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7.1.2014 Amsterdam Winner Show

The last show of 2013 for me was the Amsterdam Winner Show. I only showed on Saturday, and did quite well.

Ch Freetains Kick Cafe Rizzoretto, Exc1, cac, cacib, BOB -> Amsterdam Winner-13

Up And Down's Oh lili: Exc 1 -> Amsterdam Junior Winner -13

Chinese Crested
Inya Dreams Not Just A Pretty Face. Exc2 

21.11.2013 Kortrijk 2x cacib show

Last weekend I went to Kortrijk, just 1 dog this time.

Saturday, chinese crested judge A. Schemel
Inya Dreams Not Just A Pretty Face: Exc1, BOB Junior

Sunday, Judge J-F Vanaken
Inya Dreams Not Just A Pretty Face, Exc1, BOB junior

20.10.2013 Titus

19.10.2013 Coming up............

Keep an eye out here tomorrow as I have some very exciting and special news.

19.10.2013 Dolli in Russia

I got great news from Russia last weekend.

Dolli, Halsakots Someone Is On Fire went to his first show with Irina and got his first CAC there and was BOB! 

Well done Irina and Dolli, keep it up :)

19.10.2013 Luna

Luna went to Norway with Lena after the show in Luxembourg.
She will stay there for a while, enjoying the Norwegian woods and fields, Lena's big garden and while there she is going to go to a few shows.

On Sunday the 13th, it was time for her very first Norwegian show and what a debut!

Italian Greyhounds, judge breed: Yochai Barak, Israel, group: Rodi Hubental
Caeles Shooting Star, Exc1, CAC, BOB & BIG 2 !

What a way to start in Norway! Even if it was "just" a small show in Letohallen, I am really proud of her! 

big congrats to Lena who also had the BOS, Curvy Don't Stop Me Now, who is a son of our Ira :)

Thanks to Gro, the owner of Luna's sister Wish for the photo .

19.10.2013 Douai show, France

Last weekend I went to Douai in France. It is a show I have always wanted to go to, but hadn't until now.
Fun show, nice rings. The big ring is perhaps a little bit much for dogs with no experience, but they sure put on a show!

On Saturday I showed Justin and Limit and here are our results:

Chinese Cresteds, judge Zola Rawson
Inya Dreams Not Just A Pretty Face: Very promising, BOB puppy and BIS 3 puppy!! 
What a great start for Justin, his first indoor show and he did so well!

Italian Greyhounds, judge Lisbeth Mach
Ch Curvy Limited Edition: Exc1, BOB 
-since I am not going for the French title on Limit, I entered her in champion class where they cannot compete for the cac. 
Limit did really well and showed really well both in the breed ring and the big ring.

I hope to get some photos next week.

6.10.2013 Incoming... outgoing

We had to say bye bye to some and hello to others...

After the show in Luxembourg we had to say bye bye to Prince who went back home to his owner. 
While here Prince got his first CACIB, he got cac's in Luxembourg and Germany although sparingly shown. 

But we did not go empty handed back home, as "Justin" took Princes place, he's a chinese crested powderpuff as well, black and white, almost 8 months old now. I am really excited about this boy, he's got some great features :)

Then we said welcome to Limit, who I co-own with her breeder Lena. 
Limit is a daugther of Ira and will be staying here to do some shows.

last weekend we also said goodbye to Dolli who went to Russia to be shown and meet some ladies :) I am sure he will do great there with Irina Dar and make his breeder Asta proud.
While Dolli was with me he put these titles to his name:
Dutch, Belgian, Luxembourg Champion
Amsterdam Winner 2012, Brussels Winner 2012, Europasieger 2013, Belgian Winner 2013
He won Specialty Best in Show and he is a group winner
Dolli has started his German championship, and I hope to get him back to finish that one.
He also has more than enough cacibs for his international title, just can't finish until November but I am sure Irina will have no problems finishing that one:)
I am really proud of what I achieved with Dolli, he has a special place in my heart and I hope to get a papillon as great as him someday again.

