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News from 2010

27.12.2010 update

you can also find us on facebook under "caeles italian greyhounds"

24.12.2010 Happy holidays

22.12.2010 Welcome little ones

This morning Bling gave birth to 3 beautiful puppies. Mom and pups are doing great:) check the puppy page for more news and photos later today!

20.12.2010 Winning when it matters!

On saturday we were headed to Brussels Expo for the last show of the year.
It was not supposed to be easy as it had snowed quite heavily (for Belgian standards) and the roads were awful (and the car not on proper winter tires)..
At 9.40 we finally arrived to the expo and I ran out of the car with Phoenix under my arm, his number and showlead while Lena (Esso's owner) parked the car. Bichons were of course first in the ring and I had 20 minutes.
Thankfully I have a great, talented friend who fixed Phoenix up for me and made him look stunning for the ring, in good time! Many, many thanks to Kristy Leest, don't know what I'd do without you sometimes!

We really had to work it in the championclass, competing against his half brother, also from PaRay and we did it, we won the champion class and then went on to win Best male, we got the double CAC, CACIB and the title Belgian Winner 2010 plus he was yet again qualified for Crufts!

In the BOB competition Phoenix kept on charming the judge and went all the way to BOB!

Ninja was entered as well but we missed the ring by a few minutes! That did not make my day, but I was allowed to take her in and get the judges opinion and he told me that she would have won the class had she been on time! -Well that sucks but I just have to be more careful, there were several dogs absent so the breed judging went much faster and I had counted the dogs in between but not thought about dogs who wouldn't be able to come because of the weather. That's life, we'll be on time from now on, and in good time!

16.12.2010 Cerf results

Miles (Caeles How U Doin' ) had his eyes checked last week and he was free from all hereditiary diseases! I was very happy with these news:)

16.12.2010 Wijchen, Christmas show

Last saturday I had Phoenix entered at the Christmas show in Wijchen.
He got Exc1 in championclass but he ended up with the reserve CAC after a junior male who took best male. But Phoenix got the CACIB since the other male is too young for it.

29.11.2010 On cloud 9!

This weekend I went to the Amsterdam Winner show. I had 2 dogs entered each day and well the results were quite fabulous!
On saturday, I had to wake up super early as I had the 2 white fluffy dogs with me so I had to be there as soon as it opened to get a good place and be able to prepare the dogs:)
Toy poodles were judged by Arne Foss (NO), Casper was there to defend his title from last year, he almost made it and ended up with the reserve CAC/IB, but I am of course very happy with that, the reserve CAC at this show counts as a full CAC so now he only needs 1 more CAC to finish his Dutch championship! He also got a great critique and showed his heart out with tons of attitude!

Bichon Frise was judged by Liz Stannard (UK), Phoenix ruled the ring and was BOB, got the CAC (wich is double), his first CACIB, Crufts qualification (for 2011 or 2012) and the title Amsterdam Winner 2010!

Off we went to the group where Jean-Jaques Dupas thought he was amongst the 10 best, so he got shortlisted,but not placed. We are very happy with the result and our sincere thanks to the judges who appreciated his qualities!

IGs were on sunday so again I had to wake up early, not as early as the other day but early non the less. I had Esso and Penny entered under breed specialist Terry Nethercott (UK) and what a day!
Grand slam describes it the best.
Esso won the championclass, he ended up best male and got the double CAC thus finishing his DUTCH championship, he got the CACIB as well, and is Crufts qualified along with the Amsterdam Winner title to add to his long list of titles!
Penny, who isn't even 10 months old debuted in junior class, wich she won and got her very first title Amsterdam Junior Winner -and crufts qualification and her first youth CAC.
Then she had to go against the top IG in Holland for best bitch and little Penny WON!!
So she got the double CAC and her 2nd title, Amsterdam Winner 2010! She's too young for the CACIB so that went to the bitch!
I was so happy to have my dear friend (and lucky charm) Asta with me! She took Esso and around we went competing for BOB wich Esso got allthough the judge loved Penny.

And then, off to Norway where the big successful Dogs 4 All show was held.
On saturday, Igs were judged by Gunnar Nymann
Best Male was Eugenios Amenhotep, he's a son of my Elmo & Ninni so he got the CAC, CACIB and the title Nordic Winner 2010.
2nd best male was Ira so he got the reserve CACIB, they were the only males that got "CQ" (champion quality)

2nd best bitch was Ch Biscotti Mademoiselle, a daugther of Elmo & Sasha! So she also got the reserve CACIB!

As you can imagine, I am on cloud 9! What a fantastic weekend, I am so happy and proud!

22.11.2010 Billy debutes with style!

At the double CACIB show in Zagreb, Billy (C. Timing is Everything) debuted in juniorclass. He won his class, and he was also junior BOB, and then he took it even further and was selected Best male over the adults and then further on to become BOB both days!
That gave him his very first titles so he is now Croatian Junior Ch, Zagreb Winner 2010 Caeles Timing Is Everything. To top it off, he is also qualified to compete at Crufts (his sire Ira is also qualified from earlier this year!)

