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19.12.2011 Brussels dog show 2011

The last show of the year started with a change of judges.. well not much to do about that when we're already there. Miles got the reserve but will inherit the cac and cacib so he now has more than enough cac's to finish his Belgian title, he just needs to come back next summer to get the last cac after 1 year and 1 day has gone by between the first and last cac.
Penny was only 2nd in open class.. not quite what I wanted as she showed great.. and of course because she is just absolutely stunning;)

2012..... we are ready!!

7.12.2011 Bye-bye bichons

Today was a hard day for me, Phoenix and Dolly went to Iceland, they will be in a quarantine for 4 weeks (an excellent quarantine station, it will be more like a spa treatment for them) and then their owners will finally get them!

Phoenix has been with me for little over a year and I must admit that I was quite attached to him and am very happy for his owners to trust me with him and letting me show him to some pretty memorable wins.
While here with me Phoenix became Luxembourg and Dutch Champion, he has enough cac's in Belgium but unfortunately the required year and 1 day had not passed between his first and last cac. He's also pointed in Germany.
He became Amsterdam Winner 2010 and 2011, Belgian Winner 2010, Rheinlandsieger 2011 and Club Winner 2011 and got the fancy unofficial title "hopkoning 2011". He's got 7 cacib's in 3 countries and just needs the last one after a year and 1 day has passed between the first and last (and that was 2 days after the Amsterdam show.. typical). 

Dolly came to me at the WDS in Paris, this little furball has so much attitude, it wouldn't surprise me if she'll be the first bichon frise to ever win a Best in show in Iceland ( I don't think a bichon has ever won BIS there), she is that good and then with her showy temperament I believe she will have great achievements! Here she won BOB baby at her first show and BIS-3 baby and the PDC speciality and BOB puppy at the Amsterdam winner show:) 

I got news from the quarantine station, they arrived, cages were dry and dogs where happy & everything is going great. But the house sure feels empty without them, and now I just have 1 dog to bath and no "group 9" dog to show, that is a little bit weird.

7.12.2011 Amsterdam Winner Show results

Phoenix the bichon was entered to his last show in Holland and that was no other than the Amsterdam Winner show. 
The judge was Hans vd Berg and he gave Phoenix a great critique and awarded him BEST MALE, and his second Amsterdam Winner title and of course the cac, cacib and crufts qualification!!

Dolly was entered as well in puppy class and she was BOB puppy!

A very great way to end my journey with Phoenix, this time I got to watch him in the ring as I still need to be careful after my knee surgery so Kristy Leest stepped in and showed him beautifully. She also groomed both him and Dolly.

I will add photos very, very soon.

7.12.2011 Eye check

Last friday I went to Amsterdam to have Stella's eyes checked by an ECVO specialist. Everything was fine and her eyes were free of all hereditary diseases except for a little VD in the left eye. 
So our litter plan is on a 100% and now we just wait for her to come in season.

24.11.2011 Change of plans

Blings planned litter will be postponed until next year.

22.11.2011 Shownews- Belgium

20/11 Kortrijk, Belgium, International show judge Zeferino Da Silva

Caeles How U Doin' : Exc2, res-cac, res-cacib (both will be turned into full cac and full cacib)
Caeles It's Showtime: Exc1, cac, cacib, best bitch!!!

22.11.2011 Shownews Croatia

This past weekend was a fantastic weekend for Caeles.

Zagreb, Croatia, International show
Caeles Timing Is Everything "Billy": CAC, CACIB, BOB, Crufts Qualified & new Croatian Champion!!!
Ira's first champion offspring!! We are so proud of Billy and his achievements!
Many congratulations to Mojca & Simon, well done:):)

22.11.2011 Shownews sighthoundspeciality Kortrijk

Kortrijk, Belgium
19/11: Sighthound speciality, entries 28, judges: Breed and BIS brace judge was Mr. Alexeï BELKIN (RU), BIs junior judge was Mr. Zeferino DA SILVA (PT) and BIS was Mrs. Wilfriede SCHWERM-HAHNE (D)

Caeles All That Glitters: Exc1, CRBL-KBWC junior Winner, BOB junior & BIS 3 junior

Caeles How U Doin' : Exc1, cac, CRBL-KBWC Winner, BOB & BIS-8 (everyone was placed, 13 total)

(BOS: Ch Sumobi Love Me Tender Artmeis, congratulations to her owners)

Caeles It's Showtime: Exc1, res-cac

BIS-2 Brace: Caeles It's Showtime & Caeles All That Glitters

9.11.2011 Shownews- Luxembourg

International Show, judge Laurent Heinesche

Caeles All That Glitters "Sunny": Exc2 in juniorclass
Caeles How U Doin "Miles": Exc1, cac, r-cacib (will change to a cacib) LUX. CH!
Alfheim's All Things Considered "Ira2: Exc4 in champion class
Caeles Magical Mr Mistoffelees "Joey": Exc1 in veteran class, BOB veteran + Lux. Veteran Champion
Caeles It's Showtime "Penny": Exc2, r-cac, r-cacib

Sunny & Penny BIS 2 Couple, judge Norman Deschuymere

I cannot thank Kristy Leest enough for the help, she's handled Miles to his championships, they are truly the dream team. She also handled Sunny and Penny for me in the big ring for the couple competition because my knee was starting to hurt . -note to self, do not enter that many dogs to a show a month after knee surgery, that was a challenge!

