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2.11.2015 Health

Penny had her hips X-rayed and they are excellent :)

21.10.2015 Little update

For those who still come on here, I am not able to update my website at the moment, my laptop finally died, it was windows 10 disease that was the final straw and I now have a Macbook. My old dreamweaver program does not work on the mac, and paying a monthly fee for the new adobe dreamweaver is insane and I wont do it ;) So we´re working on a solution.
BUT my news can be updated as they are online, so feel free to take a look, I will try to keep it up to date.

I went to Oslo for the European dog show in september, Emil won the championclass and ended up with the reserve cacib. So I guess some would say he´s vice european winner, I know some people think it´s just a fluff title, and I am the first to hate fluff titles, but I think getting reserve at European and world shows is a big deal, so for me it´s not a fluff title.. anyhow, he got the reserve and I am happy aboout it :)

Luna did not get pregnant so no Luna-Wyatt babies. That sucks, Wyatt went back home to Canada after the EDS in Oslo so no chance of making this combination again. Sometimes breeding throws you a curveball and doesn´t give you what you want.. Back to the drawing board and a new plan is in the making.

Last but not least, I sent in DNA tests for Luna and Daisy. I feel it is important to use the tools we have been given, and that breeders should have their IGs tested.
It costs plenty of money, I know but doing one by one, every now and then, skipping a show and doing a DNA panel instead here and there..
I will never be a breeder who will only breed by the numbers/letters, I follow my heart and my gut, but having these tests can guide me away from diseases so of course I will make use of that :)

With that being said, here are the newest results:
Caeles I´ve Got The Power ("Daisy" : Wyatt/Penny) PRA: AABbCCDDEe, that means she´s low risk of ever developing PRA, yay for Daisy: FEH is N/FEH and that means she is a carrier ( no surprise, her mother is a carrier) but she will never develop FEH and as long as she´s bred to a N/N male, she will only produce carriers or normal ones :)
Closed angle glaucoma was not needed as she´s clear through parentage.

So all in all, great results, just need to be mindful about the FEH :)

Caeles Shooting Star ( Luna, Ufo/Stella) only had her PRA done as she´s clear on FEH and Glaucoma by parentage. Her PRA results are good, she´s low risk with AABbccDDEE

That´s all the news for now. I have not been to a show since the EDS, I needed a little break.

-Emil is in Sweden, and will stay there for a while. He will be available for breeding if anyone is interested.

9.8.2015 yay

news are up to date !

9.8.2015 18/7 LIEGE

Had a great day in Liege where I showed Hubert and Jack :)

Hubert was shown for the first time in intermediate class, he won his first cac, cacib and was BOS !

Jack was also shown for the first time in intermediate class and he did exactly the same as his friend getting his first CAC, CACIB and BOS !

Hubert went back home with Carine, I really miss him, but as I am going on vacation, and then to Iceland and Norway in the end of august/beginning september he got to go back home and the plan is he'll be back with me when I am home from Norway and get ready for the big winner shows ;)

9.8.2015 11/7 The UK Italian Greyhound Championship Show

-Another dream come true, I have always been interested in going to breed specialties in different countries as these are the shows where we should see the most variety, best of the best etc.

Having Wyatt and not being able to show him in Europe made me think that I should maybe look into going to the UK, it wasn't hard driving to crufts, driving on the left side went ok, but this time I'd have to go it alone.

So with lots of planning, spending lots of money on just the trip itself ( my oh my the boat was super expensive ! ) Getting ATC numbers on Wyatt, Luna and Jules, planning and planning the day was finally there.

The weather was great, the showground was perfect, 70 IGs where entered under judge Shirley Vincent.

Wyatt was first in, he was a bit off I felt, but still .. it's Wyatt, he's gorgeous. He was 3rd in a class of 3... lets not talk of that

Jules got a VHC ( 5th ) in puppy class and Luna got the same in open class.

I got to see Bruce, the brother of my Titus get his crowning CC, and going all the way to Best in Show !

So no big wins, but great experience, I saw some stunning IGs and met new interesting people I've had great respect for. I hope I can go next year if the timing is right, and if I have a travelling partner, it's too expensive to go it alone unfortunately.

9.8.2015 28/6 GENK

Hubert the papillon wins BOB junior under Francesco Cochetti from Italy :)

9.8.2015 21/6 USA NEWS

Really - Caeles Real Fantasy goes winners bitch for 2 points and BOS !

9.8.2015 20-21/7 DOUAI

This is a fun show to go to, I took Hubert and Justin with me, but only showed Hubert who won BOB jr and BOB both days under Laurent Heinesche and Roger Barenne.