15.11.2010 Kongsberg, Norway

Today in Kongsberg, Norway Eugenios Amenhotep ( a son of Elmo & Ninni) went BOB under judge Rui Oliveira. Hottie has all CAC's needed for his championship, he's just 1 month shy of his 2 year birthday so we wait with excitement for him to finish and become Elmo's 5th champion offspring, making him a "top producer" according to US standards:) ( I think we should have some official "top producer" standards here in Europe!)
Eugenios Posh Spice was 2nd best bitch (Joey's daugther). Congratulations to Tone Bekkåsen Fischer, breeder/owner/handler.

12.11.2010 New photos & updates

I've changed the offspring pages for the males, made page for Ira. Bling has an offspring page as well since her first litter was in Finland.

I added photos of the "phrases" kids who are all over 2 years old now, thought ppl might be interested in seeing how they have matured. I'm still thrilled with the litter and am looking forward in seeing how the puppies after Flame & Bling will be, if Bling is pregnant ( we're just waiting for the belly to "pop")

So take a look around, enjoy, if you have offspring of any of my dogs feel free to keep me updated on how they are doing, if you are doing showing, racing, coursing, obidience, agility.. name it, I'm always interested in knowing and it doesn't have to be a dog from me, an offspring is also of equal interest so don't be shy to send me photos and results:)

For my up and coming litters, serious inquiries are welcome and I advise you to send me a mail early to be sure:)

This is Maggie, Caeles Make My Day, photo by David Dalton

31.10.2010 Shownews from Norway

This weekend at local show in Norway Joey's daughter Pernille (Ch Eugenios Posh Spice) was BOB both days under judges Brit Schøne Brodwall & John Muldoon.
On sunday, Esso's daugthter Vita (Aviendha) was best bitch 2 with the CAC and finished her Norwegian championship! She is Esso's 3rd champion offspring (3 champions, 3 different litters) and her owner/breeder/handlers first homebred champion. Congratulations Lena:)

The photo is of Vita on the left and Pernille on the right with judge John Muldoon:

29.10.2010 Welcome Phoenix

We have a new breed in the house, Phoenix is a Bichon Frisè and comes from the best of the best, PaRay in America.
He'll be staying here for a few months and then Phoenix will move to Iceland to good friends of mine.
While here he is available for stud so if anyone is interested, don't hesitate to contact me for further info:)

I picked him up yesterday so we're still getting to know each other but he's got a sweet personality and I am totally smitten by him. Phoenix will be shown while he's here so be on the lookout by the bichon rings:)

24.10.2010 Shownews from Germany

(photo W. Siebner)

Maggie (Caeles Make My Day) made her owners (and me) proud this weekend by going BOB at the international show in Stuttgart under Mrs. Rauhfelder, she now only needs one more CAC + VDH to finish her german sighthoundclub championship and the German championship but as 1 year and 1 day must go between the first and last VDH she will have to wait until april next year.
But Maggie wasn't quite done yet, in the group under Mrs. Clerc (CH) Maggie strutted her stuff and won a GROUP 2 placement!

Many congratulations go to Wolf and Sabine, you are doing such an outstanding job with her, I'm so proud!

23.10.2010 International Show Utrecht

Today at the international show in Utrecht we were hoping to finish the dutch championship on Esso but we ended up with the reserve.

I am mastering the art of coming late to a show, thought it started at 10 but it actually started at 9.30 so when I finally found the ring there were 3 galgo's and then the iggies and Esso was in the first class in so I could not have been any later or I would have missed it!

So that was our day, Esso thought everyone was in season because here at home I have Bling, Stella & Ninja in season and the males are going crazy! At least they all go at once now so their seasons aren't spread around a long period:)

17.10.2010 Eye exam

Blings eyes were checked and clear last thursday so she's ready to have some babies:)

17.10.2010 Dortmund, Germany

Casper was entered to the big show in Dortmund on friday and saturday.
Friday was not really our day, but he did get the club CAC (VPK).

Saturday started badly, on friday the drive went great and all was fine, on saturday I drove a bit earlier so I'd be there in good time and hopefully get a parking space not too far away... but that did not work out as planned.
They had closed the mainroad and I saw no signs of a different route. Miss Garmin just sent me in circles and I always ended up in the same place where the road was closed and finally, after a big case of road rage I saw a tiny little sign saying "Dortmund".. why they couldn't have orange signs that are easily visible is a mystery to me, but I followed that tiny little sign and finally Miss Garmin got on track with me and we found the hall..
But we were late, and of course there was no chance of getting a good parking space.. not even a decent parking space. So more time went in driving around being rejected and pointed to another direction until finally I got to the place were everyone was being parked.. I unpacked the car in record time and started the journey to the hall.
I had to pull my stuff up hills and ramps and it was a real work-out. At 10 minutes before 9 found myself standing in line at the entrance waiting for the vet to check the papers.. the show started at 9 and with the iggies, being late is not such a big deal as they can just go straight into the ring... but I had Casper!

