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20.12.2012 2012, last shownews

The last show of the year for me was Brussels dogshow on december 8th.

Penny got the reserve cac and reserve cacib and the title Brussels Winner 2012

Dolli got the cac, reserve cacib and the title Brussels Winner 2012

Now we'll take a break, enjoy the holidays and come back stronger in 2013.

We wish everyone a merry Christmas, thanks for following us and see you all in 2013 :)

6.12.2012 Amsterdam Winner Show

I am a bit late with updates from the Amsterdam Winner Show.
We had a great weekend, lots of fun and came home with some nice wins :)

Saturday was group 9 and I showed Dolli the papillon and Bazooka the bichon.

Papillons where judged by Laurent Heinesche and there where 19 entered.
Halsakots Someone Is On Fire: Exc1, CAC, CACIB, Winner-12 & BOB !

very happy getting his first title :)

Bichons where judged by Jo Schepers, 9 entered.
Royal Frise Ginger Bazooka: VP-1, BOB puppy and BIS-2 puppy!

Needless to say I am thrilled with these results! Both Dolli and Bazooka are full of attitude and really fantastic on the move, it is so much fun showing these two.

Sunday was iggy day, Valerio Nataletti was the judge and there were 21 entered.
Caeles Time To Go: Exc1 & res-cacib (will inherit the full cacib)
Caeles Shooting Star: VP-1, BOB puppy and shortlisted in a huge puppy group (all breeds on the day) down to top 8.

so maybe not tip top success, but I am happy, esp with Luna who did very well in the big ring despite loooong waiting times in the pre-judging ring.

20.11.2012 Fantastic weekend in Kortrijk

November brings my favorite Belgian show, the Eurodogshow in Kortrijk & the Belgian sighthoundclub specialty.

When I moved to Belgium, 4 years ago, the sighthound specialty was the first show I attended (getting reserves on both Joey and Bling).

Papillon, judge Mr. J-F Vanaken
Halsakots Someone Is On Fire: cac, cacib, BOB & BIS-2 Belgian breeds

In the main ring for the Belgian breeds Dolli was handled by Christine Sonberg as I had to be in another main ring with Penny.

Belgian sighthound specialty, judges, breed: Mr. M. Manucci, BIS: Mrs A. Griffa, 21 IGs entered
Caeles It's Showtime: double cac, CRBL-KBWC Winner 2012, BOB & BIS-2

Thanks to Sebastian Torres Carril for the photo (and congrats with going BOS both days with little Silver )

Sunday, judge, breed: Mrs. A. Griffa, group: Mr. E. Rozenberg
Caeles It's Showtime: cac, cacib, BOB & BIG-2

group photo by: Antje Alberda ---> Thank you :)

9.10.2012 New championtitle

6/10, Zwolle, NL, IGs judge: Mrs L. Cox.
Caeles Time To Go: Exc1, res-cac
Caeles It's Showtime: Exc1, cac, BOB ---> New Dutch Champion !!

I am so proud! This is Penny's 5th champion title since may this year, way to go.
Many thanks to "kynoweb" for the photo, great & fast service.

at the same show,papillon under judge: L. McCarry-Beattie:
Halsakots Someone Is On Fire: Exc1, res-cac ---> will be turned into a full cac

"Dolli" is really showing great, very stylish mover and his critique was absolutely great!

16.9.2012 12 years!!

Yesterday the first caeles litter turned 12 years old! This is the one that didn't carry the prefix. Sasha is found behind many very successful and instrumental dogs for respected breeders around Europe and so is Neptune Mio Bello Vinticore who sired World and European Winner 2006, multi Champion Un Diamant Noir Des Princes De Kazan.

Sasha celebrated a bit early by going BIS 2 veteran at the norwegian sighthound club show last weekend!

Happy birthday mixed litter, the litter that got caeles started.

7.9.2012 TJ

Caeles Stargazer, "TJ" is looking for the perfect home

He is a super sweet boy, lovely temperament, small, would probably love to live with another IG.

3.9.2012 Luxembourg Fall Show

2 times a year I make the trip to the International show in Luxembourg, this weekend was the fall show.
This is always a nice show to go to, I love it and this weekend one of my goals was reached so I can strike that of my list of goals :)

1/9, Papillon, judge Katalin Radvanzsky from Hungary
Halsakots Someone Is On Fire: Exc1 and CAC
Got beaten for the cacib and reserve by the champion males, but I am very pleased with him, Dolli is maturing into an amazing papillon and man oh man this boy can MOVE and he is steady. He will only get better :)

2/9 Italian Grehounds judge Marina Ostrowskaya from Russia
Caeles Time To Go: Exc2, res-cac
Caeles Shooting Star: VP-1, BOB puppy
Caeles It's Showtime: Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB ==> Luxembourg Champion

I am so thrilled with this result, I had a goal.. I wanted to win BOB in Luxembourg and yesterday Penny did it and finished her championship!

Many thanks for the support and nice words about my dogs, I really appreciate it, means a lot to me.

27.8.2012 Shownews

This weekend I went to the international show in Rottedam, this is one of the best Dutch shows, a favorite for many. Group 9 and 10 were on separate days, I only had Penny entered on saturday and Dolli on sunday and we had a blast and great results:)

IGs Saturday 25/8, judge Ann Ingram (breed and group)
Ch Caeles It's Showtime: exc1, Cac, Cacib, BOB and ended the day going Group 2nd!!

Papillon, Sunday 26/8 judge Walter Jungblut
Halsakots Someone Is On Fire, Exc1, res-cac, res cacib but he will get the full cac

This photo was taken by Ron Baltus shortly after Penny won the breed. On sunday I got great news that her international championship has been confirmed by the FCI :)

Miles was also at a show in Sweden this weekend:
Backamo, Swe. Judge Åge Gjetnes
Ch Caeles How U Doin' : Exc1, Cac, BOB and new Swedish Champion!!
Miles and his owner Iris could not stay for the group

6.8.2012 Donaueschingen Sighthound Festival

What a weekend, and what a show!
For several years I have been dreaming about going to the sighthound festival in Donaueschingen, Germany. It is a double show, all sighthounds saturday and sunday with one of the days awarding the title "Donaueschingen Winner" .

This is a very prestigious show, the biggest sighthoundshow in Europe and attracts visitors and exhibitors from all over Europe.

This year this show hosted the annual German saluki speciality, and as they always do in Germany on a breed speciality show there is an opening ceremony where all the salukis gathered with their owners and walked in the ring, there were over 100 salukis entered, highest entry ever in Germany and to see all those salukis come in was incredibly impressive.

Just before they all walked in the ring, the show had organized a special opening ceremony that was so breathtaking and left many speechless with goosebumps and tears in their eyes, I was certainly breathless when the music started in in the ring, FULL SPEED came a saluki running ahead of a rider on an arab horse all dressed up for the show, it was so amazing and I have never literally seen something so beautiful that I forgot to breathe for a few seconds!

I am sure there will be videos posted from this, I can't describe how amazing it was to see this.

Saturday was the big day where the title Donaueschingen Winner was awarded to the best male and best female. Also Best junior male and female got the junior winner title and veterans got the veteran winner title.

There were 32 IGs entered under judge Marie Gadolin from Sweden with entries from Italy, Austria, Sweden, Germany and of course us :)

Joey; Ch Caeles Magical Mr Mistoffelees got Exc1, Veteran cac (from both the sighthoundclub and the KC) the title Vet.Winner-Donaueschingen 2012 and ended the day being BOB veteran!
On the table

Getting a new title :)

Competing for BOB

BOB & BOS Veteran, new Veteran Winners :)

In the group where he showed like the pro he is :)

Ira; Ch Alfheim's All Things Considered: Exc4 in Champion class

Ch class males

On the table

4th place

Emil; Caeles Time To Go Exc2 in Open class and later picked for the reserve cac.

On the down and back


Penny: Ch Caeles It's Showtime: Exc1 in Championclass, Best female, Winner Donaueschingen 2012 & ended the day by going Best of Opposite to Ch Py's Lemetto from Sweden.
Now Penny can add yet another title to her name, I am so proud!

Champion class Females

Winning champion class

Best female, getting a new title :)

BOB Ch Py's Lemetto and BOS Ch Caeles It's Showtime

On saturday evening, the show had organized a special event called the Eukanuba super best in show. In order to take part in that even the dog had to have won a group 1st on an international show, or won BIS at a sighthound speciality. Naturally I entered Emil since he won BIS in Munster earlier this year.

All the participants got numbers, and then they had someone drawing numbers pairing 2 and 2 to go in against each other. We got a little ribbon, red or yellow and the 5 judges had red and yellow cards that they showed the color of the dog they wanted to continue.
I tried to keep calm and not let my nerves get the best of me, and finally it was our turn to go in. We got the red ribbon so we went in first, I was getting so nervous that I don't even remember what breed we went up against!
Anyhow, in we went and the crowd went crazy, Emil got lots of supporters and we did a little circle and then stacked and waited for the other dog to do the same. The judges just looked at the dogs, then we moved once more and stacked and then it was time to let the judges show their cards...

"3-2-1"... I didn't dare to look up but I did anyway and there it was 4 red cards!! Emil was through to the next round, I couldn't believe it.

So next round comes up and I say to myself " I am sure they will draw my number and Murphy's number" .. Murphy is a name most afghan people know, he's otherwise known as MultiBIS, MultiCh Jacosta Gold But Not Copper... of course, we had to go up against him in the 2nd round and I thought to myself now all the cards will be yellow (we got red ribbon again) so in we went, crowd started cheering for Emil again, stacked..

.. Emil started to be a bit tired.. and then we went another round, stacked again and "3-2-1" and the result was 3 yellow cards and 2 red so Murphy got the go ahead for the 3rd round, and Emil and I got a wonderful big rosette and got to go one more round to show off under the cheers of the crowd. It felt good and I was happy that out of the 5 judges 2 of them actually picked Emil!

-you all have to remember that Emil was sold as a pet, and I got him back 6 months ago and to have gone this far and participated at such a prestigious event, going head to head against very well known dogs is just amazing. I am a very proud breeder after this weekend.

Sunday, 6/8 had an entry of 21 IGs, with 3 that did not attend. Judge was Mr Norm Strathdee from Australia.

Joey was again BOB veteran, got another CAC (from the sighthoundclub and KC) and I learned that he only needs one more of each to become German Veteran Champion so I guess we'll have to find a show for him to finish that title.

It got a little bit cold and cloudy when the IGs went in, Joey wasn't too happy about it

BOB Veteran

Ira WON the champion class :)

Champion class

On the table

Showing off


Winner of the Champion class

Emil had the same result as the day before, 2nd in open class with the reserve

Emil: "ok are we done now"

and last but not least Penny had a great day again, winning the champion class and going best bitch and BOS, this time to Valerio Dei Raggi Di Luna.

Champion class

on the move (with our setup in the background)

On the table:

Best bitch

BOB Valerio Dei Raggi Di Luna & BOS Ch Caeles It's Showtime

I had a really nice weekend, got sunburned, met new friends, met old friends, saw some amazing dogs. All in all, this is something to repeat next year for sure! Crossing fingers for good judges already :)

1.8.2012 Shownews from last weekend

In Norway:
Caeles When U Wish Upon A Star started her showcareer with a bang going BOB puppy and winning group 2nd under Mr Henrik Johansson, Swe.

In Ransäter, Sweden Ch Eugenios Mrs Robinson won CACIB and BOB under Mrs Ewa Nielsen. With this win Ninni got her final CACIB and can now add yet another title to her name, International Champion !

22/7 Liege, Belgium
Ch Caeles It's Showtime won BOB under Mr. A. Zhuk and got a group 3rd under Mr F. Asnagi from Italy.

18.7.2012 Bling's back in the ring

8/7: Ch Topaasin Bling Bling was shown at the Hungarian Sighthound speciality a few weeks agowhere she repeated last years success by going BOB under Mrs B. Piesik.

15.07.2012 CACIB Szombathely, Hungary / 12 IG:Billy, Caeles Timing Is Everything won the CAC, CACIB and BOB !! Way to go team Billy !!

25.6.2012 Phoenix

Got this photo of Phoenix the bichon, it's from the champion of champions gala in Brussels, in november 2011 where he was the only bichon. It was a great honor to be qualified to this once in a lifetime show :)

16.6.2012 Happy birthday Joey

The one and only Joey is 10 years old today. He is my first italian greyhound and what an influence he's had on me and changed my life!
I am so lucky to have gotten him as my first and we've had some great years, with many more to come.
Today Joey went with us to the town market, he got to pick a toy from the pet shop and then we went and bought him a steak since this is a big day. Joey shared his steak with his friends in the house, and we have some leftovers for a little night snack.

Not to forget his sons and daughters from the "phrases" litter share his birthday and are 4 years old today. Happy birthday Flame, Maggie, Miles, La-la & Lori.

12.6.2012 Elmo

I have been struggling hard with Elmo and his weight, no matter what I have tried he just doesn't loose the weight he needs to be in good, healthy shape.

I had checked his thyroid levels a few years back and they had come back normal, so I knew that wasn't the problem at the time.

This year Elmo will be 7 years old so I took him to the vet to have his blood checked and just a routine health check, plus they have been very successful with putting dogs on a diet plan so I swallowed my pride, told myself that I have tried and failed and now it was time to go to the professionals.

Since I was having his blood tested I asked to check thyroid levels again, and yesterday I got the results.
He has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, so there's my answer for why he just does not loose the weight and gains very easily.
Today I will pick up his medicine, yesterday I got new food for his diet. My dogs eat eukanuba maintence for small breeds and do well on that, but for Elmo it is way to fatty so he's switched to hill's r/d weight loss and now we are on the road to recovery.

I have notified those who have used Elmo for breeding. Since this can be something that is inherited, although we don't know it for sure.

For those who are reading this and have an Elmo offspring, or even a grandkid, I recommend that you go to the vet when the dog is 3 years or older and ask for a bloodcheck for thyroid. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Here's the main man, on the scale, Elmo on his day 1 on the road to a healthy lifestyle :)

11.6.2012 BIG news

Still smiling from yesterdays show, I'm so happy and so proud and so grateful.

Lommel, BE

Papillon, judge Mr J-F Vanaken
Halsakots Someone Is On Fire; cac, BOB :)

(photo G. De Grauwe, from the papillon speciality)

Italian Greyhounds, judge Mr J. Ryk, Pl, group judge Mrs R. Reyniers
Caeles Time To Go: exc2, res-cac
Caeles It's Showtime: Exc1, cac, BOB & BIG 1 !!

For those that don't know, this is the first time I handle a dog to a group win, and to experience it with my own homebred girl feels truly amazing!
Penny is such a fantastic IG and standing on the top of a podium suits her well.

Another note is that the "time litter" counts 2 group winners and 1 Best In Speciality Show winners ! out of a litter of 5 I'd say that is excellent results, and these guys are just over 2 years of age with the whole future ahead!

Many thanks to the judges who have recognized her qualities, she's just getting started ;)

4.6.2012 Shownews, Iceland

At the summershow in Iceland the bichons Dolly and Phoenix who were my special guests last year did great:

Royal Frise Dolly Doll: Exc1, cac, BOB
Ch PaRay's Vogelflight o'The Phoenix: Exc1, BOS

Congrats to their owners, I hope someone took photos that I can post here :)

4.6.2012 Dolli the papillon!

I haven´t introduced our newest member of the gang, Dolli the papillon.

Dolli is "Halsakots Someone Is On Fire" and is bred and owned by my very very good friend Ásta. He has a very interesting pedigree combining some of Ásta´s most instrumental dogs in her breeding program making Dolli super special and handsome.

Now when Ásta called me and asked if I could take him to be shown it didn´t take long to say YES, I met Ásta and her mom Jóna in Aachen, Germany where I picked him up.
I had already checked the judge list and upcoming shows to see if they wanted me to enter him already. One of those shows was the Belgian papillon & phalene speciality that just so happened to be on the deadline day when I picked him up and we all agreed on entering him and hoping he´d perhaps get his first Belgian CAC (since 1 year needs to pass between the first and last cac).
Yesterday it was time to show, our first time in the ring, at a speciality show under well respected judge J-F Vanaken.
Dolli showed great and here are the results:
Halsakots Someone Is On Fire: Exc1, CAC, BOB and finally BEST IN SHOW!!

Our sincere thanks to go the judge Mr Vanaken for his great words about Dolli, we really appreciate this win.
And to all those that came and congratulated and said nice things about Dolli, thank you all.

31.5.2012 TJ

TJ has been reserved so now all the pups are in or going to great homes :)

28.5.2012 Shownews

What a wonderful weekend. The weather has been absolutely great, sun is shining, birds are singing and we have great showresults!

26/5 Gelsenkirchen DE, 5 Igs, judge Mr Robert Blümel
Ch Alfheim's All Things Considered: Exc1, Vdh, Cac, BOS -finished German VDH (kc) and Club Championships!
Ch Caeles It's Showtime: Exc1, Vdh, Cac, BOB -finished her German Club Championship!

27/5 Arnhem NL, 12 IGs judge Mrs Van Veen-Keur
Caeles Time To Go: Exc1, cac, cacib, BOB
Caeles It's Showtime: Exc2, res-cacib (queen of reserves in Holland)

27/5 Hrušica, Slo, judge Zoran Branković
Caeles Timing Is Everything: Exc1, cac, BOB, BIG-1 - finished his Slovenian Championship!!

Ira's daughter "Utu" had a good day as well, many congrats to Sirpa and Anne:
27/5 Joensuu, Fin
Topaasin Mona Lisa Smile, was 3rd best bitch with the CAC and she finished her Finnish and Estonian Championships

Joey and Sonique's son "Pluto" had an excellent weekend in Sweden, Congrats to owners Per Arne and Jonas Rudberg:
26/5: Østerbybruk, Swe
Ch Mannequin's Quello Quando Quando, Exc1, cacib, BOS
27/5Mannequin's Quello Quando Quando, Exc1, Cacib, BOB

22.5.2012 Salzburg

I went to the World dog show in Salzburg on friday, didn't have any dogs entered and went only to watch the IGs. And still I manage to come home with a brag:)
As there was a crash between junior males and champion females I was asked to show the young and promising Fiefoerniek's Fortknox in junior class and he ended up winning his class, gaining his first title "Junior World Winner 2012", and then he went further and won BOB junior! There were around 40 juniors entered, they were judged by Mr V. Zambelli from Italy and BOB junior was judged by Mrs Lisbeth Mach.

The following day Billy (Caeles Timing Is Everything) did great at the world club show where he was best male, got the cac and the title "world club winner"! Many congratulations to Mojca who always does an awesome job with Billy and makes me very proud to be his breeder.

15.5.2012 New Champion

I am super proud to announce the newest Caeles champion Penny who gained her German (vdh) championship and her international championship on the very first try after the waiting year!
And she did it in style, she started the road to the German and International championships in Dortmund at the Europasieger show on may 7th 2011 where she debuted in the intermediate class, 15 months and 2 days old and went all the way, won her first CAC (club), VDH (double), CACIB, BOB and the Europasieger title.
Then this past weekend, sunday may 13th she did it again and won the CAC (club), VDH (double), CACIB, BOB and the Europasieger title!!
She showed like she's never shown before and I was exploding with pride.
Now we just need to "go on the hunt" for the last club cac, I thought she had them all but counted wrong so she still needs 1 to finish her German Club championship.
Dortmund National Show 11/5, judge Mrs Delabelle
Alfheim's All Things Considered: Exc1, CAC, VDH
Caeles It's Showtime: Exc1, CAC, VDH, BOB

Dortmund International Show, "Europasieger", judge Mr Sistemann
Caeles It's Showtime, Exc1, CAC, VDH, CACIB, Europasieger 2012, BOB

7.5.2012 Caeles Stargazer

TJ is looking for the perfect home due to a cancellation.
Here he is 9.5 weeks old

30.4.2012 Shownews Munster, De

Sighthound Speciality Munster, Germany. 11 IGs entered, judge Mrs B. Novac

Caeles Time To Go: Exc1, CAC, VDH, BOB, Landenssieger NRW-12 and finally BEST IN SHOW !!
Caeles It's Showtime: reserve cac, reserve vdh.. miss Penny queen of reserves.

We're on cloud 9!! Kristy did an amazing job, Emil has come a long way and was at his best today oozing breed type, attitude and that X-factor :) I am so proud.

Many thanks to Kristy for awesome handling and to the judge for appreciating Emil and his qualities.

17.4.2012 Shownews, Antwerp

Caeles It's Showtime: Exc1, res-cac, res-cacib -Penny will inherit both so now she's fully pointed for her international championship, just a couple of months more left of her waiting year :)

10.4.2012 Shownews, Holland

International show, "the easter show" Leeuwarden, NL
Judge: D. Antonopoulos, 13 IGs entered

Caeles Time To Go: Exc1, res-cac, CACIB

Sometimes I just do not understand how some judges think and prioritize faults.. bitter sweet show

3.4.2012 Shownews Luxembourg Springshow

One of my favourite shows is the Luxembourg spring and autumm shows, and on march 31st me and Lena headed torwards Luxembourg with 6 dogs and came home smiling :)

Luxembourg Spring Show, judge Damir Skok, entries: 33 (14+19)

Caeles All That Glitters: Exc1, JCAC, New Luxembourg Jr champion & Crufts qualified

Caeles Time To Go: Exc1, CAC

Caeles It's Showtime: Exc2, res-CAC (the queen of luxembourg reserves..)

Alfheim's All Things Considered: Exc4 in Ch class.

Lena came here with Vita and our co-owned Limit:

Aviendha: Exc2, res-cac
Curvy Limited Edition: Exc1, JCAC, New Luxembourg Jr Champion & Crufts Qualified

29.3.2012 New logo

We got a logo!!! Many thanks to Katarzyna Mijakowska for the beautiful design.
Check out her website to see her amazing artwork.

4.3.2012 blogging like a maniac

I put in 3 blogs today on the Puppyblog. .
I will be updating that very regularly so don't wait for me to say it's been updated as I might sometimes forget, just check the Puppyblog. straight as sometimes I'll post photos I'm taking of the puppies during the day, and of course the daily individual photos the first week + the weigh in and info about how cute and adoreable and wonderful they are smile

2.3.2012 First puppy blog

2.3.2012 The puppies have arrived

Yesterday evening Stella gave birth to 5 beautiful puppies. The majority was born before midnight so their birthday is the 1st of march:)

Everything went really well, Stella is an excellent mother and all the pups were born naturally without any help, and then they went straight to the milkbar.

there were 3 boys, fawn, cream, blue and 2 cream girls. Both girls are spoken for, I might have 1 boy available but for now I want to see how they will turn out.

2.3.2012 puppies puppies

just a little "teaser" photo.. more info will come later...

27.2.2012 Shownews

International Show Gent, BE. 18 IGs entered (16 shown)
Judge Marie Christine Delabelle (di mahana whippets)

Caeles Time To Go: Exc2
Caeles It's Showtime: Exc1, reserve cac & reserve cacib

It was a big entry at the show in Gent under sighthound specialist Mrs Delabelle with Igs from Belgium, Holland, Germany, France & Sweden. The biggest class of the day was the open class in females and I am very proud that Penny won that class.
And the big news, who is that mystery male... well it's Penny's brother, he's back with me, he was named Elmo (Jr) but it's been absolutely impossible for me to have 2 Elmo's so the Jr got his name changed a little bit and is known as "Emil".
He was entered as I wanted to see how he'd cope with the whole show situation and he did so well. Better than many well seasoned show dogs in my opinion, but there's still lots to learn so I am happy with his "excellent" rating. Just wait, he will be turning heads, he is quite stunning and very stylish.

National show, Köping, SE
Judge Kirsti Louhi, Finland
Mannequinn´s Quello Quando Quando: Exc1, cac, best male- Swedish Champion!! He is Joey´s 7th champion offspring! Congratulations to owners Per-Arne & Jonas, breeder Hans Fuchs, well done with wonderful Pluto!!
photo Camilla Fritz

International Show Reykjavik, IS
Ch PaRay´s Vogelflight o´the Phoenix: Exc1, cac, cacib, best male - Icelandic and CIB Champion!!!
Royal Frise Dolly Doll: Exc1, cac, 2nd best bitch !

I will always feel like I own at least the tails of those two so I wanted to share the news of how they did at their first show in Iceland! Congratulations to all their owners on a job well done.. we are looking into if photos were taken....

25.2.2012 Day 62

Hopefully next photos will be of Stella with her newborn pups:)

20.2.2012 Stella

We will have puppies very soon:) this sunday it was 8 weeks from the first mating

20.2.2012 Shownews Norway

11.2 National show Letohallen:
Curvy Limited Edition: Exc1, Cac, BOB & BIG-3 !! Well done Limit, 13 months old!

19/2 International Show, Bø i Telemark
Ch Eugenios Amenhotep (Elmo-Ninni): exc1, Cac, Cacib & BOB ! Congrats Tone, way to start the year with Hottie!!

4.2.2012 Eindhoven show

International Show Eindhoven
Judge H. Assemacher-Feijel, DE . Entries 3 + 4

Ch Caeles How U Doin' : Exc1, cac, cacib + BOB
Curvy Limited Edition: Exc1, junior cac, reserve-cac

We had fun in Eindhoven, this was Miles last show in Holland as he is going to his co-owner in Sweden shortly. No worries, he will be back to finish what he started, just 1 cac left for the Dutch championship and 1 cac for the Belgian championship. He's got more than enough cacib's and is just in the waiting year for the international championship. We were thrilled to see him get BOB under highly respected judge Mrs Hassi Assemacher-Feijel. As always Miles was handled to perfection by Kristy :)

We also had a special visit from Norway, "Limit" came over with Lena to go to the show and she got her very first junior cac, and ended up 2nd best bitch. Not bad for a year old girl, she looks absolutely stunning I can tell you that. I know she will make heads turn in the near future :)

29.1.2012 At home :)

We decided to take it easy in the new year and haven't entered to some of the shows we've usually gone to in the beginning of the year, instead we've stayed at home and relaxed, had lots of sofa time, taken advantage of the mild winter and gone for walks now that my knee is finally healed after my surgery and just had fun.
I thought that this year I will try to share more at home and out and about photos, it's not all about showing.. most of the time this is what we do:

And here's a little teaser.....:)

29.1.2012 Stella is back

We had a 1 day roadtrip driving aprox. 600 km one way to Obernzenn to pick up Stella from her holiday at knl Della Casa Pulcinella.
Stella is in great shape, she obviously loved it there.. what dog wouldn't you can basically open the door and no leash needed as there are just fields and hills to run and play in!

That was fun, we stopped for an hour or so, took some photos, met Houdini who is a very promising son of Miles and then drove back:)

Here's a new photo of Stella, 4 weeks after the first mating.. we are hopeful:)

And here's Houdini Della Casa Pulcinella :) 6 months old, handsome little boy

15.1.2012 First shows of the year

While I stayed at home, the caeles flag was carried high in Ljubljana & Nurnberg.

14/1 International Show Ljubljana, judge Andreja Nova/k
Caeles Timing Is Everything, Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB & BIG-3

14/1 (afternoon show)Sighthound Speciality, judge Marion Finney
Caeles Timing Is Everything, Exc1, CAC .

15/1 International Show Ljubljana, Slovenian Winner, judge Alenka Pokorn
Caeles Timing Is Everything: Exc1, CAC, CACIB, Slovenien Winner 2012, BOB

Congratulations Mojca with your prince!!

Nurnberg, cac show. Judge Ute Lennartz
Caeles Time Of My Life: Exc1, CAC, VHD-cac, BOB !
Twan-San-Yen Excel Mio Amico Gucci: Exc1, VDH-cac, reserve-cac

Congratulations Dorothe with Cookie, and many thanks for entering and showing Stella:)

Dorothe & Cookie:


Tartu, Estonia 14/1 judge Kitty Sjong, DK
Topaasin Mona Lisa Smile: Exc1, CAC, BOS

Tartu, Estonia 15/1 judge Marie Pedersen, DK
Topaasin Mona Lisa Smile, Exc1, CAC, BOB

"Utu" is Ira's beautiful black daugther :)

photo Jane Jaggo
Congrats to Sirpa and Anne, Utu is beautiful:)

10.1.2012 Stella

Stella has been mated with Ufo :) We are hoping for puppies in feb/march

8.1.2012 2011 summary

January: Although Ch Eugenios Amenhotep is not a caeles dog nor mine, I still like to put his brags here because I own his father and co-owned his mother (and own her father). He started the year out with a bang at the My Dog show in Gothenburg winning, it was a 3 day show and he won the CAC on all the days in tough competition gaining his Swedish and Norwegian championships on the 3rd day when he became BOB and BIG-5!
His half sister Simply Heurekas Cassandra became German Junior champion that same weekend.

In Mouscron Ira won the reserve cacib that later was turned into a full cacib and thus fulfilled his international championship!

February: We decided that Phoenix would stay a couple of months longer, and Miles came back from the USA.
I went to the Rheinberg show in Germany and had a good weekend there. Phoenix won BOB and became Rheinlandsieger 2011, and Dollar got the cac and r-cacib wich was turned into a full cacib.

March: a month with no shows..

April: One of my favorite shows, the Luxembourg spring show, I got 2 new champions that weekend, Phoenix the bichon and Casper the toy poodle, man I was happy!
Phoenix got his 3rd Dutch cac in Leeuwarden and the cacib of course and was awarded BOB.

May: That was a good month, Ch Eugenios Amenhotep won BOB and Eugenios Posh Spice (Joeydaugther) was BOS at a local show in Norway, the next weekend at the international show in Kristiansand Ch Eugenios Amenhotep was BOB with cacib and his mother Eugenios Mrs Robinson was BOS with cacib needing just one more cacib for the international championship.
In Slovenia Caeles Timing Is Everything became Slovenian Junior champion.
Joeys daughter Americca Di Casa Ricca won BOB and BIG-2!
And then there was Dortmund, 2 day show, Ch Alfheim's All Things Considered won the cac and r-cacib (but it was turned into a full cacib). His daugther Penny upped her father by winning best bitch, cac, cacib (just 15 months old) got her Europasieger title and ended the day by going BOB and was shortlisted in a tough group!
In Wieze Casper was best male with cac and Phoenix won another BOB.
Then it was time for Oss, Phoenix won the cac, cacib and BOB and thus finished his Dutch championship. Miles had his debute and got his first cac and cacib and was best male while Penny got the reserve cacib (wich has been turned into a full cacib).
Penny's brother Billy had success as well getting cac, cacib and BOB in Austria and next weekend cac, BOB and BIG-3 in Croatia.