Also special thanks to Attila Schlosser for showing Joey in the big ring for the veteran competition. Unfortunately the judge did not recognize the breed so needless to say Joey was not awarded a placement. But he showed and moved great with Attila!

7.11.2011 Shownews-Brazil

Ring has been to his first shows in Brazil and boy did he do well!

He was shown as a junior and won 3 times BIS and 3 times BIS 3!!

He is owned by Canil Apoama who are doing a fabulous job with him.
Many thanks to the judges who appreciated and awarded his quality, I am a very, very, very proud breeder.

Caeles Ring a Ding Ding (Dollar-Stella)

23.10.2011 Slow month

There's not much going on here, I had surgery on my knee 3 weeks ago and haven't been able to do anything with the dogs so the days are all about being on the sofa, under a blanket and me trying to place my leg in a way where they will not jump on my knee:)
We'll be at the Luxembourg show in in November showing the IGs for the first time (I've only shown Casper the poodle and Phoenix the bichon at that show).
Can't wait!

I have updated the website, put in new photos of some dogs and just "cleaned up" a little bit here and there, it's not ready yet but there should be no disturbances for those looking at the website

11.10.2011 changes

I am going over all the photos on the website and making some changes, so if there are some missing photos or different fonts on the text in the coming days it's just me working on the website :)

2.10.2011 Shownews- Zwolle

International Show Zwolle, NL. Judge Tony Rainey

Caeles All That Glitters: Exc1, junior cac
Caeles How U Doin' : Exc1, cac, cacib, BOB !!!!
Caeles Timeless Beauty: Exc2

We had tons of fun in Zwolle, winning BOB with Miles over the top winning bitch in Holland was absolutely amazing I'm still smiling. Miles looked absolutely stunning with Kristy who did an amazing job.

It was also fantastic to meet Myla (C. Timeless Beauty) ad Ziva (C. Defining Moments). Ziva looks great and is very, very promising but she needs more ring training. 

Mr Rainey had many good words about my dogs, and I am very grateful for the win.

On our way home we stopped at a beach and let the dogs out to play and run.

30.9.2011 Shownews-Maastricht

International show Maastricht, NL. Judge Hans Van Den Berg
Caeles All That Glitters: "Very Promising 1" BOS puppy

Ch Caeles How U Doin' :Exc1, res-cac/ib

Caeles The Knockout: Exc1 and her first junior cac!

Many thanks to Kristy for keeping me company and showing Miles :)

5.9.2011 European Winner Show 2011

On saturday me and Kristy went to Leeuwarden, I went to the European dog show with Miles and Penny and Kristy went to the PDC speciality show with Phoenix and Dolly (yet to be introduced here...)

We did ok, both Miles and Penny got excellent, Miles was 2nd in his class after the beautiful Caprice Du Domaine Du Chanteloup, no shame in standing after him and Penny was 4th in intermediate class (to be honest I wanted her to place higher).
We met Mojca, Simon and little Billy (Caeles Timing Is Everything) he got an excellent and was 2nd in intermediate class.

I'm staying positive and am happy with being placed on such a big show, the IG entry was the biggest sighthound entry with 54 entered under sighthound specialist R. Tromp-Pruyn (Popvovs afghan hounds, NL) .

At the PDC speciality Kristy got Best male and Club Winner title on Phoenix and BOB and BIS-3 baby on Dolly (who is also a bichon) :)

I did not have a camera with me but hope someone got photos and will send to me.

On sunday it was my time to be the assistant and I went with Kristy again and she got Best female on her toy poodle Calais Dell'Alberico! So Calais got 2 titles, FCI Centenary Champion and FCI Centenary European Dog Show Winner 2011! Her half brother Scido got the reserve CACIB :)

28.8.2011 Shownews-Rottedam

International show Rottedam, NL. Judge Anette Bystrup
Caeles How U Doin': Exc1, res-CAC, CACIB¨
Aviendha: Exc2, Res-CAC, res-CACIB

"Vita" is on a short visit here with us, the reserves she got this weekend will be turned into a full cac and full cacib since the winning bitch is already Dutch and International Champion.
Vita now only needs 1 more CAC to finish her Dutch Championship, and this was her first CACIB.
She's owned by Lena Størmer Dahl :)

28.8.2011 Shownews from Croatia

Samobor, Croatia, judge Massimiliano Mannucci
Caeles Timing Is Everything: Exc1, CAC, BOB

congrats team Desert Queen :) Go Billy!

28.8.2011 Shownews from Hungary

Debrecen, Hungary, double International show:

Saturday: judge Ruth Waagner, Lux
Topaasin Bling Bling, Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB (didn't stay for the group)

Sunday: Judge Lokodi Zsolt
Topaasin Bling Bling, Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB -finished her International and Hungarian championtitles! (didn't stay for the group)

photos will come soon

22.8.2011 Shownews -Belgium

International Show, Mechelen, BE
Judge Seamus Oates, 18 Igs entered

Ch Caeles How U Doin': Exc1, CAC, CACIB & Best Male
Ch Caeles Magical Mr Mistoffelees: Exc1, BOB Veteran
Caeles The Knockout: VP1, Best female puppy
Caeles It's Showtime: Exc2

Pictured with BOB female Ch Fiefoerniek's Faithless Woman
photo: Sandra Vd Graaf (thank you for the photo and congrats with your new Belgian champion)

22.8.2011 Shownews -Hungary

Ösagárd CAC sighthound specialty, Hungary. Judge T. Jakkel
Ch Topaasin Bling Bling, Exc1, cac & BOB

15.8.2011 Limit

Our co-owned Ira daugther is 7 months old now and she's just stunning:)

1.8.2011 Shownews-Finland

Elmo has 6 champion offspring now!
At the International show in Pori (FI), Eugenios Tut-Ankh-Amon At Soltars won the CAC and finished his Finnish Championship!!
(his mom is our co-owned Ninni (Ch Eugenios Mrs Robinson))

Congratulations to Marios owners Maija Kataja and Jukka Lillstrang (knl Soltars)

30.7.2011 Phoenix is staying longer

Our dear Phoenix will be staying in Belgium until december.