So I was in the hall finally.. now where is the ring, there were people everywhere blocking my way, I don't understand why ppl just stop dead in their tracks sometimes in spaces like that, don't they know there are ppl behind them trying to move forward, it made me really mad and I admit to swearing quite a bit and being very bossy asking people to move out of my way.
The ring couldn't be further away, in a tent outside somewere and after getting different directions I finally found it. I was pretty stressed out and sure that I'd missed the breed judging as it was more than 9 and not so many toys entered. The ring was of course in the other end of the entry of the tent.. I just felt the tension building. I left the trolley (away from the mainstream and out of the way) and ran to find the ring and praying and hoping the toys were last. When I saw the ring I saw standard poodles being judged so I was a bit relieved, didn't look like I missed it and drove for 3 hours for nothing.
I got my numbers, the ring steward just smiled and said it was ok and then I found a nice spot by the ring to set up and finally I could sit down, eat some breakfast and relax. The toys were indeed last so I had plenty of time.

As for the results, well they were in our favor, Casper was best male and got the VDH-cac and the DPK (club) CAC.

No photos, that's the worst things about going to these shows alone, Casper looks great, he's in a continental trim now:)

10.10.2010 Zwolle Int'l Show

I woke up bright and early at 6 am this morning as I had entered my very special houseguest "Esso" to a show in Zwolle in the Netherlands.
After 2+ hour "formula 1 quality" driving I arrived to the "Ijsselhall" at 9.30.. kinda late but things didn't go as smoothly as planned before I took off from home.

Anyhow, after spending some time and stress searching the ring (of course starting by going in the opposite direction because it felt right..) I finally found the ring and got my number and was told I could relax as the iggies were amongst the last in the ring.

After setting up my things, walking through the halls, looking at stands, brushing and putting oil in Caspers topknot along with packing the topknot it was finally our turn to be in the ring.

Esso has put on some extra weight and is looking great (he's one of those dogs who doesn't put on weight easily), Esso performed like the true star he is and showed his heart out and that got him the CAC and the CACIB so now he only needs 1 more CAC to finish his Dutch title!!

He ended the day being best male, but that's pretty much all we can get these days as there is a Fiefoerniek's bitch that "rules " the Dutch rings and has never been beaten for best bitch, or BOB. Hopefully a Caeles dog will have that status at some point in the rings here but we were happy with our best male, we got what we wanted and could go home early, allthough that did not happen.

*Many thanks to Kristy Leest for taking the time and help me get some photos:)

8.10.2010 An end of an era

Today we said goodbye to Ch Canta Libre The Sundance Kid who passed peacefully and with dignity over the rainbow bridge.
We will always remember Cass, and his memory will live on in his offspring, grandkids and great grandkids.
He surely put his mark on the breed and we are honored to base our lines and type on this once in a lifetime iggy.


5.10.2010 Celje, Slovenia

After being only 4 days in his new home, Billy was entered to the sighthound show the day before the European winner show.
He did very well going BOB puppy and ended up by going BIS-3 !!
Billy is owned by Mojca Svetlicic, knl Desert Queen

1.10.2010 Maastricht show

My French import, Dies Irae Caeles Du Manoir Des Ombreuses, aka Dollar was best male at the international show in Maastricht winning his first CAC, the first time he's entered in open class.
No photos unfortunately.. I can't show and take photos at the same time..

6.9.2010 shows & results

Yesterday at the International Show in Luxembourg Casper got Exc2 and reserve CAC.. not what we aimed for, but we'll try again next year.

Livorno, Italy; Blondie, Caeles Late For a Date was BOB with the CAC on saturday for Mr. Bauchal, on sunday he won the CAC for judge Paola Micara Watten. We thank the judges and congratulate Fabio with the win! I'm a proud breeder, I always knew Blondie could do it.

I don't have any new photos, but here's a couple from when he was here

31.8.2010 Rottedam Int'l

Esso was entered to his first show here with me on the other end of the lead and he got all we wanted by winning best male and getting the CAC & CACIB.
Now he just needs 2 more CACs to finish his Dutch title.
We thank the judge, Jan Coppens for this win:) Esso was indeed a "Flink gutt" :)


26.8.2010 Top dogs!

I am very proud to announce the current stats for the AKC lure coursing (jan-july).
Tied at the tops with 12 points we have Matt & Miles!
Matt is better known as FC Caeles H Yeah SC LCX, owned by Katya Kataeva

and Miles is FC Caeles How U Doin’ SC owned by Avery & Stephanie McLeod, Alfheim IGs.

I am so proud!
-And for anyone interested in coursing and/or racing my next litter should be of interest:)

22.8.2010 The big news:)

I've been holding off the biggest shownews of the year while waiting to get photos:)

The weekend of the 6th - 8th of august was spent in Cahors, France at the 50 year anniversary show of the French IG club.
There were around 200 IGs entered so it was a very interesting show for me.
For about a year ago I learned about this show and planned to go there. My friends Lena (Curvy IGs) & Elisa (Beryline IGs) drove over, all the way from Norway and stopped at my place for 2 days to rest, gather up some energy and pick me up.
So on friday, august 6th, bright and early we left for the 10 hour drive t Cahors with a fully loaded car, 3 girls & 7 dogs.