Gloey will be leaving me very soon, she was also supposed to go last weekend the day after Dolli, but due to some inconsistency in what paperwork was needed, she's staying here until we figure that out and then she's off to new adventures.
She won BIS puppy while with me and became Luxembourg junior champion.
She just needed 1 win in juniorclass in both Belgium and Netherlands for her jr championships there but since she was going, she was not entered to any more shows here.
Gloey is going with another puppy to her new owner, he is also a papillon and his name is Klettur, so he's staying here as well until they are ready to leave together :)

Gloey was shown a thte double international show in Maastricht, NL last weekend where she won the junior class both days and got the reserve CAC both days, on Sunday she inherited the full cac .

Klettur was also shown both days in Maastricht, in baby class where he won BOB baby both days.

Dolli was shown only on Saturday, and got the reserve cac/ib.

15.9.2013 Luxembourg Fall Show

Last weekend we went to the international show in Luxembourg.

Papillons: Mr J-F Vanaken:
Halsakots Someone Is On Fire: Exc2, res-cac => inherits the cac and becomes Luxembourg Champion
Halsakots Sweet Dreamz With a Deadline: Exc1 => Luxembourg Jr Ch

Bichon, Mr Boris Chapiro
Royal Frise Ginger Bazooka: Exc2, res-cac

Italian Greyhound, Mr E. Sistermann
Caeles Time To Go, Exc2, res-cac
Caeles It's Showtime, Exc2, res cac

-Lena came over and her 2 Ira kids did well:
Curvy Don't Stop Me Now: Exc1, Lux Jr Ch & BIS 3 junior out of all the males
Curvy I Want it All: Exc1, Lux Jr Ch

-as you can see... this was the weekend of reserve cac's on the adults and junior ch on the youngsters. 

We said goodbye to Prince who went home with his owner/breeder Sida who also came to the show and won the cac/cacib on her Standard poodle "Huffish Made For The Headlines". 

We have 2 new visitors, introduction on them will come shortly :)

The smart person that I am.. forgot the camera in the hotel room on Saturday, and on Sunday at the show I realized I had left it on so it was out of batteries, meaning we have no photos this time.

21.8.2013 Leuven International Show

Dolli showed great at the international show in Leuven 2 weeks ago, originally we weren't going to enter him, but he's in great shape, looking good and from what I had heard about the judge, I thought he'd appreciate Dolli for his qualities... and he did. Dolli won BOB, and then he went on to win a group 1st ! 

Needless to say I was smiling ear to ear, this is Dolli's first group win on an allbreed show, and it's also the first time I show a dog to win group 9 so I was really proud to be so lucky to get such a great dog to show, I have believed in him since he was a puppy, I put a lot of work in him since I got him and it's paying off. Just love him to pieces, he is so great, and he just keeps getting better as he gets older, like fine wine.

There where 10 papillons entered, and the judge was Mr R. Vanhoenacker for both breed and group.

20.8.2013 Miles

Caeles How U Doin' , "Miles" went to the vet today and had his knees checked officially by a Swedish KC certified vet and they are still 0/0, and his eyes where checked as well and are clear! Miles is 5 years old so this is great news!!

23.7.2013 News from Poland

Caeles Reach For The Stars has been doing well in Poland with his owner Marta.
He has already become Polish Junior Champion and has already won his first CACIB :)

He is a small, very nicely balanced boy, reminds me of Stella but a much better version ;)

23.7.2013 Liege, Golden Dog Trophy

Had a fantastic time at the Golden Dog Trophy show in Liege, Belgium. 
Only had Penny with me but boy did she make me proud :)

Caeles It's Showtime, exc1, cac, cacib, BOB & BIG 2 !!!

