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German Champion, Jahressieger 2013

Caeles Shooting Star



Like Penny, when Luna was born I got this feeling that I couldn't explain. There was just something about her that pulled my attention to her. She was the first to stand up and walk, a good indication of her being well built and balanced. I really like her type, she stands tall and carries herself so gracefully, a quality I was certainly going after.

So far, Luna is the craziest pup I've ever had. She keeps me amused, laughing and sometimes makes me go crazy all day long and has gotten many nicknames like Looney, Lunatic...

I am really happy with the way she is maturing, and this girl can really move.





COI 4,3%

Ch Dark Legend's Ufo

Insolitoazzuro Da Vinci

Ch Movado Ric Rosso

Dark Legend's Kinnara

Ch Py's Shamare

WW-00, SW-00, Ch Sobers Bravissimo

Sobers Teza

Twan-San-Yen Excel Mio Amico Gucci

Ch Strippoker's Schöne Blaue Donau

Ch Fiefoerniek´s Franki Frangipani

Caeles Me Myself And I

Ch Twan-San-Ye Dignity Mirabella

Ch Canta Libre The Sundance Kid

Ch Movado A Prioritare Par Avion