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Latest news

13.1.2015 UPDATES since july

I have been extremely bad with updating the website, and I need to do better, keep the website alive.
So here come a few news that have been missing since july.

21/7 This was a big day, I drove to Amsterdam to pick up our newest visitor. One of my all time favourite italian greyhounds, the one, the only Wyatt, better known as BIS BISS Can, Am, Aus Grand ChDiavolino's Why Wait ! 
It was an amazing feeling to have Wyatt in my arms the first time, and I still look at him and sometimes can't believe he's here.
Since he has too much white for the FCI standard I will not show him here, the purpose of his visit is breeding and the plan is to breed him to Penny and Luna.

3/8: Wish, Caeles When U Wish Upon A Star finished her Norwegian championship in style by going BOB in Nesbyen under judge Sean Knight. She's the 2nd ch from the star litter.

14/8: Puppies !! 4 healthy and beautiful puppies where born, the mother is Luna (Caeles Shooting Star) and the sire is Titus (Berizza Titus Andronicus, my Australian import). This litter was an accident, the original plan was to finish Luna's pending championships and then breed her to Wyatt. But , this happened, Titus got lucky and we got puppies 2 girls and 2 boys.

30/8: Luxembourg international show. I always do these shows, and we did good this time around:
Justin the powder puff won his class and got the cac.
Special guest Lara the løwchen (Kidero's Ahead Start) not only won her class, but she ended up going best of opposite, finishing her international championship and gets the benelux winner Lux 2014 title ! There was a lot of competition with over 20 løwchens ! 
And FINALLY it happened ! I have never needed so much time to finish a championship, Emil finally got the last cac for his Luxembourg Champion title ! It only took 2,5 years so this meant a lot.

6/9: Jack, Caeles Momentum wins BOB puppy in Rotterdam. We did not go in the big ring, we went home :)

15/11: Kortrijk sighthound specialty, Jack debutes in junior class, and is handled by Sida (Justin's owner, while I am showing Justin.. yep). He wins the 3 other junior males and gets his very first title Club Jr Winner ! 
16/11: Kortrijk international show: Jack does it again, wins junior class and qualifies for crufts ! Ends up as BOB junior :) 

12/12: Holland Cup, Amsterdam: Emil and Luna win their classes, Jack wins jr class, and then goes on to win best male, getting his first cac 10 months old !
14/12: Amsterdam Winner show: Almost same as Friday, Emil and Luna win their class, the judge forgets to give out the reserve cacib, Jack wins junior class and adds another title to his name Amsterdam Jr Winner, and qualifies for crufts for the second time!

I don't have any photos. Will go over the whole year in my next post, so it might become a bit repetitive here with this one and the following one. But At least I am up to DATE ON 2014, and can start 2015 :)

2.1.2015 Updates

I am slowly but steadily trying to get the website up to DATE. I added Jules in today, updated some photos, put Carl up under "available".

There are still a lot of news missing, and I am trying to go over my documents to gather up what I need to UPDATE here so the news section is up to date. I have been planning to do the blog, but I just have not had the time, it takes a long time to do all the photos and posts if it's not done immediately.

So as for this website, the new year resolution will be to keep it updated 100%. I will start with the news section, I hope I can do it this weekend completely. Then slowly go over each category and hopefully by the end of february I will have it all done and updated.

28.10.2014 "Big Carl" is looking for a home

Hello folks! My name is Big Carl and I am looking for someone who wants to spend their lives with me, feed me, play with me, try to train me wink , and just enjoy life with. 
I am a sweet boy, I love to cuddle. I am bigger than my siblings because I really like food and also because then there is even more to love.
My mommy is Luna, she is also born here in this house, and my dad he comes from Australia, where they have kangaroos ! I know I have a little kangaroo blood in me, I know how to go over the wall of my home during the night (puppy pen) and I alwasy trick my breeder, she never sees when I go over, or how I do it, that is because I am also smart.
Really I am just a perfect little puppy, with the sweetest puppy eyes that no one can say no to. I don't understand why I have not found my perfect owner/family.
So for those who think I am a good fit, talk to my breeder, she will ask some questions, and make sure you are the right fit for me, bottom line is I am going to my forever home.