On Friday evening, we drove directly to the showground "Labastide Marnac" for the opening ceremony and we were just in time.

The president of the French IG club, Alain Brigel, had a speach and welcomed us all, told us what was in store for the next days and informed us just how international this show really was with entries from Norway, Belgium, Italy, the UK and of course France.
While he was speaking I heard him say my name, but he spoke in French so I had no idea what he was saying.. but thrilled that he said something about me!
The speach had an english version so again, when my name was mentioned I tuned up and listened and found out that he talked about the presidents/leaders of different IG clubs where here and I was indeed representing Norway and he also mentioned a little idea I brought up to him in one of our many mails about hosting a European meeting for IG breeders, owners and evt judges. My idea was to have it next year at the world dog show wich will be in Paris and I really hope something will come out of it and I know the idea was discussed with the president of the Italian IG club and the president of the UK IG club.
-Enough about me, for now, a priest blessed us and all the dogs and while we sat down for some delicious melon & ham appetizer and sangria, a soprano sang for us a series of operas.

We where quite tired after the long drive (Elisa & myself on the photo, I definitely needed some ZZZ's) so we left rather early as we still had to check in to the hotel and unload the car + feed the dogs.

The next day at the show we were spread between 3 rings and we all had to be in separate rings, at first it was a bit chaotic as the speakers only spoke French and we had no idea how the system worked, but after a while we got the hang of it.
I had Billy & Penny in baby class, Ira in open class & Joey in veteran class.
Billy was 2nd in his class:
Caeles Timing is Everything:

Ira went in open class, only got a VG but it was the right choice as he was warm and didn't show himself to his best advantage in the heat so I am fine with that.

-Ira also tryed coursing on sunday, he wasn't entered as I don't have his papers yet, but he got to try to run a full course for the first time and he loved it and I am looking forward to his coursing career:

Our houseguest did well, he was 2nd in open class only beaten by the CAC winner Goethe Dei Raggi Di Luna.
Ch Biscotti Esclusivo:

Joey showed well for me in the veterans class, I was very happy with him and it was fun taking him out again, he was 4th best male in his class, not what I hoped for but we had fun and he showed well and that is what counts.

-And last, but not least Penny, she was alone in baby class so she won that, then they had this competition between the young dogs who could not compete for the CAC, so little Penny had to go to the big ring to compete against the puppy bitch winner (Emma Des Princes De Minos) & the junior bitch winner (Oh My God Dei Raggi Di Luna).
I didn't think we'd stand a chance against these older bitches, the judge hadn't exactly been putting my dogs up and Penny is only 6 months old, and in baby class..
So we did our thing, stacked and ran around and the judge came to me and shook my hand and I thought "of course.. we're last" and moved on to the 3rd place only to find out they didn't do places in that class.. they just picked the winner, and that was PENNY!!!

Totally unexpected and I am so proud of my little girl!
I went to sit down and watch the other bitch finals, when they had picked winners from all the classes, the intermediate, open and working class winners had to compete for the CAC and then the veterans going against the "mathusalem" (10 years or older) for the ultimate winner.. so after all that is was time for the best bitch competition.. the winner of the CAC had to go in, the winner of the champion class and the oldies... and then they were missing one and speaking French and we finally understood that they were missing the youth winner to come in the line up.. so again Penny got to go in the big ring, now I knew she'd never get anything in that competition but I felt very proud and honoured to be participating in the best bitch competition at such a big and prestigious show, and to be there with my home bred puppy.. well that was just the icing on the cake.

The best bitch win went to the CAC winner who is from Italy, Ursetta Del Barone Rampante.

We weren't done yet though.. There was still the matter of Best in Show youth, Penny had to go in against the youth male winner who was a very lovely black male from the famous Du Domaine De Chanteloup kennel and he won from juniorclass so he was more mature than Penny and yet again I found myself in doubt of being able to win that, and yet again I found myself being totally wrong when the judge came and shook my hand and guided me to the 1st place!
Little Penny lived up to her name, Caeles It's Showtime won Best in show youth at the biggest IG speciality ever in France (and Europe I think)!
I am so, so proud of her. I am so proud I decided to do that litter, to import Ira from America despite people thinking it was not the smartest thing to do due to the difference in colour.. it's just colour and look what I got!

I am super proud!

Best in Show was the stunning Ch Caprice Du Domaine De Chanteloup, a worthy winner who had it all; Elegance, balance, outstanding movement and owning the ground he stood on.
Here he is with the best bitch, all judges.. and yes I'm also in that photo, the presidents/leaders of the different clubs were asked to be on the photo to.. I felt like a celebrity almost:)

**All photos copyright Elisa Honkala & Lena H. Størmer Dahl**

17.8.2010 Coursing Licences

On august 4th we went to the race track in Westerlo. The goal was to get the last runs on Ira & Bling for their coursing licence and we succeded!
All photos are taken by Elisa Honkala:)



Stella tryed a straight run and is very, very promising! Her she is with Lena watching the others with great interest..

