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News for 2009

19.12.2009 Happy holidays

Happy holidays to everyone!

15.12.2009 Brussels Dog Show

I only entered Casper (Eugenios Drops Of Champagne) at the Brussels Dog show. He got an Excellent1 (actually as the judge said "A big excellent") but lost to the black champion in the competition for the best male and ended up with the reserve CAC/CACIB.
The dog who wins the reserve at this prestigious show actually gets a title so Casper has gotten 2 titles in 2 shows, the new title is "Brussels Winner'09"
I had some photos taken but wont get them untill january.
The judge was breed specialist J-F Vanaken (knl Des Supers Supers)

15.12.2009 USA news

- 12. december: Matt, Caeles Hell Yeah went Best of Winners and Best of Opposite in Bethlehem PA for 1 point for Mrs Houston Clark

6. december: Miles, Caeles How U Doin' got 2 more points, don't have the judge or place info at the moment.

8.12.2009 Problems fixed

I've finally managed to fix the program problems I've been having and updated the site. Biggest change is in the "about" & "contact" info.
Then I've just done some small changed, in the text for some of the dogs, new photo of Casper has been put in.. just take a look:)

3.12.2009 Update problems

I cannot update anything but the news site due to some problems with the program I use, but the news section will be updated every time I have some news.

28.11.2009 Amsterdam Winner

I entered Casper at the Amsterdam Winner show and today was the day for his debut in Europe and what a debute!
From the open class Casper was best male with the CAC and CACIB, with this win he is also crufts qualified for 2010 and he got his very first title and can now be known as Amsterdam Winner 2009 Eugenios Drops of Champagne !
Judge was poodle specialist Javier Blanco (knl Shikarah), thank you !

14.11.2009 No shows

We weren't entered to any show this weekend, but will be at the Amsterdam Winner show both days and on Brussels Winner you'll find me by the poodle ring as I have only entered my poodle and no IGs:)

10.11.2009 Bleiswijk International 9/11

I had a visitor from Norway over the weekend and of course we went to a dogshow, what else!
Ira was shown in championclass and got exc2 and the reserve CAC and reserve CACIB for judge Gunnar Nymann from Denmark.
My visitor, Lena, did " a tad" better winning the breed with her homebred junior bitch Aviendha and then she took a group 3 in a very strong group for Mr Nymann again!
"Vita" is a great grandchild to our Cassidy and I am thrilled over how well she did!!

4.11.2009 Coursing news from USA

Matt, Caeles Hell Yeah was BOB saturday and sunday at the JRRWA ASFA LC Trial!! Congratulations Katya and Matt!! We're so proud of you:)

3.11.2009 Diverse news:)

Ira is back from Finland:) He's looking great as always and it's great to have him back!

I got great news from the states, Caeles How U Doin' has had his patellas checked and is 0/0, his half sister Lucy (Twan-San-Yen Magical Luciana) was also checked before she left to the states and she's 0/0 as well.

- I'm looking for a new home for Elmo, with no other males, preferably where he can be an only dog but I have special conditions as I intend on finishing his dutch championship and want to keep full breeding rights on him. The reason I need to find him a home is because him and Joey are not friends and I cannot keep them separated at all times, it's not fair to them.
He's a very sweet male, but unfortunatly he can't live here anymore.

The website is updated here and there, present, available, future, Ira's page, Bling's page, Lucy's page, little updates here and there.

25.10.2009 Lucy

I went to Ramstein, Germany yesterday to deliver Lucy to her new owners.
She will be moving to the USA to live with Tracy & Pete Roussau and their daugthers, IGs and Norwegian Lundehunds at knl Sakari:)

19.10.2009 No shows for a while

Sorry for the lack of news, there's just not much going on here right now.

I picked Tingen up last thursday, she got a ride with a very nice man who was delivering horses from Sweden to Belgium, so she's here now and will be mated to Ira when she comes in season.
Ira is coming back from Finland in about 2 weeks, I can't wait to get my boy back:)

12.10.2009 Coursing news

Matt, Caeles Hell Yeah was BOB at the IWAGS AKC Lure coursing Trial!!
congratulations Katya:)

6.10.2009 Joey puppies in Latvia

2 puppies after Joey & Multi Ch Ericca Gotto Piccolo are looking for new homes. Contact me & I'll hook you up with Jana if you're interested.