I am very handsome, my breeder says that also. I've got the good looks. But because I am a big strong boy, maybe I can't be a showdog, I don't know what that is, so I don't care. is the magic adress to more information about me. We do want an introduction if my mom doesn't already know you, if you just write "hi you are so cute how much do you cost".. there will be no answer. So be serious, because I am tongue

All the best

Big Carl

1.10.2014 Available puppies

I have 2 puppies available from my current litter. Laurie the blue female and Big Carl the bigger blue male. 
Both have wonderful PERSONALITIES, they look very promising at the moment, both are very easy going compared to their siblings who are very energetic.

I will do a good update on the blog, and here, with photos. My computer has a virus or a 100 and I do absolute minimal things on it for the time being until I can sit down and save everything I need to save, and then start all over again, hopefully getting those viruses out and away.. and being more careful. That is why I have been horrible in UPDATING everythig. 
I appreciate everyone who stops by and checks on the news, and this site will be functional and come to live in the next 2 months.

For those who are interested, send me a line, , I'd prefer to keep these pups in Europe.

15.8.2014 puppies :)

We have puppies! 
Luna gave birth to 2 boys and 2 girls yesterday (14/8), all is good with mommy and kids. These puppies are sired boy my AUSTRALIAN BOY Titus. This is the first litter of both Luna and Titus.

I will start up with the puppyblog, with photos and info. For anyone who is interested, let me know.

23.7.2014 German IG Specialty "JAS 2014"

Last Saturday I drove to Hunsetten, Germany for the yearly "JAS" show (the specialty).

There where 78 IGs entered, from Germany, Holland, Belgium and France so there was competition.

I am very pleased with my results, the judge was Olaf Knauber (greyhound breeder) and he really did an excellent job, and focused on very important features that often seem to be overlooked or "forgiven" by others.

Emil repeated last year by winning the champion class and getting the reserve cac. 

Luna was 4th in a tough open class, and Penny was 4th in a tough championclass.

In both these classes the judge told the ones standing ringside that they should really look at these girls, look at their movement, this is what they are supposed to move like. I like that he SHARED this info with everyone else, as movement is an important part of our breed, and the very special movement is a breed hallmark.

I was not quite done.. I showed Jack in baby class, there where 2 others in his class, and Jack won :) Then he had to compete against his niece for BOB baby, wich he got, meaning he needed to go in one last time, for BIS baby as this is always a sighthound show, so they finish the day off with the big ring best in show.

Well Mr Wim Wellens was doing the baby BIS and I thought Jack was totally out of energy from the heat, but on that last go around, he really put everything in it, showed his little ass off and was handed the pretty rosette :) BABY BISS yay yay yay!! 

I had to run in the ring to help with the female cac competition, Fiefoerniek's For Hire was to be my friend, and guess what, she got the CAC ! :) Then I got to take her in for best female, where she lost to "Roos" Fiefoerniek's Fairy Footsteps (sister of FF Fortknox who I got the JWW title on ). Roos went on to win BOB, and then all the way she went and got BISS :)
Very well deserved win.

I had a great day, it was a looooong drive, but worth it even if I had a show the next day and wasn't home until almost midnight when I had to bath Justin.. (who was 2nd in his class on Sunday after his half brother). 

pictures will come.

9.7.2014 Penny - puppies

Unfortunately Penny came in season 1.5 month earlier than she should, the male I will use for her has been decided, for a while. 
It was too short notice to do all the arrangements, so she could not be bred during this season and will be bred in december.

I wil reveal shortly who it is. "stay tuned" ;)

9.7.2014 Luxembourg Sighthound Specialty

A bit late, but a few weeks ago I went, for the first time, to the sighthound specialty in Luxembourg. It was a lovely show and I hope to go there again next year.

No big success, Emil 3rd in his class, Luna 2nd but both got nice critiques and lovely comments from the judge, Mr Jean-Louis Grunheid.