Bling had Lena working hard on just holding her in place.. she really wants to catch the bunny:)

Me starting Ira & Lena starting Bling for Bling's last run.

Ira really locks his jaw in the bunny when he catches it and it took a while to get him to release!

Bling is usually very sweet and innocent, but at the tracks & fields she turns into a wild child as you can see..

17.8.2010 New Champion!

Ira comes out with a bang in Norway!
At his first show with Lena, just a few days after arriving in Norway, Ira was shown at the international show in Oslo under judge Frans Gerritsen (NL).
There was quite big competition in males, with some "local" Norwegian IGs and several champion males from Sweden, all of course wanting that CAC...
Well Ira won best male, got the CAC & CACIB and finished his Norwegian & Nordic Championships & got qualified to compete at Crufts in 2011!
(Ira's sire Karl is also qualified to compete at Crufts and so is his niece "Canaan"!!, that's 3 Alfheim dogs, congratulations to Avery & Stephanie!!)

-At the same show, Elmo's daugther, Biscotti Mademoiselle was 2nd best bitch with the CAC so she also became a Norwegian Champion!
Not only is "Keira" a daughter of my Elmo, but her dam is Ch Sasha from our first litter! Congratulations to Evy her breeder and owner and Marie Størmer Dahl her co-owner & handler! Well done.

11.8.2010 Our special guest

I had my friends Lena (knl Curvy) & Elisa (knl Beryline) for a short visit and we all went to the French IG Anniversary speciality this past weekend.
Results will be posted as soon as I have photos to go with it -we do have some very good news from that show:)

But as Lena & Elisa drove back to Norway this morning, Lena left her special boy "Esso" to be here with me. He's already a CAC winner in the Netherlands and the idea is to finish him and hopefully get him started in his Belgian Championship.
But Lena did not go empty handed back, she took Ira with her and he'll be entered to some shows in Norway and hopefully gain his Norwegian championship.
Tingen also got a ride with Lena & Elisa since they pass by her home in Sweden so the house is a bit empty.

I have decided what male I'd like to use on Bling and she'll either be mated the next time when she comes in season, or the one after that. I will hopefully publish soon my choice of "lover" for little Bling. Belive me, he is fantastic!

27.7.2010 Liege, Golden Dog Trophy

Casper was shown in Liege at the Golden Dog Trophy show.
The judge was poodle specialist Mikael Nilson from Sweden (Kudos poodles) and he gave Casper the reserve CAC/IB and he became "golden challenger".

Casper was busy the whole weekend, on Saturday he went with his groomer Wendy Schellens, to compete in the "golden groomer" competition. He's been saving coat for more than 2 months and was quite hairy.
Wendy took the big price on saturday and was chosen best groomer of the day!
On Sunday she had to go back in the ring of honor with Casper to compete with sunday's best groomer for the ultimate title "golden groomer" and she went all the way and won the whole thing with my little Casper!
I am so proud of them, and so happy that she is his groomer, he is always groomed to perfection and if it wouldn't be for Wendy, Casper would probably not have done as well as he has.

10.7.2010 Worst day of my life

Last Wednesday I lost Nox to hypocalsemia. I was on the way to the vet with her to have a C-section when she passed away.
These past days have been some of the worst and hardest days I've ever gone through. Guilt, memories, flashback, self blaming.. it's horrible to go through this and I have written the story on her own page in hopes that others will be able to avoid this should they ever find themselves in a similar situation.

3.7.2010 Shownews, Genk

Dollar got the reserve CAC/IB today in Genk under Mr. A. Korozs from Hungary

28.6.2010 Clubmatch Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Since I decided not to go to the WDS in Herning I entered 6 dogs to a clubmatch in the Netherlands on sunday.

We had beautiful weather, maybe a bit to warm, but it's better than rain:)

The results were outstanding, to say the least:

Stella; Twan-San-Yen Excel Mio Amico Gucci was BOB, BIG 1 & ended the day being BIS 7.

Dollar; Dies Irae Caeles Du Manoir Des Ombreuses was BOS

Joey; Ch Caeles Magical Mr Mistoffelees came out in veteran class for the first time was 2nd after Dollar and BOB and BIS 3 veteran.

I took the pups with me as well, they were entered in baby class, they will be 5 months in a week:) I was very proud of them, they behaved very well and showed themselves well in spite of the extreme heat.

Penny; Caeles It's Showtime was BOB and BIS 6 baby from all breeds!

Billy; Caeles Timing Is Everything was BOS.

Ninja; Eugenios Capricorn was also entered and she was BOB & BIG-3!

Needless to say we are very happy with these results!

16.6.2010 Happy Birthday!

Today Joey (and the whole musical litter of course) turns 8 years old! That makes him a "legal" veteran for the showrings:)
He's still acting like the youngest dogs in the house, he's got the most energy, the biggest will to play catch or just with some toys.

His sons and daughters from the "quotes" litter are also 2 years old today!