27.7.2011 Shownews -Austria and Hungary

16/7 International show Oberwart, Austria
"Billy" Caeles Timing Is Everything won the CAC and Res-CACIB

17/7 National show in Szombathely, Hungary
"Billy" Caeles Timing Is Everything won the CAC

Billy is now fully pointed in Austria, just needs the last CAC after the waiting time (at least 1 year between 1st and last CAC (4 needed in total))

25.7.2011 Shownews from Croatia & Liege

Miles went on a roadtrip with his handler Kristy Leest all the way to Split in Croatia where the 4 summer night shows were held.

The judge list was impressive and Miles showed his socks off:)
Day 1, under legend judge Frank T. Sabella (breed and group) (US) 
Caeles How U Doin' Exc1, CAC, BOB and BIG-2 !

Day 2, judge Zsuzsanna Petik (HU) (breed)
Caeles How U Doin' , Exc1, CAC, CACIB and BOB

Day 3, legend judge Peter Green (US) (breed)
Caeles How U Doin' , Exc1, CAC and BOB

Day 4, judge Adrian Landarte (UY)
Caeles How U Doin', EXc1, CAC, Croatian Champion (HRCH) . Unfortunately the poodles and IGs were in the ring at the same time so Miles missed the competition for BOB. 

Many thanks go out to Kristy for pushing me to enter him and for handling him to his absolute best and spoiling him in between, I know he got alot of compliments there and I can't wait to get some photos to add to these great news :)

Meanwhile in Belgium, I had Joey and Casper entered to the "Golden Winner" show in Liege on sunday:

Poodles judge Steven Seymour, (AUS)
Ch Eugenios Drops Of Champagne, Exc1 Res-cac, Res-cacib and the title "Golden Challenger 2011" :)
IG's judge Louis Dehaes (BE)
Ch VWW-11 Caeles Magical Mister Mistoffelees, Exc1, BOB Veteran. He wasn't feeling like showing in the breed ring and I wondered if I should go in the big ring at all. After having him out with me and playing with him he was in a good mood and ready for the main ring where he strutted his stuff to a Best Veteran in Show 3 placement :)

Many thanks for all the nice words about Joey, he might be 9 years old now but he's still turning heads :) 

19.7.2011 WDS news

Our trip to the WDS in Paris was lovely and all the dogs did great:) 

Judge for males was Gerard Jipping, NL:
Miles: Excellent in open class, shortlisted, but not placed.

Joey: Exc1 in veteran class, BOB veteran and got a brand new fancy title to add to his name: Veteran World Winner 2011 ! We are proud, and Joa was so happy, we missed the big ring unfortunately due to lack of information...

Judge for females was Valerio Nataletti from Italy
Penny: excellent and 3rd in a big juniorclass.

Abby: very promising and 3rd in puppy class, that was a challenge, but fun :)
*no photo*
Maggie: excellent in open class

7.7.2011 1 year..

Today I think about Nox, I think about her every day, but today I am constantly thinking about her and her unborn puppies and how I should have known better, how my vet should never have let me go home, and that if many things that didn't go wrong had been working, she'd still be with me today.

Nox died 7/7 2010, it was one of the worst days in my life and I think about it all the time. I think about her lying next to me in my bed when I go to sleep, she was there one minute and gone the next.
I wish for no one to go though this.

My memories of Nox are great, we did some great things together and she always made me smile. I am fortunate to have her son Miles here, and her granddaugther Abby.

I will never forget you, my big black angel in the sky.

7.7.2011 Getting ready...

4.7.2011 Echt, NL International show

Toy poodles judge Mr Hans Boelaars
Casper: best male, cac & cacib *new dutch champion*

I am so happy and proud of my spoiled little white shadow! He shall now be known as:
Lux, Nl Ch, AmsterdamW-09, BrusselW-09 Eugenios Drops Of Champagne 

Thanks go out to everyone involved in getting these titles on my precious boy:) You know who you are :)

28.6.2011 Luxembourg shownews

Sighthound Speciality, Luxembourg
Judge Evelyne Desquartiers-Diaquenod (IG specialist, knl De Shirkan)
18 Igs entered (9+9)

Caeles How U Doin' , "Miles" got Exc1, cacl and best male
Caeles It's Showtime, "Penny" got Exc2, res-cac

Miles and Penny went with their handler Kristy Leest to the show as I could not be there myself, so I was sitting at home by the phone waiting for results.
Many thanks to Kristy for going for me and for doing such an awesome job! I think we're gonna see Kristy every now and then in the IG ring with a caeles iggy on the other end of the leash :)

28.6.2011 Klagenfurt International Show

CACIB show Klagenfurt, Austria:

21/6: Caeles Timing Is Everything "Billy": reserve-cac. Judge Louis Pinto Texeira
22/6: he got cac, cacib, BOB for judge Robert Blümel and BIG-4 for Marija Kavčič.