But, I had 1 more entry little Mr Jack had his debut. I thought it would be fitting for him to debut under Mr Grunheid, as he is the breeder of Dollar, Jack's grandsire.
He had all good things to say about him, and Jack won BOB baby. He did me proud in the big ring, although he did not get picked for a placement, in my mind he was nr 1, stood like a rock, showed ears all the time and even walked pretty on the leash! What more could I have asked for :) 

16.6.2014 Shownews Erfurt

This weekend I drove 600 km (one way) to Erfurt, for a double show national+international.


Caeles Time To Go: Exc1, VDH, CAC -> Finished his VDH Championship ( VDH is the KC)
Caeles Shooting Star: Exc2, res-VDH... first time she got beaten in Germany
Inya Dreams Not Just A Pretty Face: Exc1, VDH

Caeles Time To Go: Exc1, VDH, CAC, CACIB, Landesieger Thuringen-14 --> Finished his CIB (internatinal) championship
Caeles Shooting Star: Exc1: VDH, CAC
Inya Dreams Not Just A Pretty Face: Exc1, VDH, CAC, res-cacib -Landesieger Thuringen-14

I was alone, so I didn't take my camera with me, therefore no photos.

15.6.2014 Shownews-Gelsenkirchen

Last weekend I drove to Gelsenkirchen, Germany for a sigthhound show.
We did ok, got what we came for and due to the heat, I was really happy that I didn't have to wait 2 more hours for the finals, and could drive home :)

Caeles Time To Go: Exc1, VDH
Caeles Shooting Star: Exc1, VDH, CAC

6.6.2014 DNA test results

IG owners just got lucky. We have 3 DNA tests for our breed.
FEH : Familial Enamel Hypoplasia, it means the teeth have no enamel and have a different shape, are often pointy and almost impossible to keep clean.

PRA1: Progressive Retinal Athropy, nasty eye disease 

Closed Angle Glaucoma: Another nasty eye disease

I started off with 2 dogs, sent my swabs in the day the tests became available, and the results are in.

Emil "Caeles Time To Go": PRA-IG1 = NORMAL
FEH: N/N (= normal)
Glaucoma: N/N (= normal)

Penny: Caeles It's Showtime: PRA-IG1 = Normal
FEH: N/FEH (=carrier)
Glaucoma: N/N ( =normal)¨

So what does this mean. Well Emil is normal, and can be bred to "anyone".
Penny is normal with PRA and Glaucoma, but a carrier for FEH. 
A carrier will never develope the disease, the catch is she needs to be bred to a male who is normal, N/N. 
I will not be the type who will "throw out" carriers, I think that is extremely stupid. We have a test, and I am very thankful for that. Now I know what I have, and how I can avoid it.

Heck with these tests, we can even breed dogs who are affected, as long as they are bred with clear/normal dogs, they will not produce anything other than carriers, that can then be bred to clear/normal and there will be some clear/normall and some will be carriers. 
So DNA test is a tool, it's here to help guide us and steer us away from these diseases. How to breed past them. 
It's really awesome actually. Science rocks!

The plan is to do all my dogs, hopefully by the end of the year.

-For those who have dogs from me. For those that are breeding, or have stud dogs, I would like to encourage you to have them tested, if you want info on how to do it, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

Stella will be checked, and hopefully the sires of both her litters, meaning the SATC and Star litter's can wait until we have the parent's tested and the results are in. If they are all clear, there is no need for the offspring to be tested, if they are carriers for something, then just that needs to be tested. So I will wait and see with Ziva, and Luna until Stella, Dollar and Ufo have gotten their results. 

So this is important folks! Breeding healthy dogs. So I score on everyone who reads this to go and order a test on the UC Davis website. 

4.6.2014 New photos

While in Norway we got new photos of Luna, Emil and Pia.

Nl No Ch Caeles Time To Go, 4.5 years old

Caeles Shooting Star,just over 2 years old

Curvy I Want It All, almost 2 years old

4.6.2014 Fantastic weekend in Norway

In october this year there will be 6 years since I moved from Norway to Belgium.
I have not shown in Norway since then, so it was high time for me to get back to my "origins" (= dog show origins). And what better show than Drammen International, the first KC show I attended after I moved to Norway. (where I got 2bm on Joey, and 2nd bb on Xtra and her Norwegian championship. )

I had Emil and Luna with me, and Wish (Luna's sister) and Pia (Ira's daugther) where also entered amongst the 23 IGs. 