Joey is currently the sire of Norways # 1 IG, he was Ig stud of the year in 2008, he's sired 6 champions so far.
Ericca Gotto Piccolo has countless wins and has had many BOB, group placements, Speciality BIS and championships and winner titles in several countries. Her offspring from her first litter (sired by Joeys half brother) have been doing very well for their owners.

6.10.2009 Blondie

Blondie went on a planetrip today from Brussels to Italy where he will live with his new owner Fabio Ussi. We wish them all the best and look forward in being updated on how Blondie is doing in "his homecountry":)

Caeles Late For a Date

5.10.2009 More good news!

Joey kids around the world are doing great!

Eugenios Posh Spice, was as said, BOB yesterday at the Norwegian KC show in Hamar. She went later on to take a group 2nd for judge George Kostopolus!!
Congratulations to Tone Pernilles breeder/owner/handler!

BOS Ch Biscotti Esclusivo & BOB Ch Eugenios Posh Spice

In the USA, Miles did good at the coursing field for the Alfheim team going BOB with a 3 point major, he therefore finished his field championship and will be known as: FC Caeles How U Doin' SC !
Many congratulations to Avery & Stephanie with their new champion!

4.10.2009 News from Norway

Today at the Norwegian KC show in Hamar Eugenios Posh Spice won BOB for judge Dan Ericson. "Pernille" is Joeys daugther and she's currently Norways top IG!

2.10.2009 Planned mating

2.10.2009 ...

27.9.2009 Good news

In the USA Miles, Caeles How U Doin' , went BOB at a lure coursing trial with a 4 point major (his second major) and gained his SC (senior courser) title!

And in the Netherlands:

25.9.2009 "We cerf"

I am in the process of having the eyes of all my dogs examined and hope to have most of my dogs checked within a year from now.

It started yesterday with Bling, here eyes were checked by Dr Capiau at the Gent University, her eyes where free of all hereditary diseases.

As for Casper and Ninja I also PRCD test them with the DNA test at Optigen.
Casper is already checked, and Ninja will hopefully soon be checked.

I am in the process of making these banners pictured above, if there is interest I can make them available for other breeders who do eye exams.
I'd also like to score on all breeders in Europe to do have their breeding stock checked so we know what we're working with.


21.9.2009 News from USA

Miles, Caeles How U Doin, was winners dog on saturday for 1 point and winners dog and BOS over a special for another point on sunday!!
Congratulations Stephanie and Avery!

Matt, Caeles Hell Yeah got his JOR title and some points torwards his ORC and NORC titles!!! Congratulations Katya!!

20.9.2009 Shownews

Today in Norway La-la, Caeles Just Do It, was BOB for judge Hans Bierwolf!
Congratulations to Linn and Øystein, La-la's owners:)

17.9.2009 Miles

Caeles How U Doin' was cerfed and his eyes are perfect, just like Miles:)

17.9.2009 Lucy's injury

I heard a rumour that my Lucy wasn't good enough to get something from because "obviously" she has broken a leg due to a statement on her page saying she cannot be shown or do racing/coursing due to an injury.

So to clear things up, Lucy did not break a leg, she was jumping out of a crate and got her left hindleg stuck in the bars and had a metatarsus luxation (the joint below the hock).
She had to have surgery and have a cast on her leg for a little over 2 months and has been and is still recovering, this happened in the beginning of june.
She's healing just fine but her leg is a bit crooked after the surgery and having a big, big cast. She has a plate and 6 pins on the metatarsus bone. That's why she cannot be shown and that's why she cannot participate in racing or coursing.
She has excellent bone density and it's actually hard to belive that she didn't break her leg when she had the accident.
I would like to ask people not to spread rumours, and not "take a wild guess" when they see a word like "injury", yes IGs can break their legs, but they can also have all kinds of injuries or reasons not to be able to show or race. It doesn't mean they can be excellent brood bitches or stud dogs.
If you're curious about something, don't hesitate to ask me, but please don't start telling other breeders and people things you know nothing about.

16.9.2009 Future litter

I have decided to mate Tingen with Ira when she comes in season. Tingen is one of the best bitches we've bred and I'm sure she will get some very nice puppies with Ira. See more info under litters; future
Early inquiries are advisable.

13.9.2009 Great news from Norway & Germany!

In Germany Maggie, Caeles Make My Day, was shown in Lorch and she won best bitch and BOB from the junior class!! The judge was Mrs Clerc!
Congratulations to the Siebners (who bred the BOS male)!