Many thanks to the judge, and go go Mojca and Billy!

Photos Katja Mikula

17.6.2011 Norwegian Sighthoundshow

At the annual sighthoundshow in Norway our co owned Ira daugther Curvy Limited Edition went all the way to Best in show puppy, in stiff competition on sunday, june 12th. Thanks to breed judge Ray Lindholm and BIS judge Britt Schøne Brodwall.

On saturday Ninni's daugther Eugenios Ready Steady Go did the same thing, BOB and best in show puppy!
Her half brother Eugenios Amenhotep was Best male and their mother Ninni was 2nd best bitch.

17.6.2011 News from Arnhem, NL

Phoenix wins yet another CAC and CACIB and ends his dutch show carrier by going best male under judge P. Rundekamp

6.6.2011 Shownews -Billy does it again

Billy is on a roll! I am so proud of that boy!

Umag, Croatia:
Caeles Timing Is Everything won the cac, cacib and BOB!

6.6.2011 IG speciality Norway

I got great news from the IG clubs open show in Norway

Limit; Curvy Limited Edition (Ira's daugther) was Best in show puppy & got best in show movement! Needless to say we are very proud and excited about this little girls future!

Keira; Biscotti Mademoiselle (after Elmo & Sasha) won best bitch again and ended up being BOS to the beautiful BIS winner Dervisch Sky Is The Limit ( a great grandson of our beloved Cassidy)

The judge was no other than our very own Kari-Anne Jacobsen :)

5.6.2011 Shownews Drammen

In Drammen, Norway today under IG specialist Rudi Brandt (knl frontrunners)

Ch Eugenios Amenhotep (Elmo-Ninni) won the cacib, BOB and BIG-4!
Ch Eugenios Posh Spice (Joey daugther) was 2nd best bitch
Ch Eugenios Mrs Robinson (Joey daugther) was 3rd best bitch!

Many congratulations to Tone with the great results. Hopefully "Hottie" will pay us a visit in 2012 to be shown around Europe.

29.5.2011 Shownews around Europe

I've been receiving great news from around Europe:

Amaretta di Casa Ricca (Joey's daugther) has had 2 great weekends:
22/5 in Palanga, Lithuania she received CAC, N , BOB and BIG-3 !
28/5 in Moletai, Lithuania she received CAC, N, BOB and she WON the group!
Thanks to judge Tatjana Urek (breed) and Harto Stockmari (group)

Congratulations to Olga and her breeder Jana! 

Caeles Timing Is Everything had 2 great weekends as well:
21/5 in Salzburg, Austria he was awarded CAC, CACIB and BOB for judge Erwin Deutscher.
28/5 Brod, Croatia he got the CAC, was BOB and BIG-3 , thanks to judge Jadranka Smojver Selimovic
29/5, Hrušica Billy got the CAC. Thank You to judge Dr. György Tesic

Congratulations Mojca, wow you are doing such an awesome job with him:)

Topaasin Mona Lisa Smile (Ira's daugther)
28/5, Varakaus, Finland, CAC and BOS under IG specialist Jean-Louis Grunheid.
Congratulations to Anna and Sirpa

Needless to say I am super proud of the beautiful offspring from my boys.

28.5.2011 Shownews

We had a good time in Oss, NL and got the following results:

Phoenix was first in the ring gave me a great start of the day when he got the CAC and CACIB, BOB and can now add another title to his name, DUTCH Champion!
Thank you judge Toebak Van Valkenburg 

Many thanks go out to his groomer Wendy Schellens, she's done a great job on him always.

Miles was shown for the first time in Europe and he got the CAC, CACIB and ended up being Best Male under judge Helen Lee James (USA). 
Penny got the reserve CACIB but since the BOB bitch is already an international champion, Penny will inherit the full CACIB so now, still not 16 months old she's got 2 CACIBs! We are thrilled and the judge really liked her and gave her a raving critique.. just need to work on that confidence :)

and the last thanks go to Chris Lenzen for the photos :)

23.5.2011 puppies looking for a home

I do still have 3 puppies available.
Caeles Coulda, Shoulda Woulda (male) and Caeles A Vogue Idea (bitch) are both available to the right homes.

Caeles Rumble In The Jungle, black boy after Bling is also still available, he is the sweetest most loving pup.

Will update the website tomorrow or on wednesday with new photos.

21.5.2011 Shownews

Today in Wieze, BE:
Casper was shown under poodle specialist J-F Vanaken, he said many nice things about Casper and I got great compliments and Casper ended up as BOS with a CAC and the "hopkoning" title for the 2nd year in a row:)

Phoenix had C. Goran (SP) for judge and he appreciated his looks and grooming and gave him BOB, so Phoenix got his 3rd Belgian CAC and the hopkoning title.

Thanks go to Wendy Schellens for grooming Casper for me, he always looks amazing after spending time with Wendy.

16.5.2011 Shownews

I showed Phoenix and Dollar at the international show in Goes, NL
Dollar was shown for judge Lisbet Utke Ramsing from Denmark who gave him a very nice and positive critique and the reserve cac and reserve cacib.

Phoenix was shown under PGM Prins from the Netherlands who thought he was to high on legs (!!) and gave him the reserve cac and reserve cacib.

11.5.2011 Shownews

What a great, great weekend!