9.8.2015 16/6 JOEY

My man, my first IG love, my first showdog Joey turned 13 years young !!

9.8.2015 7/6 LOMMEL

Hubert the papillon wins BOB junior under Mr J-F Vanaken

9.8.2015 30/5 LANDSTUHL sightound show

As you might have noticed, I have hardly shown my own dogs so far this year. There are several reasons for that, one of them being how expensive it is to enter and when we get judges who often have no clue about IGs, I don't see the point in supporting the shows, so this year I have stopped taking a chance like I often did.
In Belgium we HAVE to be at the shows latest by 9.30 and can not leave until the big ring starts, usually around 3pm. I started to think about this more, and how I could often spend my days and money in different ways, so unless I see better judges, or better prices... and this stupid rule of having to stay on the show taken out, I only enter on the special ones and where I think I have a chance. Simple as that.

Anyhow, enough of my rambling... and instead of spending just as much money on 1 dog in Belgium, I entered 4 dogs and did the 4 hour drive to Landstuhl in Germany to show under Olaf Knauber.

It was certainly worth it !

Jack was BOS junior
Emil got the CAC and VDH and ended up being BOS
Luna won her class and got the CAC finishing her German club championship
Jules debuted by winning junior class, going BOB junior over Jack, winning best female over her mother and finally going up against Emil and winning BOB ! She finished off by going BIS junior and BIS 4 adult ! What a start !!

9.8.2015 24/5 Gödöllö Hungary

Twinky - Sophies Pearl Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star owned and bred by Zsofie Gombai, daugther to our Bling won BEST IN SHOW under sighthound authority Bitte Ahrens !
Well done special little Twinky !

9.8.2015 17/5 WIEZE

Had only Hubert with me, he went all the way to BOB from junior class ! Judge was Elzbieta Chwalibog from Poland. She judge the group as well and shortlisted young Hubert who was showing extremely well.

9.8.2015 9-10/5 DORTMUND

Went to Dortmund with Justin and Hubert. Justin didn't win anything this time, but he's finally coming out of this gangly teenager period, and is finding his brain back. He showed great, just needs to get more coat, seems to take forever.. patience, patience I guess :)

Hubert was BOB junior, and got his first title Europa jugend sieger 2015 and got qualified for crufts 2016. The next day he was 2nd in jr class, the judge thought he was over angulated behind.... you win some you loose some ;)

I got to show Joey the bichon as well as everything seemed to be crashing with my friend Kristy. Joey won BOB, got the fruhjahrsieger-2015 title and was shortlisted in the group !

9.8.2015 18-19/4 ANTWERPEN

Hubert the papillon is with me for showing, he was in need of some serious training, so for the first shows we didn't have the highest expectations, it was mostly to see how he'd react and what I had to work on.
He's owned by Carine Rutten.

Antwerpen CACIB he was 2nd in junior class with excellent, showed very well and I was so impressed and proud of him. Still needs to get more comfortable on the table, but is definitely improving.

Antwerpen, clepnaco specialty 3rd with excellent. For the judge he was too thin and that was the reason for the placement. He showed great, kept his tail up and improved on the table. I was happy with his performance. The weight will come, he's just come to a new house, is 1 years old so this is all very normal :)

9.8.2015 18-4 USA news

Phyllis - Caeles Momentary Lapse Of Reason wins her first major and Best female on her first show with Kathy !

Big congrats :)

9.8.2015 14/3 PUPPIES

The long awaited Penny pups where born ! My dream litter is here. Penny and Wyatt gave us 2 red boys and 1 fawn girl.

9.8.2015 8/3 -CRUFTS

A long time dream came true when me and Lena loaded the car and put Birmingham in the navigation system. We where going to crufts !

Ever since I started in this madness called the dog show world, crufts has been on my "to do list", it's taken me 10 years to actually go ( have had dogs qualify multiple times, but never able to make the trip ). Now was the time.

We stayed at a lovely hotel in Coventry, had 4 dogs with us ( I had Jack and Emil, Lena had Esso and Phoenix from Norway got a ride with us as his owner Regine came by plane and met us on site )

So we where a nice gang of Norwegians.. and me and we did really well, Esso was 2nd in veterans, placed after a 12 year old very well known dog Mr Simon owned by Jo Amsel who keeps him in superb condition.

Next up was Jack in junior class, and guess what, he WON ! Wow I don't think I have ever been so happy with winning a class but what an honor. That also qualifies him for next years crufts :)

Then came Phoenix, and he won his class as well ! wow we're on a roll !