It really made me happy to get comments from both the breed and group judge about how lovely Penny is and what qualities she has, judges that knew the breed and it's hallmarks and as a breeder I really appreciated those comments.
Penny was ON in the group, showed wonderfully and I was so proud as the owner/breeder/handler. She's a very special girl.

23.7.2013 German IG specialty 7/7

I went to Darmstadt, in Germany to participate in the German IG specialty show, "Jahresieger 2013" where IG specialist Mrs Anna Marshall (Tamoretta, UK) was judging.
I had a great day, went home with a big smile and the drive didn't feel as long as it was (4 hours). Now I did get a massive sunburn because I forgot to bring sunblock... but that's the price I pay, and that's fine by me :)

Emil "Caeles Time To Go" won the open class, and got the full VDH and the reserve CAC.

Luna "Caeles Shooting Star" surprised me BIG time.. I had entered her "just because", figured it was great training for her, and since I was going anyway I might just as well take her... well, well, well..
she goes on and wins intermediate class, gets the full VDH (every class winner gets that one) and then she goes on and wins the CAC, she was not quite done as she also took the title! Jahresieger 2013 and to top the day off she was shortlisted for best head, and then she won Best in show movement!!! 
How awesome is that! my silly girl who was just in for the training shows her ass off, and wins over Penny!!

Penny "Caeles It's Showtime" won the champion class

Here are Penny and Luna competing for the "JAS-2013" title

BOB went to Houdini Della Casa Pulcinella, who won from the intermediate class! He is a son of Miles (Caeles How U Doin') so it all stayed in the family :)

And best head actually went to a daugther of Billy (Caeles Timing Is Everything) So all in all, it was a fab day :)

23.7.2013 Genk 30/6

International Dogshow, Genk, BE

Halsakots Someone Is On Fire: Exc1, cac, cacib, BOB and shortlisted amongst the last 5 in the group ring.

Bichon: Royal Frise Ginger Bazooka, Exc1 and became Belgian Jr Champion. Was shortlisted in the big ring for BIS junior.

Bichon, Papillon and gr 9 where all judged by Mr Jean-Francois Vanaken

23.7.2013 Tånga Hed 15/6

At the sighthound specialty in Tånga Hed, Sweden Miles (Ch Caeles How U doin' ) won BOB under judge Ian Rasmussen from Australia.

Well done Iris and Miles :) Very proud of you.

16.7.2013 coming up..

plenty of good news coming online tonight hopefully. It's just a bit to hot during the day now to work on the computer.

27.6.2013 RIP Elmo

I did not think I would be putting in this sort of announcement anytime soon for Elmo.
I really don't know what to say, I am so sad about this. I had placed Elmo in a new home as he and Joey did not get along and I wanted them both to enjoy their golden years as oldies and not having to be separated at all times as my dogs have full access, and can go in and out as they please.
He had been in his new home for about 2 months, and then he got sick. (for those with Elmo offspring, no worries, nothing hereditary), his caretaker (as I was still his registered owner) did not inform me of his illness, nor his euthanization. It was not until I wrote to ask how things where going, that I got the news, almost 2 weeks after this had happened, so I have very mixed feelings about this. I am mad, I am sad, I am feeling down. I have lost hope a little bit in trusting others. 
Being a breeder is hard, keeping several dogs can be hard, and sometimes some dogs in the pack just don't get along. I don't rehome dogs "just because" , but having good people who can take a youngster, an older one, one to co-own or whatever trust is a crucial part of a future relationship and ownership or co-ownership. 
I have chosen to grow stronger from this experience, I will try not to linger, I am grieving the loss of a great dog, a special guy, a wonderful character, a wonderful producer, a fun dog to live with. 

I will never forget Elmo, and I will always be thankful to Tony and Arie for letting my buy him, he holds a special place in my heart. A piece of my heart is now missing, but I will fill it with great memories of Elmo, there are plenty of those.

