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The Wonder litter

These little wonders are named after the seven wonders of the ancient world...
DOB December 17th 2004 3 males, 4 females

Caeles Mausoleum At Halicarnassus

Caeles Statue Of Zeus

Caeles Colossus Of Rhodes


Caeles Temple Of Artemis

Caeles Lighthouse Of Alexandria

Caeles Gardens Of Babylon

Caeles Pyramid Of Giza


Ch Canta Libre The Sundance Kid

Ch Canta Libre Here Comes The Sun

Ch Canta Libre Sky Walker

Canta Libre Finally Phoebe

Canta Libre Kissing Cousin

Ch Canta Libre Simonsays

Ch Canta Libre Just An Inkling

Talata Cinderella

Ch Movado Ric Rosso

Ch Canta Libre The Sundance Kid

Wondoan Wrare Edition

Ch Sasha

Nash de Shirkan

Dunrobin's Winona