Emil was in a HUGE open class, and was shortlisted to the last 6 or 8 I think. He showed awesome for me, I was so proud to be on the end of his lead.
The open class winner, Ch Turigner Thunderbolt ended up winning the CC and best male. He won BOB at crufts last year and is well worth his wins. Beautiful male.
BOB and the bitch CC went to our "neighbours" in Holland, Roos, Ch Fiefoerniek's Fairy Footsteps went on to be the first foreign owned IG to take the cake at this prestigious show !
For those who might remember, when I did my one and only judge assignment at the Dutch junior and veteran show, she was my BOB winner :)

It was a great experience, saw many new dogs, met great people and had fun even if I was a little bit sick.
We where only there on Sunday, I had taken 200 pounds with me to go shopping... went back home with 200 pounds. Probably the only person ever to do that ! Next time, be it next year or the one after that I will definitely make sure I am there 2 days, 1 for showing or watching IGs and the toys, and 1 day for shopping.
Next year the toy group ( yes IGs are in the toy group in the UK ) is on Thursday, will see if I have the possibility to go, the judge will be Linnet Loh .

8.8.2015 No updates..

Gosh I am so bad, and I have so much work to do on this website, update photos, put in the litters I've had, news, general updates.. I am aware of all this, just keep forgetting to make the time to sit down and go over the website, see what I need to do and make up a plan !

We are hopefully expecting puppies in october, Luna has been bred to Wyatt. This will most likely be the last litter for at least a year.

1.6.2015 lazy lazy lazy

I can't believe it's been so long since I have updated the news site !
I have plenty of news, guess facebook has really taken over. But I want to keep this website active and always up to date. Just had not had the time, or the patience with a "temperamental laptop " ;)

I will be going over my news and photos and post it hopefully this week bit by bit.

I do have puppies, they will be 12 weeks old on Saturday and 1 of those pups is looking for a home. He has too much white to be considered show potential for FCI countries, would love to see him in a show home, in a country outside the FCI.

contact me for more info, or stay tuned, as I will post photos here as well.

13.1.2015 puppy plans

Cross fingers for puppies in march :<3:

13.1.2015 Happy New year

I am working on updating the website. Keeping the news up to date, and more every day photos as well.

2015 will be very exciting, but first, let's look back at 2014.
I normally take this month by month, but I will do it dog by dog:

Emil, Ch Caeles Time To Go
Emil had a great year, put a row of titles to his name, several BOB and BOS and a group 4.
The titles he put to his name are: Dutch, Norwegian, Luxembourg, VDH, CIB (international) Champion. Landesieger Thuringen-14 & Bundensieger 2014 (Germany's biggest show).
He also won the reserve cac at the IG specialty in Germany (78 IGs entered).
Emil sired his first litter, and what a litter. 3 very beautiful puppies where born, Jack who I kept, Phyllis who lives in the US with Avery and Stephanie and Ella who lives in Norway with Helene :)

Luna, Caeles Shooting Star.
Luna's year had us adapting in august when the plans to finish her German, Norwegian and Swedish championship went out the window when she got pregnant by Titus.
She had a good run going BOB several times, in Sweden, Norway and Germany, group 4 placement but then motherhood came, so we had to put these plans on hold until 2015 :)
She had a beautiful litter, 2 boys and 2 girls, we are keeping Jules the seal girl and are very excited about that little spitfire.

Titus,Berizza Titus Andronicus
Our Australian import went to 1 show in the beginning of the year, he won BOB puppy. He hasn't been in the spotlight much. I believe something happened on the way from Australia to Belgium, he is very uncomfortable in crates at shows, with the crowds and dogs barking and people everywhere. His temperament is wonderful, and he is a wonderful personality, but shows just don't seem to be something he feels good and comfortable at and I will not force him in such a situation for a title.

Jack, Caeles Momentum
He started his show career out great, BOB baby, puppy junior. BIS baby and the german IG specialty. Belgian Sighthound club junior winner, Amsterdam junior winner, 2x crufts qualified.. all that before he is even 11 months old ! Need I say more

Justin: Inya Dreams Not Just a Pretty Face
Justin did well, gaining Belgian and Luxembourg Junior Champion, he got the title Landesieger Thuringen 2014, is well on his way torwards his German championship but still in the waiting period, he needs 1 more cac for his luxembourg championship and got his first Belgian cac early summer and a BOB as well first time out in intermediate class !

Not to shabby for 2014, and 2015 is looking bright !

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