10.6.2010 Billy & Penny

The time litter is now just over 4 months old. We took some photos of Billy & Penny today outside on our veranda. The puppies have been learning how to stand still for the last couple of days and I decided we'd make them freestack for the photos and I must say they did very well! Billy's tail did not stop wagging, Penny thought it was fun too and was very focused on the treats I had:)

Caeles Timing Is Everything:

Caeles It's Showtime:

-Nox stacked for me too... it's 4 weeks & 6 days from the first mating on the photo.. I think it's safe to say that there a few puppies in her belly:)

7.6.2010 Not much happening

I have not been showing my IGs much this year due to various reasons so the focus has been on Casper and recently my houseguest the fantastic toy Ch Smash JP Lovin'Life.

Nox is showing some promising pregnancy signs, it's 4 weeks now since she was mated so we hope for puppies in July.

25.5.2010 Norwegian Sighthound Speciality

Norwegian Sighthound Speciality in Hurdal:

Ch Eugenios Posh Spice (Joey's daughter) was BOS on saturday BOB on sunday:

Eugenios Amenhotep (Elmo-Ninni) was 3rd best male with CAC both days!

And Sasha, from the first caeles litter was BOB veteran and BIS-3 on sunday!

23.5.2010 Shownews

Arnhem "Pinkstershow", Netherlands:
Eugenios Capricorn debuted in the ring, she showed great and made me proud when she was awarded the reserve CACIB.

My special guest poodle: Ch Smash JP Lovin'Life got the reserve CAC/IB, not quite what we were hoping for, but there's a show after this one.

"Toshi" was Norways top toy in 2008, he's a Speciality Best in Show winner and will be staying here untill the WDS in Herning.
Judge for both breeds was Mr Burema.

Tuettleben (sighthoundshow), Germany:
Simply Heurekas Cassiopeia (daugther of Elmo) was BIS puppy
Caeles Make My Day was won the intermediate class, got the CAC and was BOB and later on BIS 3!
Many congratulations to Wolf & Sabine Siebner, knl Simply Heurekas:)

16.5.2010 Shownews

Today at the dogshow in Wieze Casper and Stella did great.

Stella was BOS with her first CAC and the title "Hopkoningen 2010"
Casper was also BOS with his first Belgian CAC and the title "Hopkoning 2010". He was handled by Emilie Van Campenhout because the IGs and the Toys crashed and were at the exact same time in the ring. She also borrowed him for junior handling later that day:)

(last year at that same show Ira won BOS, his first belgian CAC and that same title, seems to be a good show for me.. maybe we'll aim for BOB next year then;) )

Here are the statues we got:

13.5.2010 Casper

There are new photos of Casper on his page and a video for those interested in seeing my boy on the move:)

13.5.2010 Back home

Bling is back home from Finland:) She came back with Elisa last friday and I'm of course so happy to have sweet little Blingy back.
Many thanks to Elisa for taking such good care of her:)

10.5.2010 Health checks

I took 9 dogs to Dr Capiau at the University in Gent to have their eyes checked.
We got mostly good news, but some not so good.
The dogs individual pages have been updated with the results.
I'll go again in november with Bling & Elmo

10.5.2010 Shownews Norway

Elmo's daugther (and Stellas littersister) Twan-San-Yen Excel Mio Amico Dorina was was BOB, and got the qualifying CAC for her Norwegian Championship at her first try! To top the day off she was BIG 2 at a national show in Orre, Norway for judge Roberto Schill, RO.
Congratulations to Kjell & Bjørg Omdals, owners and breeders of Dorina:)

10.5.2010 Mating

Nox was mated with Uzzah on friday & sunday so we hope for puppies around july 9th:)

10.5.2010 2x show in Dortmund

Dortmund, Germany:
Eugenios Drops of Champagne: Exc1, res-VDH & DPK CAC 8/5 for judge Lisbeth Mach.
Exc1, res-VDH & DPK CAC 9/5 for judge Stefan Wachter.

-On saturday it was the Europasieger show for poodles and the VDH was double and the reserve VDH Casper got counts as a full VDH so we're happy.

Caeles Make My Day got Exc1 in intermediate class on sunday, the judge Elisabet Janson liked her alot but thought she was to young for the title/CACIB..

28.4.2010 Yet another CAC for Maggie

Maggie, Caeles Make My Day, took her 3rd CAC in a row last weekend. She is now in the waiting year for finishing her title. In Germany a year and a day needs to pass from the first CAC untill the last one to get the German VDH championship.
Many congratulations to Wolf & Sabine Siebner, knl Simply Heurekas for doing such a wonderful job with Maggie:)

19.4.2010 Showresults from Germany!

Caeles Make My Day (Joey-Nox) was BOS last weekend from the intermediate class with CAC and National Winner Northern Bavaria 2010 for judge Mr Bluemel at the show in Schwarzenfeld, Germany yesterday! Elmos daugters Simply Heurekas Cassandra was BOB junior and her littersister Cassiopeia was 2nd in juniorclass!