In Norway:
Club show 30/4, judge Annette Bystrup, DK
BOB: Ch Eugenios Amenhotep (son of Elmo and Ninni)
BOS: Ch Eugenios Posh Spice (daughter or Joey)

At the NKK international show in Kristiansand 7/5, judge Bjørg Foss
BOB with CACIB: Ch Eugenios Mrs Robinson (Ninni, co owned by me, daugther of Joey)
BOS with CACIB: Ch Eugenios Amenhotep 

Congrats to Tone!
In Slovenia:
International show, Maribor
Caeles Timing Is Everything won his last junior CAC and is now a Slovenian Junior Champion!

Congrats team Desert Queen !

photo Katja Mikula
In Latvia:
Ventspils national dog show
BOB, BIG-2 Americca Di Casa Ricca (daugther of Joey)

congrats to Olga!
And last but not least, in Germany:
Dortmund, Europasieger & FCI Centenary Winner show 7 & 8/5

7/5: Judge Rui Oliveira, PO
Ch Alfheim's All Things Considered CAC & reserve CACIB but since the CACIB winner is already international champion Ira will inherit the CACIB and finished his International championship!!!!

Caeles Make My Day, Maggie, won the open class and got the reserve CAC and reserve CACIB, since the reserve CAC counts as a full CAC on this show (and the full CAC counts as double) Maggie became a German Champion!

Caeles It's Showtime was shown for the first time in intermediate class and she went all the way and won the CAC, CACIB, got the title "Europasieger 2011" and was BOB!!!
The group was judged by sighthound specialist Espen Engh and Penny was shortlisted amongst the 6 best!

8/5, judge Ole Staunskjær: Both Ira and Penny got the reserve CAC (wich counts as a full CAC) so after the weekend they both have 3 out of the 5 CACs needed for their German championship.

Many, many thanks to the judges! I am so happy with the results this weekend, and thanks to everyone ringside in Dortmund on saturday for all your congratulations and kind words it really made my day so special!

Thanks to Karina Krieger for the photo of Penny in Dortmund. 

*more photos to come

**if anyone took my critiques by accident, please, please let me know, they were nowhere to be found and I want to cover all my bases so if someone can help, let me know.

28.4.2011 Puppies available

The black boy after Bling and Flame and "coulda, woulda, shoulda" after Stella and Dollar are still looking for the perfect homes. Both boys are very promising, allthough the black boy will be up in size. New photos coming up soon.

28.4.2011 Leeuwarden 25/4

I went to the easter show in Leeuwarden, NL on monday with only Phoenix entered and the results were great.
PaRay's Vogelflight O'The Phoenix was BOB with CAC & CACIB and now he just needs 1 more CAC to become a Dutch champion!
Many thanks to the judge Britte Roos-Börjeson for this win.

Here's Phoenix waiting for the group to start, I had great help from my dear friend Kristy Leest who helped me prepare him and go over him so he looked great

Not to forget Wendy Schellens who groomes Phoenix before every show, what would I do without you!

17.4.2011 Shownews

I got great news today!

In Sweden:
Mannequin's Quello Quando Quando ("Pluto") 
Born December 13, 2009 - father: Ch Caeles Magical Mr Mistoffelees, mother: Ch Hesve's Beauty - bred by Hans Fuchs - owned by Per-Arne and Johnas Rudberg.
First CAC and BOS at Västerås National April 17, 2011!!

Picture taken by Camilla Fritz.

And in Slovenia:
CAC Barje show. Billy-Caeles Timing is Everything got JCAC and BOB but this is not all: he was also Best Junior FCI 10 and also BOG2 ♥♥♥♥. Thanks so much to judge Jean Luis Grunheid :).

9.4.2011 Updates

I got new photos of Miles, Dollar & Penny so their individual pages are all updated.

The puppies are doing great, 2 boys and 1 girl are still available to the perfect homes, just scroll below for more info.

*Myla, Caeles Timeless Beauty was shown at the whippet and IG club show in the Netherlands, she got Exc1 in the junior class and her first junior cac.

*Ziva moved to her new home last week, she lives with Flame and Myla and I have breeding rights on her.

*Boy 4 after Stella and Dollar moved to his new home also last week, in the Netherlands. He's now going under the name "MB" (Emby) and has a great life ahead of him.

*Dante (Flame-Bling) moved a while back, also to the Netherlands and he is doing just great.

*Hinde, the grey girl after Dollar and Stella is also doing great in her new home. 

9.4.2011 Puppies available

I still have 3 puppies available

From Dollar and Stella:

Caeles Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

Caeles a Vouge Idea

And from Flame and Bling:

Caeles Rumble In The Jungle

You can go to the individual pages of the parents for more info and on the litter page for the pedigree.
For inquiries, please send me info about yourself, why you want an italian greyhound, your living situations etc. 
Nameless requests will not be answered.

9.4.2011 Luxembourg 27/3

I went to Luxembourg for their yearly spring show and had Casper and Phoenix with me. 
Phoenix got Exc1 in championclass and got the CAC and is now a Luxembourg Champion. He ended up getting the reserve CACIB.

Phoenix is groomed by Wendy Schellens

Casper had big competition in his class, I was getting pretty nervous since he's been king of reserves and he needed to win the class to finish his championship.
He showed great and he looked AWESOME thanks to Kristy Leest.
Casper ended up winning his class and getting the last cac he needed so he's now FINALLY a champion! He went in again with the winners of the other classes and the other colours and ended up getting the reserve cacib and I must say I was thrilled, it was a big win because the competition was good.