June: At the international show in Drammen Ch Eugenios Amenhotep strikes again and wins BOB and BIG-4 under IG specialist Rudi Brandt (knl Frontrunners). His dam Ninni was 3rd best bitch and Joeys daughter Pernille was 2nd best bitch.
Then it was time for the Norwegian IG Speciality, our very own Kari-Anne was judging and she made Curvy Limited Edition who I co-own, BIS puppy and best in show movement.
Caeles Timing is Everything won another cac, cacib and BOB in Croatia!
Phoenix also got yet another cac, and cacib at the show in Arnhem.
At the Norwegian Sighthound speciality weekend Curvy Limited Edition was BIS puppy, the other day Eugenios Ready Steady Go was BIS puppy (she is Ninni's daugther)
Caeles Timing is Everything kept on going, cac, cacib, BOB and BIG-4 in Austria.
At the sighthound show in Luxembourg Miles got the cac and was best male and Penny got the reserve cac.

July: I went to the show in Echt, nl with Casper and he won the cac, cacib and ended up being best male but the best thing is that he became a Dutch Champion!!!!
I went to the world winner show in Paris, Miles was shown in a HUGE open class and was shortlisted, Penny was 3rd in a HUGE junior class, Abby was 3rd in puppy class and Joey was BOB veteran and added a new title to his name, world veteran winner 2011!
Miles went on a roadtrip with Kristy, he came back home as a Croatian Champion, he won BOB 3 out of the 4 days (he missed the competition for BOB on the last day as Kristy was in the ring with the poodles) and he was even BIG-2 under respected judge Frank T. Sabella!
I showed Casper and Joey in Liege, Casper got the reserve, yes people he is either king of reserves or he's king of “best of opposite”. But he did get an unofficial title “Golden challenger 2011” Joey was BOB veteran and in the big ring he ended up going Best in Show 3 veteran!!

August: I got the news that Elmo had a new champion offspring, namely Eugenios Tut-Ankh-Amon At Soltar's, he became Finnish Champion and Elmo's 6th champion offspring.
Bling went to Hungary, at her first show she won the cac and was BOB, at her second set of shows she won cac, cacib and BOB both days and finished her Hungarian and International Championships!!
Miles was shown in Mechelen where he got his first Belgian cac, cacib and ended the day going best male, his sire Joey was BOB veteran:)

September: European Winner show and I had Miles and Penny, Miles placed 2nd in open class while Penny placed 4th, and Penny's brother Billy was 2nd in his class. Of course I would like to one day get the title at these shows, but at big shows like this where the competition is fierce, being placed is an achievement I should not ignore or think is bad so I was happy. Same day at the PDC club show Phoenix was best male and club winner and Dolly the bichonpup was BIS-3 baby!
At the international show in Maastricht Caeles All That Glitters was shown for the first time and he was best male puppy, Miles got the reserve this time and Caeles The Knockout got the junior cac.

October: This month started just great, at the international show in Zwolle Miles won cac, cacib and BOB !! Sunny got the junior cac

November: I got great news from Brazil, Ring went to his first set of shows and won several BIS junior placements, I am still learning how the system works there to come with more precise updates but it is my understanding that he won 3 times BIS junior and 3 times BIS-3 junior.
Then it was time for the Luxembourg Autumm show, another favourite. Miles got the cac and r-cacib (will be changed to full) and became Luxembourg Champion!! Joey was BOB veteran and became Luxembourg Veteran Champion, Penny got another reserve, was again beaten by the same bitch that beated her at the sighthound show earlier that year, we'll try again. Sunny was also 2nd in his class.
But, but, but.. Sunny and Penny joined forces and with Kristy holding the leashes they won BIS-
brace and got a gigantic trophy!
We went to the sighthound show in Kortrijk where Sunny was BOB and BIS-3 junior, he even got his very first title CRBL-KBWC junior Winner . Penny has been all about the reserves this year and won the res-cac (after a lovely English bitch) and Miles won BOB and BIS-8 (yep they placed all 13 sighthounds) and he became CRBL-KBWC Winner.
Sunny and Penny competed in best brace again and won again BIS-2!
The next day at the international show Miles took the reserves (but will inherit the cacib) and Penny won the cac, cacib and was best female. In Croatia her brother Billy was shown at the Zagreb Winner show where he got the cac, cacib, won BOB and became crufts qualified and a Croatian Champion!!!!
Phoenix and Dolly the bichons were entered to their last show before going to Iceland, the Amsterdam Winner show. Phoenix won the cac, cacib and was best male and Amsterdam Winner 2011 and Dolly was BOB puppy!

8.1.2012 2012