She did one better this weekend and was BOB from the intermediate class and Elmodaugthers Simply Heurekas Cassandra won the juniorclass with her litter sister SH Cassiopeia going 2nd.

I got photos of the Elmodaugthers, they are really promising:
Simply Heurekas Cassiopeia

Simply Heurekas Cassandra

photos by owner/breeder Wolf Siebner

3.4.2010 Happy easter!

I hope everyone will have a happy easter holiday:)

Here we always have plenty to do, the pups are 8 weeks old now! Photos have been taken and will be online tonight.

-Caeles Time To Go is looking for a good home. He shows good coursing/racing potential.

2.4.2010 Visit to the vet

The puppies went to the veterinarian today for their vaccines and to be mocrochipped, all puppies are as healthy as can be.
Mommy Tingen went with us to have her patellas checked and they were 0/0 :)

29.3.2010 Luxembourg spring show

Casper was entered to the international spring show in Luxembourg yesterday. He got Ecx1 in open class and a CAC wich makes him a CAC winner in 4 countries!

21.3.2010 Top sighthound #5

I just got the news that Ch Eugenios Posh Spice is #5 on the top sighthoundlist for 2009 in Norway!!
"Pernille" is a daugther of "Joey":)

13.3.2010 5 weeks!

12.3.2010 Puppies

The puppies are 5 weeks old today, I will take new photos tomorrow and put on the puppyblog, and later today I'll post some candid shots of the puppies!

12.3.2010 Handlers showleads

Check out the showleads page, I have exclusive showleads for sale, I have lowered the prices a bit, and added more info and where I will be selling the leads. You can also contact me by mail and tell me what you want.

27.2.2010 Showresults: Rheinberg, Germany

Today I went to the all breed show in Rheinberg, Germany with Casper.
Anita Berdysz was the judge and she gave Casper an excellent critique and the CAC for his German VDH championship! Danke Schøn :)

19.2.2010 updates..

The puppyblog is updated with photos:)

19.2.2010 DNA results

I had a DNA test done on Ninja for PLL (primary lens luxation) and I got a wonderful mail yesterday with the results and she is clear!

I sure wish there were some DNA tests for Italian Greyhounds, but there is a study regarding VD (viterous degeneration) in the US so if you're going to have your dogs eyes checked you should print out the sheets needed for this study and have them filled out by your opthomologist and send to the US.

I have sent a mail to the person conducting this study and they'd love to get results from Europe, and I for one will send mine in when it's time. -for more info

18.2.2010 Showleads

I have got some exclusive showleads to sell here. They are made in Iceland and you don't find any showleads like that anywhere in the world! Check out the new page, I've been using them for a while and now they're available to the whole world:)
Contact me if you want more info, everyone can find a lead that fits them!

14.2.2010 updated puppyblog

The puppies are doing fantastic, they all look super.
they turned a week old on friday/saturday (as they were born into the night ;) ) and we took some individual photos of them on the side and front so you can see their markings:)
Go to the puppyblog to see the newest photos:)

10.2.2010 ...

7.2.2010 puppyblog

Check out the new puppyblog, link on the frontpage and in "present"

6.2.2010 Happy Birthday

Casper is 4 years old today:)
I still remember when his dam, Bebbles, was giving birth to him (and his 2 brothers) and his brothers:) The first litter I helped to come to the world and Casper just HAD to stay with me:)

6.2.2010 They're here!

Yesterday evening and well into the night Tingen delivered her puppies:)
Mom and babies are doing fine, everything is as it should be. The puppies are beautiful, lively and headed straight for the milbar.
We got 3 girls (2 blue and 1 fawn) and 2 blue boys.
I'll link to the puppyblog later tonight, photos are on the litters page under present:)

3.2.2010 Tick, tack...

The puppies will be joining the world any day now:) Stay tuned!

1.2.2010 Showresults, Mouscron Belgium

I went to Mouscron yesterday where Casper was entered for Jean-Jaques Dupas (president of the french poodle club).
Casper got Exc1 in open class and in best male he was beaten by the champion and got the reserve CAC/Cacib.
No photos this time:)

Tingens tummy is still growing and there are some very lively puppies in there:) 1 week to go!

27.1.2010 Tingen

Here she is, 7 weeks pregnant:)

21.1.2010 Puppies

Sonique moved to Sweden for a few months ago but before she moved I mated her with Joey. She had 6 puppies (2 blue girls & 1 black and 2 blue males and 1 red).
2 puppies are looking for pet homes, for further info contact Hans Fuchs, knl Mannequinn's ( )
Photos & pedigree of Joey and Sonique can be found here on my website:)

20.1.2010 Poodle news from Norway

Casper (Eugenios Drops of Champagne) has a beautiful daugther in Norway who's really starting to turn heads in the rings:)
At a double show this weekend she was BOS both days with the CAC!
She also snatched the CAC at the international dogshow in Gothenburg, Sweden!
Her name is Eugenios Pale Cold Virgin and here she's pictured with the BOB male (same owner) Ch Smash JP Lovin' Life

20.1.2010 Happy Birthday Ninja

2 years ago I had a sleepless night in Norway. Nuggi (Ch Eugenios Nougat Bonbon) was giving birth to her 10 puppies! 3rd puppy to be born was my little Ninja.
Time sure flyes by fast! Can't belive it's already 2 years!