We had a change of judges, from Tuula Plathan to Carlos Fernandez Renau, who was rather strickt and wasn't shy using the rainbow of ribbons and what grade they stand for.

As you can see in the title, it must have gone quite well since I write "fantastic weekend", and quite well it went

*Caeles Time To Go "Emil": Exc1, cac, cacib, BOB and ended the day by going BIG 4 (judge A. Macdonald). With that cac he became a Norwegian champion!

*Caeles When U Wish Upon A Star "Wish": Exc1, cac, cacib, BOS (winning her second KC cac!) Shown by her owner Gro :)

*Curvy I Want It All "Pia": Exc1, res cac, res cacib, 2. best bitch (shown by me)

* Caeles Shooting Star "Luna: Exc2 (lost the class to her sister), 3. best bitch

-so 4 dogs that I am involved in, and they all took the top placements! Thrilled with the weekend, prouder than ever, and feeling extra good about my breeding and the road that I am taking.

It was a really great weekend meeting OLD FRIENDS I haven't seen since I moved, lovely BBQ party, lots and lots of laugther, stress when we overslept on Sunday and I was at the show at 8.50 when the IGs where first in the ring at 9.00... lol I made it, thanks phone for dying so the alarms that where set did not go off, and gosh I am glad I am always so stressed about oversleeping that I actually woke up, just in time to get up and be packed in the car in 5 minutes and drive like a formula 1 race driver to get to the show!

Yes... the adventures of the 2 icelandic girls who went to Drammen... :) 

Emil BOB & Wish BOS

Group 4 :)

Norwegian Champion 

Many many, many thanks to the talented Roger Sjølstad for being at the right place at the right time with his camera :)

24.5.2014 New Champion :)

Today at the international show in Tilburg, NL under judge Mr M. Van Iersel, Emil won best male, and with that he won his crowning CAC and can now be known as Dutch Champion Caeles Time To Go .
Very proud

22.5.2014 Great news

I just received some great news regarding a step made in health testing for IGs.

We can now have a DNA test done for Familiar Enamel Hypoplasia (FEH), Primary Closed Angle Glaucoma (PCAG) and Progressive Retinal Athropy (PRA).

The FEH test has been around for a while, I hadn't had it done yet, but now I will have all 3 done on my dogs. I cannot do my dogs all at once, it's 110 USD for 3 tests, I do think it's a fair price, and it's very easy to order the test kit online. 

I do encourage everyone to use this opportunity and have their dogs tested, especially those who are breeding, or those who don't breed but have males that are available as studs. 

I have already ordered 2 kits, and my aim is to have all of my dogs checked before the end of the year. 

For those who are interested, you can read more here

Available DNA tests

Talking about health tests. UC Davis is conducting a study on autoimmune diseases in Italian Greyhounds and they do need samples from affected, and healthy IGs.
They are also looking for IGs who have calve legg perthes (like Abby was diagnosed with, I have already sent her DNA to them), CDA & megaesophagus. So I encourage everyone to PARTICIPATE, especially those who have affected dogs, or know that some of these diseases are behind their dogs as they might be carriers. 

It is important to help in these sort of studies, we now have the 3 new studies because of dogs who participated, IGs with glaucoma, PRA and FEH, along with healthy IGs. 
If it wasn't for those dogs, and their owners, we would not have these tests today. 

These tests are a great tool to use in breeding. A carrier is not a death sentence, it just means that dog needs to be MATED with a dog that has a clear status. 
Now we can work on actually avoiding these 3 diseases, well the PRA test is for 1 version of PRA, there are more types of PRA out there, but we learn as we go, and at least now we can know more about what our dogs have, and do not have, and that information is worth gold (actually it's worth 110 dollars wink )

Here is a link with information to the autoimmune study. 

DNA study

For the study, I have already sent DNA samples of all my dogs. Hoping that it will help. Like I said, they need affected dogs, as well as possible carriers and healthy IGs. 

That was my rant for the night. We love science and I greatly appreciate everyone who is responsible for actually doing these studies, offering these tests, sending DNA samples from their dogs to help.