24.6.2013 Clepnaco, papillon/phalene club specialty

This is where it all started with Dolli last year. Where he got his first cac, and now, over a year later he's collected quite a few cac's and titles here and there and on Sunday, at the Belgian papillon and phalene club specialty he won best male in really great quality competition and his crowning cac for his Belgian championship!

I am very proud of what I have achieved with Dolli so far, and he's just 2.5 years old. 

And here's the surprise.... when I came back home from Denmark.. I left there with 3 dogs, came back with 5. Now Penny was one as I was picking her up, but then Gloey came with me as well as arrangements fell through and circumstances changed... and little Gloey comes from Iceland so she could not simply go back home. 
She is a total sweetheart, little miss attitude, a female version of Dolli, she's got that same carriage as Dolli on the move that I really love.

When we knew she would be coming home with me, we decided to enter her to the specialty, and little miss Gloey won Best puppy in show! 

24.6.2013 Health checks

Several dogs have had some health checks done:

Ch Alfheim's All Things Considered: Eyes - Free from all hereditary diseases

Caeles Defining Moments: Eyes-Free from all hereditary diseases and patellas 0/0

Caeles Let's Get Ready To Rumble: Eyes -VD, otherwise free from all hereditary diseases.

Caeles Time To Go: Eyes- little VD on left eye, otherwise free from all hereditary diseases, Hips - OK (not official so no official score), patellas 0/0

24.6.2013 Road trip

15-16/6 International Dogshow, Vejen DK

Papillons, judge James Newman, IR (breed specialist)
Halsakots Someone Is On Fire: 1Exc, res-cac, res-cacib, 2nd best male

Italian Greyhounds, judge L. De Ridder, BE
Caeles It's Showtime, 1exc, Cac, Cacib, BOB --> Danish Champion
(in pouring rain!!) 

Papillon & phalene club show, judge Linda Mills, IR

Halsakots Someone Is On Fire: 2Exc, 4th best male

Ch Magnolise Tiago For Spinillons: 1Exc, Cac, BOS --> Danish Champion

I am very happy with the results I got on this trip. Would of course have wished for the cac on Dolli, but.. we will just have to try again.
Thrilled to have Penny back, she's in super shape, Sida really took great care of my princess :) 

31.5.2013 News from Norway

I totally forgot to mention that Limit, Curvy Limited Edition became Norwegian Champion!! 

Will put more info and photo this weekend

30.5.2013 Arnhem, NL & Wieze, BE

While everyone went to the WDS in Budapest, I stayed here and did the Arnhem Pinkstershow and Wieze Hop-show.

In Arnhem I brought only Bazooka with me and she did great, showed really well for me and got the Jr Cac, CAC and was BOB for judge Mr. P. Burema, NL

I also showed longcoated chihuahua, Lexus of Chi-roses, he won BOB from the junior class, wich also got him the jr cac and normal CAC under specialist Liliane De Ridder Onghena from Belgium.

I had to stay on Bazooka for the group, where she just went in and out, but Lex kept on and was placed 2nd, just 17 months old! Absolutely fantastic!

On Sunday I was showing in Wieze, it's a small show just around 15 minutes from my house.
After having our judges for ALL my breeds changed, and then changed again... I wasn't the most happy camper but nothing to do about that.
Dolli the papillon got a reserve cac under Mr Freddie DeClerq (who did the breed a month ago in Antwerp)
Bazooka the bichon was BOB junior and "Hop-Prinses" and shortlisted in the junior group.

Luna was 2nd in junior class with excellent under Mrs M-C Delabelle

And I showed Lex the chihuahua again and he won his class (intermediate) and ended up with the reserve CAC under Mrs D. Degryze.

12.5.2013 Dortmund, Europasieger

I went to the international "Europasieger" show in Dortmund Germany on Friday and I did not come empty handed back home.

Papillons, judge Christa Klotz, DE. 20 entered.

Halsakots Someone Is On Fire: Exc1, VDH (double), CAC, CACIB & a new title Europasieger 2013 
-and let me tell you, there was some serious competition, I am super proud.

