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Norwegian Winner-05

Caeles Just In Time


15/9 2005
35.5 cm
no murmurs
Viterous degeneration / 5-2010

Tingen is our little tomboy who will outrun most bigger sighthounds like borzois and afghans! In the house she's the easiest dog and loves to curl up under a blanket or next to us and just be. She's got a sweet and open temperament, is very playful and everything you'd want an Ig to be.

This tiny girl has done extremely well in the show rings so far with several CCs from junior class and even norwegian winner title!

She moves like a dream, which is probably much of the reason for her success.

Tingen came to us in the fall of 2009 to have a litter, she is back in Sweden now with her owner Hans Fuchs, knl Mannequinn's.

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COI 1,6 %

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