In Norway at the KC show in Stavanger Twan-San-Yen Magical Daniella was best bitch 2 with the CAC witch makes her a Norwegian Champion!
The judge was Marit Sunde, last time she judged at this same show 4 years ago she put Joey up as BOB and he got his first CACIB.
Daniella is a daugther of Joey and she's the 3rd from this litter of 4 to finish her championship and she is the 6th champion sired by Joey.
Many congratulations to Kjell & Bjørg Omdals, breeder/owner/handlers!

6.9.2009 Miles winner photo

Here's Miles winner photo (Caeles Ho U Doin' JC)

3.9.2009 Miles in the States

Miles, Caeles How U Doin' JC, was at a show last weekend where he was winners dog both days and earned his first 2 points!!

30.8.2009 Maggie does it again!

Maggie, Caeles Make My Day, is really on a roll in Germany.
She won the juniorclass and was BOS junior at the 40th anniversary show at Bad Homburg and got yet another title to add to her name: Jubiläumsjugendsieger 2009 . Her titles are longer than her registered name!!
Great work Wolf and Sabine, you make me so proud:)

30.8.2009 Flame moves

Yesterday Flame went to his new home in the Netherlands with his perfect owners:)
I wish Flame and his owners the very best of luck and look forwards in seeing you again soon:)
Flame might still be part of the caeles breeding program in the future as I have kept some breeding rights on him.

28.8.2009 Look alikes:)

23.8.2009 Shownews

Stella, Twan-San-Yen Excel Mio Amico, was shown in Mechelen today for judge J. Coppens. She got Excellent and 1st in intermediate class and then she won the reserve cac and reserve cacib.

20.8.2009 Photos

We took some time yesterday to take photos of the youngest dogs,
Dollar, Dies Irae Caeles Du Manoir Des Ombreuses turned 8 months earlier this month and Blondie, Caeles Late For A Date, will be 8 months tomorrow:

Here's Blondie


Stella got to come as well

She thought this was more fun:

-Stella is truly a wonderful characther, she's about ready to hit the rings now so be on the lookout for this beauty.

17.8.2009 The first Ira babies!!

2 litters are born in Finland, sire on both litters is Ira, Ch Alfheim's All Things Considered:
3 girls and 1 boy, all solid blue where born at knl Berylline on august 14th.
2 girls and 2 boys, blue (1 girl) and black, where born at knl Topaasin on august 16th!


17.8.2009 New plans

I have new plans for puppies, I plan to mate Ch Talata Nox to Ch Orion's Uzzah The Voyageur, hopefully this fall when she comes in season.

12.8.2009 Updates

I have added link to albums for Joey, Elmo, Ira, Dollar, Flame, Nox, Sonique, Lucy, Ninni, Stella, Casper & Ninja.
I also put in how tall these dogs are on their pages.

Check out available (click litters, then on the left side you see available)

Litterplan for 2010 added.

Link to picasa gallery, in "gallery" added.

10.8.2009 Some updates

In Germany, Maggie was shown at the annual Donaueschingen sighthound show where she won the junior class and was BOB junior and got the title "junior sieger Donaueshingen 2009"!!
Maggie is Caeles Make My Day and is owned by Wolf and Sabine Siebner, congratulations!
-At the same show the Elmodaugther, Strippoker's so Posh got the CAC, VDH and was BOS! Well done Tony and Arie:)

Stella, Twan-San-Yen Excel amico Gucci, was at the international show in Liege where she was shown in intermediate class and got Exc1. No CAC or reserve for her this time, but we'll try again. She's still young and in training but look out for this girl, she's getting better and better as she grows!

Joey has sired some beautiful puppies in Latvia. The dam is MultiCh & winner Ericca Gotto Piccolo, 6 beautiful puppies were born on august 1st. Unfortunatly 1 didn't make it. Contact me for further info if you are interested.

21.7.2009 USA news!

Miles is now known as Caeles How U Doin' JC. He has been to his first coursing trial (JC stands for "junior courser") and what a way to start, BOB with a 4 point major !!
Congratulations to Avery and Stephanie of Alfheim IGs and thanks for taking such great care of Miles!!

6.7.2009 Shownews from Finland and Holland

We had a very good day yesterday!