So the trip home went quite smoothly with 2 new champions in the car. I will get a photo of Casper soon

24.3.2011 Female puppy

I have still not chosen between the blue and fawn bitch after Stella. If there is a breeding/showhome out there interested in either of the bitches I would be interested in co-owing the best one, not keep it myself but keep the right for 1 litter. 
So if there is anyone out there interested in a bitch after Stella and Dollar, let me know and we'll see if we can work something out. I am very easy to work with.
Both have great temperaments, promising movements. More detailed info will be given upon contacting me so don't be shy. Even if you're just curious.

8.3.2011 2 boys looking for a home

I still have 2 puppies looking for the perfect homes.

* The black boy after Bling and Flame is available. He is very, very promising, has great temperament and a beautiful head. 
* Boy 1 after Stella and Dollar is also available, he is just awesome, so fun and easy going, wonderful temperament, promising head, good size, nicely built.

Contact me for more info and photos (will post new photos tomorrow, check out the blog, I update that regularly allthough I don't write here that it is updated) 

17.2.2011 Updates

I have updated the puppyblog, sorry for how late I did it, the 7 week photos of both litters have been added along with the 8 week of the boxers.

I have 2 boys available from Stella's litter. They could be of interest for lure coursing or racing homes, they certainly seem to have the temperament for it. They are of good size with excellent temperament, nice small heads, promising toplines and so far the movement looks very good.

Then I have the black boy from Bling, I am still thinking if I should keep him, find a co-owner or sell him, he is very nice and I don't want to see him go out of Europe or too far away as I might want to keep breeding rights on him. So if anyone is interested or has an interesting offer, don't be shy:)

14.2.2011 Rheinland Sieger Show

This weekend was spent driving to and from Rheinberg, Germany.

IGs were on saturday and we did quite well for juge E. Raufelder, DE:

*Dies Irae Caeles Du Manoir Des Ombreuses won his class with Exc, then he won the VDH-CAC and the Club-CAC and Reserve CACIB (wich will be changed into a CACIB). So Dollar is now in the waiting period for his international and German championship.

* Caeles It's Showtime was 2nd with Exc in juniorclass and got the reserve junior CAC.

On sunday I had Phoenix entered and he did super for judge Jos Dekker, NL

*PaRay's Vogelflight O' The Phoenix BOB, CACIB, VDH-CAC, Club CAC and the title "Rheinlandsieger 2011" .

Thanks to Wendy, my groomer for always making Phoenix look his best.

Many many thanks to the judges this weekend.

**If anyone took photos of Dollar in the ring, I would really love to see them and perhaps get to use 1 here.

10.2.2011 Welcome back Miles

I went to Amsterdam on saturday and after driving around in the cargo area, getting wrong directions and gps saying one thing but the map another... I finally found the KLM and their "Animal hotel" :) 
I must say this was a way easier process than picking up in Brussels, kudos to the KLM animal hotel and super service!

Now the mystery IG I was picking up is no other than my very own, "homemade" Miles:) He's back from America, I cannot thank Stephanie and Avery enough for offering him back to me after loosing Nox, it means so much to me!

Miles is fabulous, I really love him, his temperament is great, he is beautiful, he knows how to move and he knows how to run! What more can you ask for!

I will hopefully get new photos of Miles soon and I will publish them, but go in "males" in the menu and find Miles for more info:) 

10.2.2011 AKC lure coursing results

I got my hands on the list of top coursing IGs in the AKC for 2010 and I have great news!
#2 is no other than FC Caeles How U Doin' SC -Miles
#5 is also from us, FC Caeles Hell Yeah SC FHC GRC JOR -Matt (who was #1 in 2009)

So 2 yeas in a row and caeles IGs in the top! I am super proud!

2.2.2011 Phoenix

Phoenix will be staying longer than planned and is now entered to the World dog show in Paris :=)

I am looking forward in having him here for more shows and to get to show him in Paris.

1.2.2011 Exciting news

I am going to Amsterdam on saturday to pick up a dog....
.. but I have decided to keep it a mystery until he's here in my arms and perhaps a new photo. But he is black and he is beautiful and he's a he and an adult:)

1.2.2011 Mouscron

I went to Mouscron on sunday with the 2 Americanos:)

Phoenix the bichon was entered under Lisbet Mach who put him first in the champion class, but we then ended up with the reserve cac and reserve cacib.
Thanks to Wendy for the grooming.

Ira the IG was entered under Svante Frisk from Sweden, he showed beautifully and got an excellent and ended up with the reserves as well, but since the best male (Be Bop ddd Chanteloup) is already an international champion, Ira will get he full CACIB and that is what we wanted.

I got to do some more handling so I had a blast, I showed a junior chihuahua bitch against the male junior and won BOB junior, then I took her in for the BOB competition but got beaten by the male her owner was showing. The stunning Misty Meadows I have a Dream and as she had BOB in poodles I got to take "Harry" in the group and what a blast it is to show him! Totally different from the IGs.

I also got to show a baby greyhound, Uksi, she's just under 6 months and is owned by my friends at knl Canoodles. I got to take her in the big ring, it was a little challenge but Uksi did great for her age and we'll hopefully come back stronger from the puppy class:)

I don't have any photos from the show, unfortunately.

23.1.2011 Shownews

*Ljubljana sighthound show
Caeles Timing is Everything got the Junior CAC

The Elmo daughter Simply Heurekas Cassandra won her last Junior CAC and is now a titled German Junior Champion!

My Dog show, Sweden
Eugenios Amenhotep took Gothenburg with style! At the 3 day show he started by winning the CAC and best male at the sighthound speciality, the 2nd day he won the CAC again.. and the 3rd day he went all the way and won the CAC,CACIB, BOB and became Swedish and Norwegian Champion!!
He ended the day by going BIG 5 !

*photo Håkan Häll *

23.1.2011 Top IGs in Norway

The toplist is finally out and official and we are happy.

#2 top Ig of the year is Joey's daugther Eugenios Posh Spice
#3 is Elmo's daughter Twan-San-Yen Excel Mio Amico Dorina
#4 is Elmo's daughter Biscotti Mademoiselle
#8 is Elmo's son Eugenios Amenhotep (Hottie is also #2 top male, just 1 point after the top one)

Ira is #8 top male in Norway from 3 shows.

And the biggest and bestest news is that Elmo is TOP STUD!!
And Joey is #3 on the studlist 

I'm thrilled with these results:)

23.1.2011 Caeles 2010 summary

January started out with the nice news of the 2009 Norwegian top lists where Joeys daugther Eugenios Posh Spice was #1 IG, Joey was #2 stud and Elmo #4.

*Eugenios Mrs Robinson gained her Swedish championship at the My Dog show in Gothenburg. 
*Caeles Hell Yeah got his first US major
We got our first visitor of the year, the border collie Orka who stayed with us for a short time before heading to Denmark, and evt. to Iceland to her owner where she is doing great.
*Hesve’s Beauty moved to Sweden to knl Mannequinn’s and had a beautiful litter of 6 there, sired by Joey.

We took it slow in febuary, the time litter was born and most of my time went to the puppies. This was Tingen’s first litter and Ira’s first litter at caeles and I am mighty proud of these babies.
*Casper was shown twice, in Mouscron where he got the reserve (the CACIB will be inherited) and in Rheinberg, Germany where he got the VDH CAC torwards his German championship and a club CAC as well.

March consisted of taking care of the puppies, and showing Casper in Luxembourg where he won his class and got the CAC torwards his Luxembourg championship

April came with no shows for us but we got some great news from Germany. Caeles Make My Day was BOS at a show and got her 2nd VDH CAC torwards her German championship. 8 days later she got her 3rd CAC!

*The Elmodaugthers Simply Heurekas Cassiopeia & Cassandra were shown as well and Cassandra won the class and the junior CAC while Cassiopeia was 2nd.

May was filled with shows however, starting out with the double show in Dortmund where Casper got the reserve (yes he seems to be the King of reserves) both days but luckily on Saturday at the Europasieger show the CAC is double for the winner and the reserve counts as a full CAC, he also got the club CAC both days.

*Elmo got his firs Norwegian champion offspring, Twan-San-Yen Excel Amico Dorina did it in style by going BOB at the very first try finishing her championship.
*And finally time to show some iggies, at the national show in Wieze I had Stella and Casper entered, both ended the day being BOS and got the CAC and the unofficial title Hopkoning 2010.
*Ninja debuted in the showring winning the reserve CACIB in Arnheim, and my guest Ch Smash JP Lovin Life got the reserve as well.
*We had more good news from Germany, at a sighthound speciality Caeles Make My Day got the CAC and ended up going BOB and BIS-3 and Elmo’s daugther Simply Heurekas Cassiopeia was BIS puppy
*More, good news came in, this time from Norway. Elmos son Eugenios Amenhotep won the CAC both days at the sighthound show in Hurdal, Norway
*Joey’s daugther Eugenios Posh Spice was BOB one of the days on that double sighthound speciality in Hurdal and Ch Sasha was BIS-3 veteran!

We did 1 show in june, an open show but we did it in style and entered 6 dogs! Caeles Timing Is Everything was BOS puppy and his sister Caeles It’s Showtime was BOB and BIS-6 puppy, Caeles Magical Mr Mistoffelees was 2nd best male, BIS-3 veteran, Dies Irae Caeles Du Manoir Des Ombreuses was BOS and Twan-San-Yen Excel Mio Amico Gucci was BOB, BIG 1 and BIS 7 and last but not least, Ninja, Eugenios Capricorn was BOB and BIG 3.

July came with tragedy. Nox went in labour and died. The worst day of my life, I think about her every day.

*I had 2 shows, Dies Irae Caeles Du Manoir Des Ombreuses was reserve after his half brother, and in Liege in the end of the month Casper got yet another reserve, but the CACIB will be inherited. 
*Wendy, my groomer competed with Casper in the famous Golden Groomer competition and she went all the way to the top and won the entire thing! 

August and time for a crazy roadtrip with 2 of my favourite friends Lena (knl Curvy) and Elisa (knl Berylline) drove all the way from Norway to Belgium where they stopped at my place for 2 days before we went on to Cahors, France where the French IG anniversary speciality was to be held!

*It was a great trip, good memories, good food and of course, great wine but on top if that all results that I will never forget. Caeles It’s Showtime won BEST IN SHOW Youth from the BABY CLASS!
*We got our 3rd visitor of the year, Lena and I made a little swap so when she drove back to Norway after the French speciality she took Ira with her to show him in Norway and I took her Esso, Ch Biscotti Esclusivo to show in the Netherlands.
*At Ira’s first show in Norway he won Best male, CAC and CACIB, finished his Norwegian and Nordic Championships and was qualified to compete at Crufts.
*Esso’s first show with me, he also won Best male, CAC and CACIB in Rottedam.
*Ira and Bling completed the requirements needed for their coursing licences, all that was needed was to get them officially measured and unfortunatly we didn’t get to it before Ira went for Norway and since Bling wouldn’t be competing until 2011 I didn’t have her measured.