19.5.2014 more shownews

18/5 Erkrath, Germany, sighthound specialty, 14 IGs judge Mrs Misterka-Kluska, PL

Caeles Time To Go: Exc1, vdh, res-cac
Caeles Shooting Star: Exc1,vdh, cac, BOB :)

I got some really nice photos from Mady V. Looy and Χριστίνα Κοσμας and I can't thank them enough for the lovely photos :)


-and the puppies went along for the trip, they got a lot of attention, they got tons of new experiences and they did so well and did the breed proud :)

I will do a nice big puppy blog on wednesday with lots of photos :)

17.5.2014 Shownews

Today I went to the national show in Wieze, just a 20 minute drive from my house. I had just 1 dog entered, Mr Justin the powder puff. The hope of the day was to get the first cac. He's just fresh in intermediate class, 16 months old and still maturing, but he did very well.

In Belgium they split the puffs and the hairless ones, and give each variety a cac. So in his variety, Justin won best male and got the cac. Great I thought goal acomplished :)
Still we did have to go in again, as the best puff male and female goes against the best hairless male and female for BOB. 
So in we go, against champions and the judge keeps going between Justin and one of the females, not sure if it was the puff or the hairless. 
Then he comes, shakes my hand... yay! Justin just won his first BOB ! 

I am very happy with this result on such a young dog. He got really nice comments from the other crested people, and it is very nice to hear. He is a really nice boy, and I am very excited to CONTINUE to show him. 

There where 23 hairless, and 10 puffs entered under Mr P. Lawless from Ireland.

-oh and there is an unofficial title at this show, "hopkoning" :) They used to give the ugliest statues to the winners of the cac and the winner of junior classes, but they stopped with those. They might have been ugly, but I must admit I loved getting them, and have several ;)

Be Lux Jr Ch Hopkoning-14 Inya Dreams Not Just A Pretty Face

I use and recommend pure paws. It's the best products I have tried, everyone can find what they need within their lines. 

4.5.2014 Puppies

I haven't really been good with puppy UPDATES here, but all the pups are spoken for. I will keep Jack, Elma will go to Norway and Phyllis will be moving to the US to Avery and Stephanie, knl Alfheim.

I couldn't be happier with where the pups are going. For those interested in a pup from me, next litter will be Penny and her super exciting mystery male.

4.5.2014 Dobre Miasto, Poland

Caeles Reach For The Stars got the last cac to finish his Polish Championship ! That makes him the first in the Star litter to finish his championship :)

4.5.2014 NKK Ålesund

At the international show in Ålesund, Norway caeles was represented :)

Caeles When U Wish Upon A Star got the cac, cacib and BOB ! 

Big congrats to her owner Gro :)

4.5.2014 International show Goes, NL

2 weeks ago, the easter weekend to be exact I went to Goes in Holland. On Saturday Emil, Caeles Time To Go won the cac, cacib and BOB :)

Now he just needs one more cac to finish his Dutch title :)

7.4.2014 Utrecht, NL

At the international show in Utrecht we did quite well.

Italian Greyhounds where judged by Mr Valerio Nataletti, IT
Caeles Time To Go: exc1, cac, cacib - Best male
Curvy I Want It All: Exc1, res cac, res cacib

Chinese Cresteds. judge Laurent Heinesche
Inya Dreams Not Just A Pretty Face: Exc1, jr cac

that was the last time Justin was in junior class, he has only been beaten once in his class since he started so we are very proud of how he's done so far. 

7.4.2014 Luxembourg spring show 2014

A little late UPDATE but @ the Lux spring show, Justin won a big class of 7 powderpuffs and became Luxembourg jr champion.
His sire CASH won the championclass and became Luxembourg Ch. 

23.3.2014 Malmö International show

Lena took a road trip to Malmö in Sweden to show Luna and Freddie (Ira son), and her sister Marie showed her Keira (daugther of Sasha and Elmo), and the trip was definitely worth it.

