founder of Caeles is Kari-Anne Jacobsen, she had her first litter of IGs in 2000. The Caeles prefix (wich means ”heavenly” in latin) was not added until 2003, which is why the first litter does not carry a prefix. Margrét joined Caeles in 2006 2 years after meeting Kari-Anne and endless talking about dogs, combinations, ideas, goals and what not.

Kari.Anne & Margret at the Norwegian KC show in Hamar where they took BOB & BOS & both CACs :)


The heart and soul of the Caeles IGs is Ch Canta Libre The Sundance kid. “Cassidy” is our foundation dog, and we base our lines on him and his lineage.

Cassidy came to us as a rescue dog on valentine´s day 2002. It was Stine (his "mom") who picked him up, and it was love at first sight! Cassidy is a highly treasured (and spoiled) family memeber and wherever Stine goes “Cass” goes too.

If it wasn´t for this little guy (36cm) Caeles probably wouldn´t exist. He defines the type of IG we would like to breed: small without being miniature like, elegant, leggy, a great mover, healthy with a temperament to die for!

Ch Canta libre The Sundance Kid

We have a lot to thank Cassidy for: not only has he sired some wonderful puppies for us and his previous owner, but he has also put us in contact with people who have opened doors for us we never thought was possible!

Thanks to all of you, who have been generous and patient to share your knowledge and experience. A special thought goes for Alison Parkhouse and Jo Amsel. You are the best! Thank you both!

Late 2009 Margret took over the name/kennel completely while Kari-Anne carries on with her studies of veterinary medicine in Budapest where she's also active and putting focus on her career in horses with her beautiful (licenced) stallion Bradley Beach.


 Margret with Casper (Eugenios Drops Of Champagne) the toy poodle!


I have travelled around Scandinavia as a kennelhelp for various breeders. I live in Belgium now with my spouse & the dogs.

I am interested in photography, especially dog photography and am available to take photos of dogs for others on request. I am also very interested in showing and taking it to a higher level, I have shown dogs for knl Eugenios with great results as well as showing here for others, both helping and "going steady" with some dogs, and there are usually 1-2 guest dogs living here for an agreed period of time while being shown and presented here by me.

I am born and raised in Iceland, but have been living abroad since september 2004. I started my adventure in Denmark, went from there to become a kennel help in Finland for Riitta Aho and her Punapaulan Afghans and poodles before going to Norway to knl Jets Greyhounds and Åge Gjetnes Afghan Hounds. From there I went to Tone Bekkåsen Fischer, knl Eugenios, where I took care and helped showing her poodles, chinese cresteds and italian greyhounds. My interest in poodles got ignited when I was working for Tone and I got Casper from her and now, some years later I'd love to have more as I'm head over heels in love with the white toys.

I am interested in a lot of breeds, and follow many and know who's who, I find it extremely interesting to learn things in other breeds and apply to my own wether in breeding, showing or just plain husbandry. Thinking outside the box, having an open mind and respect for your peers.

All these great breeders have taught me a lot, and I thank each and everyone of them for taking me in and sharing their knowledge with me. Words cannot describe how much my experience with them means to me.

I have some exciting plans for the years to come, working on building up my line/style of IGs through my interpretation of the standar.

Keep on checking for updates, feel free to contact me be it for puppies, advice, curiousity or for showing/handling.


I strive for healthy & beautiful dogs, in both body and mind!



I use and highly recommend: