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Int Nordic N S Dk Champion Norwegian Winner-05, VWW-11, Luxembourg Veteran Champion, Vet.Winner-Donaueschingen 2012

Caeles Magical Mr Mistoffelees

Top IG stud in Norway 2008


16/6 2002
37.5 cm
        Eyes Cataract & Viterous Degeneration 5-2010 (8 yrs old)
          5/2012, cataract & VD have not advanced :)

Joey is the man in the house, he has sired some very nice offspring and has 6 champion offspring with several more well on their way.

He is a very talented little guy that has inherited some nice talents from his mother like smiling, talking, dancing and even singing when hes in a good mood.

Joey took 14 CACIBs in Norway, Sweden & Denmark in his waiting year for the international title!

Joey is the first norwegian IG to gain a coursing licence and compete, his best result being Best in Field 3 at his very first trial in Sweden!

Unfortunatly there was no competition while Joey was coursing so he couldn't get any LC CACs

Joey has been retired from the field and showrings but he might make a special appearance as a veteran every now and then.

-Even at 10 years of age, Joey is always full of energy and the most playful dog in the house. If we have guests he's quick on his feet finding his favourite toy and making the guests play with him.. and when he gets going, he doesn't stop:)

IG stud of the year in 2008, #2 in 2007 & 2009

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10 years




COI 0,0 %

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