In Ecth, Netherlands Caeles Lets Get Ready To Rumble debuted in juniorclass, got an excellent critique and finished with Exc1 with one victory torwards his junior championship (needs 2 more).
Topaasin Bling Bling won open class with exc and got the CACIB! This is her 2nd CACIB, she already has 1 in Norway so we need 2 more.

Judge was Paul Stanton, BOB and BOS were Aviendha (great granddaugter of our Cassidy) and her sire Biscotti Esclusivo who finished his international championship today! Many congratulations to Lena who came for a visit and took it all!

In Finland Ira was entered under Anette Edlander and he went BOB with his first CACIB! Well done Ira and Elisa!

26.6.2009 Available

Caeles Go To Hell, "Eddie", is looking for a new home, he needs stability and someone who is willing to work with him, it would be best for him to be the only dog in the house.

He is a very sweet dog, not a show dog, he has tryed lure coursing and showed great interest and promise on the field.

Contact me ( ) for more info about Eddie.

23.6.2009 Miles

Caeles How U Doin' , aka Miles, was entered to his first oval track race meet, starting out slowly the first day he made it up the next day and finished 2nd overall with 2 points torwards his ORC (oval racing champion) and 1 point torwards his NORC (national oval racing champion)!! He was beaten by Ira's litter brother Nekoda (FC Alfheim's Whad'ya know SC ORC GRC).

21.6.2009 New finnish champion!

Ira went to his first show in Finland today in Rovaniemi. He was entered in open class, he won the class and took the CAC and ended up as 2nd best male and a new finnish champion!
Many, many thanks to Elisa for taking such good care of Ira!!
Photos will hopefully follow soon.

17.6.2009 Birthday boys

Yesterday Joey and Flame had their birthdays, Joey turned 7 years old, 1 more year and he'll be a legal veteran:)

Flame and the "phrases litter" turned 1 year old! Time flyes, feel like they were born yesterday!
So happy birthday to Joey, Flame, La-la, Miles, Lori & Maggie!

9.6.2009 Health Checks

Sonique, Nox, Bling, Stella, Elmo, Flame, Casper & Ninja had their knees officially checked for patella luxation today and all have 0/0 !

8.6.2009 Norwegian IG speciality

Biscotti Mademoiselle was 2nd best bitch and best in show junior at the Norwegian IG speciality held on june 6th for judge Tone B. Fischer. This was an unofficial show so no CACs, the next day at the Norwegian KC show in Drammen for judge Stefan Stefik "Keira" as she is called was 3rd best bitch with the CAC. This is her 2nd CAC and she's just taking her first steps in the juniorclass.
Keira is sired by Elmo (Strippoker's Schøne Blaue Donau) and her dam is also bred by Caeles from the first litter, before the kennel name was established so she's just known as Ch Sasha.
congrats to all involved in Keiras win!

2.6.2009 Norwegian sighthound speciality

More news from the Norwegian Sighthound Speciality 30 and 31 may.

NCh Eugenios Posh Spice (Joeys daugther) was BOB both days and was BIS 4 on saturday.

Eugenios Amenhotep (a son of Ninni and Elmo) was BOB puppy both days and BIS 2 on saturday and BIS 4 on sunday.

2.6.2009 Available

Flame is available to the right home

2.6.2009 European Winner show

Uk, Irish Ch Artmeis Call Me Madam was BOB and Group 3 at the European Winner show in Ireland. "Mimi" is a full sister to our Caeles Me Myself And I (Elmo's dam).

1.6.2009 Norwegian sighthound speciality

This weekend was the big Norwegian Sighthound speciality. On saturday the Norwegian Greyhoundclub show was held and Caeles Just Do It made her debut in juniorclass going 3rd best bitch with a fantastic critique from judge Wilfriede Schwerm-Hahne!
On sunday for US judge Patricia Ide La-la won the juniorclass but the judge withheld the CAC and only gave the juniors "honorary price" as she thought they were too young and not ready. But La-la performed well and showed that she can do this.
She is trained for agility and that his her passion so be on the lookout for her in the agility rings this summer!

24.5.2009 News from Germany

Maggie got her 3rd and last junior CAC so now, as soon as the German KC confirms it, she can title herself as German JrChampion Caeles Make My Day!
Congratulations to Wolfgang and Sabine Siebner, owners of Maggie and thank you for showing her, I'm very proud! The first champion in the litter!