Chinese Crested, judge Jean-Jaques Dupas, 44 entered

Inya Dreams Meet Prince Charming: Exc2, res-VDH (counts as a full point), res-CAC.

30.4.2013 Antwerpen 14/4

Antwerpen, International Show

Dolli the papillon got the reserve this time around under Mr F. Declerq

Bazooka was shortlisted amongst the top 6 in a strong junior group under Mr Vanaken.

7.4.2013 how did I forget...

I totally forgot to introduce the newest member of the gang, and his first show results! My oh my... that's how it goes, if I don't do it immediately, I forget so here goes.

We have a chinese crested powderpuff for a visit here from my friend Sida in Sweden (knl Inya Dreams). She came to the show in Groningen, and Prince stayed with me and Penny went back with her to Sweden.

On his first show with me, in Leiden Prince won the intermediate class, and got his first Cacib and the reserve-cac. Just what I wanted (well I wouldn't have said no to the full cac, but getting the cacib was the goal)

2.4.2013 Luxembourg Spring Show

This was perhaps not the most successful show for my dogs, but I didn't come home empty handed, and I was in great company and had tons of fun, learned something new, got inspired, met new people so I'm not complaining.

Chinese cresteds where judge by Mr Bill Brown-Cole, 75 entered
Inya Dreams Meet Prince Charming: exc1, cac

Papillons, Sviatlana Radziuk, 46 entered
Halsakots Someone Is On Fire: Exc3

Bichon Frise, Jean-Francois Vanaken
Royal Frise Ginger Bazooka: Exc1, Luxembourg Jr Champion

Italian Greyhounds, Barbka Novac, 44 entered
Caeles Time To Go: Exc... not placed !!
Caeles Shooting Star: Exc3

Me & Bazooka in the ring :)

9.3.2013 New title on Penny :)

4.3.2013 Groningen, NL

International "Martinidogshow", Groningen, NL

Papillon, judge A. Paloheimo (FI)
Halsakots Someone Is On Fire: Exc1, cac, cacib, BOB => Dutch Champion

Bichon Frise, judge A. Heikkinen (FI) 
Royal Frise Ginger Bazooka: Exc1, jr cac, cac, BOB

Very happy after a successful show, I went there and met Kristy and Sida and together we had 6 BOB's in group 9! 

This was Dolli's first chance of finishing his Dutch championship after becoming 27 months, and he got it.

This was Bazooka's first time out in Jr class, and we are over the moon that she's gotten her first cac and junior cac. Since we had so many BOB's we needed some help for the group and Lindsay Horenga took Bazooka in the big ring for us and did a great job :) 

19.2.2013 Someone is on fire....

Hoogstraaten, Be. International show, Judge Norman Descuymere (breed), Dirk Spruyt (group)
Halsakots Someone Is On Fire: Exc1, cac, cacib, BOB, Group 3!!

We had a great day :)

28.1.2013 Penny gains a title

Mouscron, Belgium, international show, judge J. De Cuyper, 13 IGs entered
Caeles It's Showtime: Exc1, cac, cacib, best female => Belgian Champion!! 

I am super proud, she is my first who gains the Belgian champion title. I have been close to it with other dogs but things always went a different way and I couldn't finish because of the waiting time but now Penny has it.
It was a great day in great company and it continued to dinner and some more great time.

3.1.2013 My Dog, Sweden

A great start of the year for Miles and his co-owner Iris!

My Dog International (1). Judge Arne Foss, 20 entries
Caeles How U Doin' : Exc1, Cacib, Best Male --> International Champion 

Fantastic news and great to start the year by getting an international champion. Well done Iris, I am so proud, go team Miles!!!

Congratulations to Håkan Häll on winning BOB from junior class with his homebred Marikarlos Francesca Corelli

1.1.2013 Happy new year

2012 has been a year of many ups and some downs, I made some great new friends, reached most of my goals, had “my” first group win (with my homebred girl Penny). Here I'd like to share the highlights of 2012.

