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Norwegian Champion

Talata Nox


16/7 2005
7/7 2010
40 cm
ok /12-2010
Color Black        

My running beauty. First IG in Norway to get a lure coursing CAC and might I say I'm VERY proud of that!

Nox will mostly be seen at coursing and hopefully racing events, she gained her norwegian championship with ease at her very first try 11 weeks after giving birth to 5 puppies.

CACIB winner in Norway.

Nox was my first IG puppy. I had Joey already when I got her and he was 2,5 years years old, already a champion and well trained.

When I first went to Ragnhild to pick her up, I had to pick between her, and her blue sister Nina. We always talked about the "black" puppy being better and Ragnhild, and myself just had a feeling about her, but still I couldn't make my choice untill I'd seen them both. So when I came in the first thing I see in the puppypen are the 2 sisters, and Nox had her "arm" around her sister like she was protecting her or telling her things would be just fine.

I kinda set my mind to her already then, but still I took them and stacked them and tryed to look like I knew what I was doing (hadn't ever had to pick the better puppy -for real!) and ended up following my heart and pick the black beauty who got the name Nox.

Nox I had to learn all the tricks of the trade from, like when I picked her up from her breeder and put her in a crate on the way back home, she cryed all the way and I remember thinking "oh dear". I had decided that she'd learn to be in a crate from the get go, so the first night I took her crate and had it by my bed and put Nox in.. I did not sleep that night at all. Nox had a mind of her own and she was not going to be stuck in some crate while Joey got to stay in bed! What was I thinking.

I gave up on our 2nd night and Nox slept in bed every night for about 3 years (by then the number of dogs had increased and not so much space for me in bed).

As a puppy she was very active, but easy to live with allthough she did like to jump, and she could jump high!

She loved to run free with Joey, chasing him around on the fields where I lived and it always put a smile on my face, no matter what was going on, if I was homesick, feeling bad, whatever. If I took those 2 out running and just watched them I always felt better.

I showed Nox as a puppy and she always did well, her biggest acomplishment as a puppy was a group 2 placement, I remember how thrilled I was that my "little" girl did so well!

As an adult, I showed her a bit, she gained her championship quite easily but as she's on the tall side of the scale I didn't show her much. But she got more and more beautiful over the years, and when you looked into her eyes you'd see her wisdom, she was a smart dog, so easy to have and a joy to be around. All the other dogs looked up to her and she treated everyone with calm and respect.

In 2008 she had her first litter. I mated her with Joey and got my "phrases" litter with 5 beautiful puppies who are spread around the world, all making me proud.

In the past 2 years Nox has been a couch potato, I always planned to get a racing licence on her and to do some more coursing with her here, but somehow never got to it, and told myself that after her next litter we'd just focus on some racing and coursing because she LOVED it.

Then early 2010 I made the decicion to mate her, I had found a male I thought would be interesting to use and planned to have the litter in the summer.

Well, may came and Nox came in season, we went to Germany to mate her and everything went fine. I was excited to see what kind of babies she'd have this time around cuz this time I went to a different direction in the pedigree than we have usually done.

Then, the 5th of july she starts, I know that the babies are coming in the next day or so. Actually she started late in the evening on sunday, july 4th. I took her down to the bedroom and stayed with her there, she was starting to get restless and everything seemed fine. She was a bit ahead of her due date, but still nothing to worry about. On monday the pups were not there and I was sure they'd come that night, I could see that they were still lying rather high up so I stayed calm and told myself that they had to come that night. On tuesday when the puppies were still not there I called the vet and got to come in (it was in the middle of the day) and she looked at her, and I told her just how she had been and when it started and that I thought they should have come by now.

The vet gave her a shot of oxytocin and told me that they should come that night, hopefully in the evening because everything was "ready".

Nox was still in good shape, her health was superb, only thing I'd noticed is that she hadn't eaten so much, but that's quite normal for that situation. She drank well so I thought everything was fine. In the evening there were still no puppies, I left her at one point in the bedroom to go get some food, and when I came back down I could see in her expression that she was very tired. Naturally I thought, poor thing has been in labor forever and there are still no puppies. The nigth came and still, nothing, Nox wasn't restless anymore, she slept and gathered energy and then got up and pushed. At 6am I thougth to myself "what am I doing", the puppies will never come naturally, Nox was simply too tired and I still thougth they were lying a bit to high in her belly so I called the vet again, woke'em up and was told to come at 7.15 for a C-section.

I stayed in bed with Nox until 7am, then I got up, put a special crate in the car, brushed my teeth and went back in to get her. I was away for 2-3 minutes. When I came back, she was gone. I saw it, the way she was lying, she was unconcious and I realised that my worst nightmare was about to come true.

Nox was dead, I took her and ran to the car, woke my boyfriend up screaming saying that this cannot be happening and that I cannot drive. I then run to the car and drive to the vet (it's just 2 minute drive to the vets office, it felt like an hour) and I ringed the bell and when he came I stood there with tears in my eyes and said that she was dead, he looks surprised and rushes me to the surgery room where he attaches her to some machine to check her heart rate and to tell me that I was right.

He asked me if I wanted him to open her up and see if the puppies were alive, I told him yes, and left the room and waited. A few minutes later he comes out and it's not good news, she had 4 puppies and they had also just died.

The vet said that this was most likely hypocalsimia that Nox got. I wish I had known what that was.

I wish that I would have listened to my gut and asked for a C-section when I went to the vet the first time, I wish that I knew that she should not have gotten oxytocin in her condition, I wish I would have taken her again to the vet on tuesday evening. I wish I never mated her and I wish she was still here.

This was the most horrible day of my life, I choose to share my story in hopes of preventing this ever happening to anyone who reads this and might find themselves in similar situation. I don't wish my worst enemy to go through this. Life can be so unfair. I feel so irresponsible and idiotic that I didn't know how to prevent this from happening.

I also want to thank everyone for the support, good thoughts, nice words and prayers. It means alot to me and keeps me going when I feel so low.

I will always remember Nox . She was one of a kind and I miss her so much.Words cannot describe how I feel.

More photos

Health checks:

*Patella: 0/0

*Eyes: No signs of hereditiary diseases 5/2010


COI 1,9 %

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