17.1.2010 *Introduction

I would like to introduce Orka (means "energy" in icelandic), she is a border collie and is bred in the Netherlands, her full name is "Nice of you to come by Orka" and she will be staying with me for about a month.
I am watching her for a friend of mine, she'll be going to Denmark untill she's old enough (7 months) to go to Iceland where she's going to live:)

It's of course very different from the breeds I have been around and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Orka is a blast to have:)

15.1.2010 New addition...

Isn't she cute:)

11.1.2010 Matt's first major!

This weekend Katya and her boy Matt went to a show in Whit Plains, NY and yesterday Matt-matt took best of winners and a 3 point major!
-Matt is officially known as Caeles Hell Yeah.

Many congratulations to Katya and Matt, you're truly doing a great job with him!

8.1.2010 New champion!

The year starts great for Ninni who I co-own with knl Eugenios.
She's in Gothenburg, Sweden at the "My Dog" show, and today for judge Per Iversen she was 3rd best bitch and got the CAC wich adds yet another title to her name so she shall from now on be known as: Nordic Ch Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Swedish Champion, NordicJrW-06 Eugenios Mrs Robinson.

5.1.2010 Top IGs in Norway

I got the pleasant news that Joeys daugther Eugenios Posh Spice was #1 IG in Norway for 2009. Joey was #2 stud of the year only beaten by his half brother Movado Ric Rosso (who is sired by our Cassidy) and Elmo came in 4th with only 2 offspring competing!
So even if I'm not in Norway, my dogs still have an influence there and I am very pleased with that and that they have proven to be such good studs:)

4.1.2010 Caeles 2009 summary

2009 was a rather calm year but we got some nice results and plan to be more active this year.

-I took some dogs to Beringen in march for our first oval racing training. We went to some trainings after that during the year but not as many as I would have liked so the plan is to make up for that this year and get some of the dogs licenced to compete, and do some lure coursing as well.

-in late march a new family member arrived, 4-legged of course. He’s French and you know him as Dollar, or Dies Irae Caeles Du Manoir Des Ombreuses. He’s had some “trial runs” in the showring but he’s young and wont be coming out in the rings until later this year.

-Ira is the star of the year, in the IGs at least. He got his first CAC in Belgium at his first show here and he even got a title, Hopkoning 2009! Then he went to Finland to my friend Elisa for several months where he finished his Swedish and Finnish Championships and got his first CACIB. He sired 2 litters while in Finland, 1 for knl Topaasin and the other for Elisa, knl Beryline.

-Maggie, Caeles Make My Day owned by Wolf & Sabine Siebner (knl Simply Heurekas) did a lot of winning this year, she has several junior titles and is a german junior champion.

-Miles, Caeles How U Doin’ , owned by Avery & Stephanie McLeod has also turned heads on the coursing fields in the US , he’s gotten some coursing titles in front and behind his name, FC in front stands for “Field Champion” and SC behind stands for Senior Courser. He’s also managed to do quite well in the showring having 7 points torwards his championship. He’s also pointed on the Oval racing track!

-La la, Caeles Just Do It got her first CAC and was BOB. That means 3 pups from the “phrases litter” have points/CAC torwards their championship:)

-Joey got his 6th champion offspring this year. Twan-San-Yen Magical Daniella got the CAC at a Norwegian KC show and finished her Norwegian Championship for Marit Sunde who awarded Joey his first CACIB (and BOB) at that same show 4 years earlier.

-Matt, Caeles Hell Yeah got his JOR title (junior oval racer) and is now pointed torwards the ORC and NORC title (oval racing champion and national oval racing champion). He did good on the coursing field as well with at least 1 BOB. He was shown in Conformation where he won best of winners and best of opposite for 1 point:)

-Ira came back from Finland in November and Elisa didn’t go empty handed back. This time she took Bling with her, she’s on leasing there and is expecting her first litter in late January.

-The year ended in style when I decided to take Casper out and entered him to the Amsterdam Winner show and Brussels Dog show.
Both shows had poodle breeders as judges so I was very excited.
In Amsterdam for judge Javier Blanco Casper got the CACIB, CAC (wich is double at this show), he’s crufts qualified for 2010 or 2011 and he got his very first title: Amsterdam Winner 2009.
In Brussels for judge Jean-Francois Vanaken Casper got the reserve CAC/CACIB, and the title Brussels Winner 2009.

Not a bad way to end the year, a week after the show we went on a great Christmas holiday in Iceland to reaload our batteries and we’re back and ready for 2010.

Another change that happened in 2009 is that Kari-Anne stepped out of the kennel and it is solely in my name now.

That was 2009, I have my hopes up for 2010 and wish all my friends & family a happy and successful 2010.

3.1.2010 Happy New year!

Summary from 2009 will soon be published:)