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Italian Greyhound -info

I do not only sell my puppies to showhomes or breeders. I welcome the "normal" homes who just want a pet to keep them company so please don't be afraid to contact me if you are not interested in any of the dog activites.

For those who are interested, please when contacting me, introduce yourself, tell me where you live, if you are working, what you are looking for in an IG.

I do not keep a waiting list and I never promise anyone a puppy until I have a litter on the ground and know what I have.

Also please note, I do not pick puppies when they are born, when you want a puppy from me, you need to be patient, I pick my puppy first, and I will take the time I need to do it. If I have someone who is interested in a promising show prospect, I will send/post photos from all angels and give my opinion week by week, but the final pick will be when the pup is around 8 weeks, or even older. This is my reputation and when I sell a puppy promising for shows, I want it to be really promising. I want you to have success so I want to take the time needed to pick the best puppy for you.

My breeding is important to me, I do want to stay in touch with my puppy buyers and I love getting photos and updates of dogs I have bred.

Don't hesitate to contact me if there are any questions,