I also got this photo of her:

19.5.2009 Flame is here

I have Flame here with me, went to pick him up last week and it was great to see him again. A very promising young boy.
Flame is: Caeles Let's Get Ready To Rumble born june 16th last year out of Nox, sired by Joey

16.5.2009 New Champion

Elisa went to Piteå, Sweden with Ira today for a show.
There were 5 IGs entered (all males) and Ira was BOB, got the CAC and his Swedish Championship so he can now title himself as American, Swedish Champion Alfheim's All Things Considered!

15.5.2009 Puppie available

Ninni had a litter with Elmo at knl Eugenios in december. There is one fawn coloured male available, he's the breeders (and my) pick of the litter. Contact Tone at for more info.

5.5.2009 Where's Ira..

You will find Ira in Oulu, Finland with Elisa at knl Beryline.
He will be shown in Finland and Sweden so be on the lookout for them in a ring near you:)

4.5.2009 Ira on tour

Ira went today to a friend of mine where he will be staying for several months and be shown. More info soon.

1.5.2009 Dollars page

Dollars page is up!

25.4.2009 Shownews

Today in Goes, Netherlands for judge Birgit Wamberg from Denmark (fairway whippets). Bling got Excellent 1 (first placement) in open class. She did not get a CAC or CACIB today.
Stella debuted at the highpoint of her first season, she did quite well and got excellent and placed 4th in juniorclass due to a very happily carried tail.
I am fine with that, this was her first time out, she's a year old and she can wag her tail all she wants cuz that's what it's all about while learning, it's FUN!

Both got great critiques and all in all we had a nice day out. No photos this time.

21.4.2009 Maggie debutes

Last weekend I got great news from Germany.
Maggie, Caeles Make My Day, who moved to Wolf & Sabine Siebner (knl Simply Heurekas) went to her first show.
She was entered in juniorclass under Mrs. Raufelder , she won her class with Excellent rating, got a fantastic critique and got her first junior CAC.
She can even title herself, now she is the regional Junior-Champion 2009 for Baden-Wuertemberg ! Not bad for a debute!

21.4.2009 Photos

I got some photos sent from Wolf Siebner, owner of Maggie (Caeles Make My Day. We met in Cologne at the IG speciality and he took some photos of Elmo and Stella.
Here's Elmo

Stella is a year old now, she moves like a dream and has great attitude!

I also got ringside candids of Bling when she was in Cologne:

18.4.2009 Not much happening

There's not much happening here now, no show or racing this weekend.

I have been cleaning out photos and sorted my picasa webalbum. You are welcome to take a look, the link is:
I will be adding photos there every now and then.

12.4.2009 Happy Easter!

We wish all our friends, family and puppybuyers happy easter!

I went to the IG speciality show in Cologne in Germany yesterday. The judge was putting up totally different types from my dogs, but Bling got Exc and placed 3rd in open class.
I went there to see other IGs as it was quite close to where I live (2 hour drive), I met with Wolfgang and Sabine who have "Maggie", Caeles Make My Day and we had a nice day and took some photos that will soon be posted.
I met Maggie of course and she is looking great! Thank you for the lovely day, I enjoyed it very much!

5.4.2009 Brabo show, Antwerpen

At the international show in Antwerpen today Ira won open class with the rating "excellent" and then got the reserve CAC and reserve CACIB. 10 IGs were entered, only 4 got "excellent" so we're very happy with his results:) He is a fantastic IG and likes to show off!
Judge was August De Wilde.
**No photos this time**

30.3.2009 Dies Irae Caeles Du Manoir Des Ombreuses

So, the little puppy, Dollar for short, comes from France.
I went to Luxembourg last weekend to deliver Caeles Fashionably Late to her new owner Jean Louis Grunheid, who had also brought a puppy for me.

Many thanks to Jean Louis for trusting me with this little spitfire! He's a wonderful pup, so full of attitude, playful, curious, not afraid of anything. Just the way we like them!

Sire is Ch Vivaldi Des Princes De Kazan, and dam is Dervisch Diva Des Ombreuses.
I'll post more photos soon, and he'll get his own page here!

29.3.2009 Who am I

I went to Luxembourg yesterday, I didn't show any dogs, but I did pick up a puppy:)

More info soon!