We started out slow, raised the “star” litter in the beginning of the year and then the ball of success really started to roll in the summer.
♥ Miles (Caeles How U Doin') was shown at Eindhoven before going to his new home in Sweden, he won BOB. This summer he added another title to his name when he got the cac and became Swedish Champion and won BOB under Åge Gjetnes.


♥Stella (Twan-San-Yen Excel Mio Amico Gucci) went to 1 show in Germany while she was on a romantic holiday:) She won her class, got her first VDH-cac and the reserve CAC. In march she gave birth to 5 beautiful puppies who became my “star litter” where I kept Luna :)

♥Sunny (Caeles All That Glitters) was shown once in Luxembourg where he gained his Luxembourg Junior Championship before he moved to his owner in Japan.

♥Limit (Curvy Limited Edition) our co-owned girl sired by Ira did well this year with several BOB and group placements. She's got all the cac's needed for her Norwegian Championship but she's still to young.


♥Ira (Alfheim's All Things Considered): Finished his German and VDH championships and sired a litter at knl Curvy, 2 very promising pups where born and the boy “Freddie” already has a couple of puppy BOB's to brag about.


Joey (Caeles Magical Mr Mistoffelees) came out of retirement for the Donaueschingen sighthound specialty. He won BOB veteran both days, got a new title: Donaueschingen Veteran Winner 2012 :) 


♥Luna (Caeles Shooting Star) had a few outings in the show ring with her best result being BOB puppy and shortlisted in a huge puppy group in Amsterdam. She might hit the rings in the summer shows, we will see how she matures :)

♥Emil (Caeles Time To Go): came back to me in the beginning of 2012, he's done well in the show rings and won big time in Munster, Germany at a sighthound show where he went all the way and won Best in show!! Due to that win, he got to participate in the “eukanuba super best in show” at the sighthound specialty in Donaueschingen. He made it through the first round but got beaten in the second round by a top winning, multi bis winning afghan hound. I was so honored that he had qualified to participate in that event.


♥Penny (Caeles It's Showtime) had a great year. It started out very slow with lots of reserves but then she really started to show off in the rings and win. She won many best of breeds and got several group placements and I am very proud of her (and mine) first group 1 win. She won BOB at the Belgian sighthound specialty (Miles won BOB the year before) and ended the day going BIS-2!! 
She added 9 titles to her name: Luxembourg, Dutch, German, VDH & Internationa Champion and Europasieger 2012, Donaueschingen Winner 2012, crbl-kbwc winner 2012 and Brussels Winner 2012.


I have also been showing 2 other dogs:

♥Dolli (Halsakots Someone Is On Fire) came to me in June after the world dog show in Salzburg, he is a papillon and has really been doing great. At his very first show, I had entered him to the Belgian Club specialty, thought I'd scope out the competition and see how he'd show. What a day it was... the new kid in town went all the way and won best in show! Since then he's won several best of breeds, cac's in Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg and he's gotten 2 winner titles namely Amsterdam Winner 2012 (where he won BOB) and Brussels Winner 2012. He is qualified for competing at crufts as well :) 


♥Bazooka (Royal Frise Ginger Bazooka) is a bichon frise that I am lucky to get to show for her owner Madalina Popa. Bazooka was shown 3 times this year going BOB every time (in baby and puppy class) at her first show she got shortlisted in the big ring, 2nd show as Amsterdam where she won BIS-2 puppy out of a HUGE group of puppies and then in Brussels where she won BIS-3 ! What a way to start a show career! I can't wait to show her again :)

I also showed Fiefoerniek's Fortknox to BOB junior at the world dog show in Salzburg gaining his junior world winner title:) It was a big class of juniors and I am really proud of that win, Noknok has become one of my favorites and I am sure he will do well for his owner :) 

Happy new year everyone, may 2013 bring you luck, friendships and happiness

31.12.2012 :)