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Handling, for others


From time to time I handle dogs for others. For the past 2 years I have almost at all times had 1 extra dog living here that is here as a special guest to go to shows, and evt. used in breeding.

I enjoy showing different breeds, challenging myself and getting to know breeds I have often not had the pleasure to know before. Knowing a breed from shows is one thing, living with a breed is totally different.

Ch Biscotti Esclusivo

Esso came to me in august 2010 and the aim was to finish his Dutch title.

Esso left here in december, finished with a bang by going BOB at the Amsterdam Winner show, finishing his Dutch title and gaining the Amsterdam Winner title.


Ch PaRay's Vogelflight O'The Phoenix

In the end of october 2010 I went to Brussels airport to pick up Phoenix the bichon who came all the way from the US. While he was here he racked up quite a few titles and became Dutch & Luxembourg Champion, Amsterdam Winner 2010 & 2011, Belgian Winner 2010, Rheinlandsieger 2011, PDC Club Winner 2011.

He got all the CAC's needed for his Belgian and International titles, but he left to Iceland just a few weeks before the waiting time of 1 year and 1 day was up to be able to finish those titles. At his first show in Iceland he became Icelandic and International champion. Phoenix stayed here for 1 year.


Royal Frise Dolly Doll

Dolly came home with me from the world show in Paris, she's born and bred in Romenia. She was going to travel home with Phoenix in the end of the year and needed a place to stay for a few months, and to get to know Phoenix since they'd then get to stay together in the quarantine in Iceland.

She was just a baby when she came to me, so she was only shown twice. At her first show, my friend Kristy showed her for me as I was at another show with the IGs and Dolly won BOB and BIS-3 baby at a toy club speciality. Then I showed her in puppy class at the Amsterdam Winner show where she was BOB puppy.

Since moving to Iceland Dolly already has all the cac's needed for her Icelandic championship, but she's still to young. She's a BOB winner and has already gotten a group placement under her belt, 20 months old so the future is bright and I am proud to have been a part of giving her a good start and some show training while she was in my care.


Halsakots Someone Is On Fire

Dolli came to me after the world dog show in Salzburg. He did really well while here and became Dutch, Belgian & Luxembourg Champion as well as starting his German and International Championships. He got some winner titles as well, Amsterdam Winner-12, Brussels Winner-12, Europasieger-13 & Belgian Winner -13

He won specialty best in show at his first show here in Belgium, and he's also a group winner.

(first time I handle a dog to a group win in the very competitive toy group)

I am very proud of my achievements with Dolli, he has a special place in my heart. A truly fantastic papillon.


Royal Frise Ginger Bazooka

Bazooka has really rocked the rings in the few shows she's been to, she's been BOB baby and puppy every time out, at her first show she was shortlisted in the big ring, then at the Amsterdam Winner show she won BIS-2 puppy and in Brussels Winner she won BIS-3 puppy.

She's already a cac winner in the Netherlands, and has won a couple of BOB's as an adult, but is taking a break now and will come back strong when she's ready and fully matured.


Inya Dreams Meet Prince Charming

Prince stayed here for a few months, and gained his first cacib, and cac's in Luxembourg and Germany.

He was very sparingly shown, due to the fact he wasn't in full coat for his age and showing wasn't his favorite activity. He is a very sweet boy, I wish I could have done more with him, he is a fantastic mover and it was a joy just watching him go around outside.

Halsakots Sweet Dreamz With A Deadline

Gloey came home with me after our trip to Vejen in Denmark. Long story short, she was supposed to go to her new home, things didn't work out and Gloey couldn't go back to Iceland due to the quarantine... so she came back home with me.

She was entered to a few shows and has won BIS puppy at the papillon specialty show in Belgium. She got her first title when she won a big junior class in Luxembourg and became Luxembourg Jr Champion. She is a cac winner in the Netherlands, got it on her last show.

I am excited to follow her, she's got attitude for 10, and when she is fully matured and in full coat.. I know she is going to do really well.


Inya Dreams Not Just A Pretty Face

Say hello to Justin. My current showdog, very selectivly shown he got the Belgian Jr championship by winning BOB junior in 3 out of 3 shows :)