29.3.2009 Co-owners

I'm looking for people interested in co-owning, contact me for more info at

21.3.2009 Ira debutes in the Belgian showring

We were at a show in Wieze today, I had Ira and Bling entered.
I am thrilled to tell you that Ira was Best male with his first CAC!
The best male and best bitch even get a little title at this show "hopkoning 2009"

We sure had a blast! class who ended up going BOB.
Bling got the reserve CAC though!

Many thanks to judge Marie-Christine Delabelle for recognizing the quality in my dogs!
Many thanks to Maria & Paul (knl Canoodles) for the company, help and taking photos!

15.3.2009 The first oval track racing

Yesterday I took Ira, Stella, Bling & Nox with me to Beringen where they have a great oval track for the first training of the year.

None of my dogs have ever been to this kind of training and Nox is the only one who has a coursing licence of those 4 so needless to say, I was very excited.

I let Ira run alone first, and he seemed to have no interest in the bait, untill it went away, then he went after it like a bullet with great enthusiasm and would not let go of it!

I was a bit late so I could only let Ira run in the first round, then there was a lunch break and next up were the dogs running full rounds, I thought I'd let Nox try that since I know she can run a full course.

I was a bit nervous, this is totally different from coursing but Nox loved it and I think her time was around 33 seconds on the inner track.. not sure how long it was. I don't know if it's good time or not, I have nothing to compare to.

Time for a short coffee break and I decided to let Ira and Bling run together 100 meters, wich they did well, and then last, but not least Stella got to run.

Stella is 1 year old now, and I have great hopes for her on the track and field. The weather was wet, it had started to rain a bit and I thought she might not want to run, but she proved me wrong and went right after the bait!

I was alone, so I had to run after all the dogs like crazy so they wouldn't turn around and come back to me. I almost caught up with Stella after she "killed the bait", but when Bling saw that the bait was "dead" already she turned around. so we'll have to improve ourselfes a bit. But all in all, the dogs ran.. and so did I!

Here me & Stella are running togehter.. Stella is a bit faster..

We had a great day, I'm really looking forward to getting more into this sport and will attend every training I can and get a licence on my dogs.

Many thanks to Paul & Maria (knl Canoodles, whippets) for helping me and for the photos!

1.3.2009 10 weeks

The puppies are 10 weeks old today and I took some new photos. The seal boy will be leaving next week to Norway, while the fawn boy is staying a bit longer before he goes.
The girl might be available.

Here they are:
Caeles Never too Late

Caeles Late For a Date

Caeles Fashionably Late

28.2.2009 No 1 IG in the Netherlands 2008

We are proud to say that Elmos daughter "Haifa", NethJrCh Strippoker's So Posh is the top IG in the Netherlands 2008!
Congratulations to Tony & Arie at knl Strippoker!

25.2.2009 Joey Top producer

Last sunday Eugenios Posh Spice (crufts qualifyed) was BOB with CACIB and CAC for judge Ingebjørg Stenhaugen (knl Dogcastle). This was "Pernilles" qualifying CAC and makes her a Norwegian Champion. She is sired by our Joey and is his 5th champion offspring!!
Congratulations Tone!

-There are some IG boys available at knl Eugenios, sire is our Elmo and the dam is Ninni, who we co-own with knl Eugenios.

-I am having some trouble with udating the other pages, can't even update that I've updated at this moment..

16.2.2009 "filou"

Filou is no longer available, he will be going to knl Twan-San-Yen in Norway!
congratulations to Kjell & Bjørg Omdal with their little boy:)

16.2.2009 Photos

Just thought I'd share some photos I've gotten of pups from our last litter (Joey-Nox)

Here's Maggie, Caeles Make My Day, she's living in Germany

Lala is living in Norway, training to be an agility IG(Caeles Just Do It)

And from the USA, Miles & Lori (Caeles How U Doin' & Caeles Zoom, Zoom, Zoom)

15.2.2009 new photos & blog

Finally, we got around to do a little photoshoot with the puppies. They are 8 weeks old today:)
Caeles Never too Late (available)

Caeles Late For A Date (going to Italy)

Caeles Fashionably Late (reserved)

15.2.2009 change of plans

Bling will not be mated with Ira at this time, in her next season we will mate her with Ch Canta Libre the Sundance Kid.

New photos of the pups will come later tonite.

12.2.2009 New times, new website

The new website is up and running. Many, many thanks to Elisa for saving me from going crazy trying to make a website that would never have looked as good as this one!

Browse around, everything is new:)