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Berizza Titus Andronicus

" Titus"



15 months


38 cm
        Eyes -


I am very excited to have Titus in the house. This is a 7 year old dream coming true. After a day and a halfs journy from Australia, Titus landed in Amsterdam on october 18th.

On the 2 hour ride back home, he let me know that he was ready to come out of his crate, lol, and when we finally came home he bounced out of the crate full of energy. It didn't take him long to get aquainted with the other dogs, a few minutes of sniffing and looking around and that was done. I am really impressed with his temperament, after such a long journey, coming to a new climate, new house, new language and he's like he's always lived here.

Apart from his great temperament, he is also a very sound and balanced built boy, and I really like what I am seeing when he moves around the house. His head is gorgeous, you can't say no to those eyes and expression, it's almost hypnotizing, and I think he knows that he can do no wrong. To top it off, he has a great pedigree, these are lines that have not been in Europe before (apart from the fact that most of the american lines that do of course go back to Dario, his great great grandsire).

This pedigree is full of interesting IGs, and it's an interesting mix of Australian, USA & UK lines with some of the breeds all time top producers.

I am extremely grateful to Anu to be willing to send him on the long journey to Belgium. The future is bright, that's a sure thing.

I have decided Titus will not be available for breeding, not yet at least. Maybe when he's older.



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