It was time for the fall show in Luxembourg in september and Casper was of course entered, he just needed to get the CAC to become a champion... of course we were unlucky all the way and ended up 2nd in the class with the reserve CAC.

*Blondie, Caeles Late For a Date did well in Italy that same weekend, he won the CAC both days and was BOB at a double show in Livorno on Saturday.

*Caeles celebrated 10 years from our first litter on september 15. As everyone knows the litter does not carry our prefix but 2 from those litters have been instrumental behind some very well known dogs, producing champions and even world and european winners!

October was more busy as we had several shows, starting with Maastricht in the Netherlands where Dies Irae Caeles Du Manoir Des Ombreuses was Best male with his first CAC.

*Billy, Caeles Timing is Everything went to his first show in his new home, where he won BOB and BIS 3 puppy at the sighthound speciality in Celje .
*Biscotti Esclusivo was entered in Zwolle where he won best male, CAC and CACIB, thus needing just 1 more CAC for his Dutch championship 2 weeks later in Utrecht when he stood for his championship my luck’ o the reserve kicked in and he only got the reserve CAC.
*Dortmund fall shows, Casper only got the club CAC on Friday but on Saturday he was best male with the VDH CAC, making that his 3rd and only 2 to go
*Caeles Make My Day ended her year in style by going BOB with the VDH-CAC and CACIB and BIG 2!!
*Yet another guest came to us, this time a totally new breed. Phoenix the bichon. He’s going to Iceland but first he’s attending some shows with me on the other end of the lead. Phoenix is also known as PaRay’s Vogelflight O’ The Phoenix.
*Good news from Norway, Eugenios Posh Spice won BOB both days at a double show, while Esso’s daugther got the CAC and finished her Norwegian championship

In November we got the news from Norway that Elmo’s son Eugenios Amenhotep was BOB at a national show in Norway, and Joey’s daughter Eugenios Posh Spice was 2nd best bitch.

*Caeles Timing Is Everything, debuted in junior class in Zagreb, Croatia at a big double show where he went BOB (both BOB junior and BOB over the adults) both days, too young for the CACIB but he became a junior champion, Zagreb Winner 2010 and crufts qualified! Billy did not stay for the groups on either day.
*At the Nordic Winner show in Norway, Elmo’s son Eugenios Amenhotep was Best male, with the CAC and CACIB and the title Nordic Winner 2010, Ira was 2nd best male with the reserve. Only those 2 got CQ!
*And in Amsterdam at the winner show I had a superb weekend! Phoenix the bichon won BOB, his first CAC (double), CACIB, the Amsterdam Winner title and crufts qualification for 2011 or 2012! He was picked out among the 6 best in the group, but not placed. Casper was also entered and he kept on the tradition and won the reserve CAC witch qualifies as a full CAC at this show!

*I also owned the IG ring in Amsterdam, Esso went BOB got his last CAC so he became a Dutch Champion and Amsterdam Winner 2010 and then Penny got Best bitch in hefty competition so she got the junior CAC, the adult double CAC, and the titles Amsterdam Junior Winner and Amsterdam winner 2010!! Not bad for Penny who was at her first indoor show and just shy of 10 months!

December and 2 more shows. We started out in Wijchen with Phoenix who won the reserve CAC, but the full CACIB since the best male was a junior. 

*Brussels Dog show was the last show of the year and everything was supposed to go great... I almost missed the bichon ring due to bad weather and roads, ran in and had Lena park the car as soon as I saw the hall, thankfully the organisation made the decicion to let the rings start later since so many people were late. Phoenix had competition from his very heavily titled, multi group winner and BIS winner half brother but he won the class and then he won the breed so Phoenix got the double CAC, CACIB and the Belgian Winner title along with crufts qualification and he’s qualified for the big champion gala in Brussels in december 2011!
*Ninja was also entered but I missed the ring by a few minutes as I had counted the dogs that were before us and not taken in the account that there would be some absent dogs. So when I came to the ring they were just finishing placing the open class. I got to take Ninja in just to see what the judge said about her and she got excellent and would have won the class! What a shame... will definitely be more careful next time!

*We welcomed the newest caeles babies,Bling gave birth to 3 healthy puppies on december 22nd and Stella gave birth to 7 pups on Christmas day!

18.1.2011 Lack of updates

I appologize for the lack of updates here in the news section. I am working on writing over what happened in the year of 2010, will hopefully post it this evening (I am a nighthawk) or tomorrow, along with some updates.
The puppyblog is updated regularly, tomorrow I hope to update it with semi stacks of Blings puppies, we were training today so it's still uncertain how it will be, but we'll try.

6.1.2011 no new updates

I'm sorry I haven't updated the puppy blog, I had everything set up today for photos and then we got unexpected guests so I couldn't get it done but promise I will do it tomorrow.

Ann and Rocky have opened their eyes, Tyson is making us all wait:) Some of the puppies from Stellas litter are starting to open their eyes, I will keep everyone updated. 
I love this period, when the eyes open, they just get so much more personality and really start to develope as characters, I will probably change their names as they grow.. I don't think I have ever named puppies that early, and now I remember why.. :)

Keep checking for updates, I'll do my very best to take and put in new photos tomorrow!!!

31.12.2010 Happy New Year

* I'll put together a little report about how we did in 2010 in a few days.

* The puppyblog will be updated tomorrow with Stella's litter, they will be a week old so check that out in the afternoon.