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International (CIB), German, VDH, Luxembourg, Dutch, Belgian, Swedish, Danish Champion

Amsterdam Junior Winner-10, Amsterdam Winner-10, EuropaSieger 2011, 2012 , Winner Donaueschingen 2012,Winner CRBL-KBWC 2012, Brussels Winner 2012, Golden Winner 2012, 2013

Caeles It's Showtime


5/2 2010
38 cm (official)
no murmurs
ok/ 5-2012
        FEH (dna) N/FEH (normal but a carrier)
        PRA-IG1 (dna) Normal
        Glaucoma (dna) N/N (not affected)



Penny was special from the moment she was born, there was just something about her, I got this feeling for her that she'd be the one.

Being the only "blond" in a litter of blues, she automaticly became an eyecatcher, and she has been every since.

She has done exeptionally well in the showrings as you can see by the row of titles in front of her name, (5 championships and 7 winnertitles before the age of 3!)

I love her classic S-curves, standing and moving she does not loose her topline, she is steady and an excellent mover. Basically she's all I ask and look for in an IG, and more.


Now as you can see, we did the DNA tests on Penny, and she is a carrier for FEH. This only means that she can only be bred to males who are N/N (normal), and her offspring will either be carriers or N/N (normal) and should be checked. It's not the end of the world, and having this Dna tests is a blessing. Now I know, and I know how to avoid this. No big deal.



COI 0,2 %

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