Caeles Shooting Star: cac, cacib, bob & group 4th
Curvy Don't Stop Me Now: cac, cacib, bos
Biscotti Mademoiselle: res-cacib

Since Luna was staying over in Sweden with Sida (breeder/owner of Justin), Lena got to drive home after the judging and Sida took Luna in the group. Luna had only met her no more than 2 hours earlier and she showed so well, and got a group 4 placement wich is really nice. And she got lots of nice comments when she came out of the group so we are all smiling and very happy :)
Luna just needs the "big cac" in Norway to finish her championship (big cac= cac at an international show). Her Swedish cac is a resting cac, so when she becomes a champion, in any country she will also become Swedish champion. 

The judge was Mr Branislav Rajic from Slovenia, and there where 9 Igs entered

Thanks to Yvonne Geiverz for the photo

20.2.2014 puppy news

I UPDATE the blog regularly without writing it here or update the website. Just FYI, so for those that look here to see if there are updates... look at the blog for puppy news. They are getting bigger and bigger and cuter and cuter, 8 days old now and I am starting to get curious to see who will be the first to open their eyes :)

13.2.2014 Puppies!!

Yesterday Ziva gave birth to 3 beautiful puppies.
A blue silverish irish marked girl, a blue boy and a fawn girl.
Mommy and puppies are doing great. Go to "Litters", and find more info, read the blog and see the photos :)

3.2.2014 Ziva

Ziva 7 weeks pregnang. photo taken last week.. now she's got approx. 1 week to go. Will take a photo later tonight or tomorrow evening.

3.2.2014 Shownews from Norway

First show of the year for Luna, and here are the results

Letohallen, NO, (will get judge name and entries)
Caeles Shooting Star: Exc1, CAC, BOB :)

Very happy with these results, Luna is really maturing nicely. 

Many thanks to Ines Blix for the nice photo, and of course thanks to Lena for taking so good care of Looney tunes :)

23.1.2014 puppies in february..?

Ziva was MATED to Emil in the second week of december, and has started to grow a little belly now, so it looks like we will be expecting puppies in the 2nd week of february. 
For more info you can go to Emil's and Ziva's individual pages. 

They both had their eyes checked in may 2013 and are both free, expect Emil has a few VD strands on 1 eye. 
Both have patella 0/0 and in addition Emil has been unofficially hip scored with excellent hips. 
Both have great temperaments, open, curious and friendly. Easy to live with. 

This will be the only litter Ziva will have, and she's the only one from her litter to be bred from in Europe.
This will be Emils first litter. His sire Ira has sired some really nice kids, his brother Billy has also sired a few litters with really promising pups and sister Cookie in Germany had a stunning litter, so I am extremely excited to what this combination will bring. 

Stay tuned, and if this litter spikes anyones interest, don't be shy and drop me a line.

23.1.2014 Hoogstraten 5-6/1

First show of the year was the international show in Hoogstraten Belgium.

Italian Greyhounds where judged by Espen Engh, NO
Berizza Titus Andronicus: BOB puppy

Chinese Crested, judge Claudio Di Giulianni, IT
Inya Dreams Not Just A Pretty Face: Exc1, BOB junior --> Belgian Jr Champion

I spent the weekend in great company, so we had tons of fun, a carty on the way back on Sunday (carty = car party ;) ). 

23.1.2014 Looking back -2013

2013 was a good year, we had some nice wins, I had some lovely dogs that I got to handle for their owners.

Here comes a little month to month overview, I usually pull back from the shows in the first months of the year, but the year started out great:

2 caeles dogs added 1 title each to their name.
Penny (C. It's Showtime ) became Belgian Champion in Mouscron while Miles ( C. How U Doin' ) became International Champion at the big My Dog show in Gothenburg.

Dolli the papillon (Halsakots Someone Is On Fire) started his showyear off with a BOB and a group 3 placement in Hoogstraaten, Belgium.

Champion title nr 3 came in march when Dolli won BOB in Groningen, NL and became Dutch Champion on his very first try. 
Bazooka the bichon frise ( Royal Frise Ginger Bazooka) debuted in Junior class where she kicked ass and won BOB in Groningen.

My very good friend Sida came to the show in Groningen (where she finished the international title on her Standard Poodle) and took Penny back with her to Sweden where she gained title nr 4 of 2013.. Swedish Champion!

While Sida took Penny to Sweden she left Prince the chinese crested powderpuff with me (Inya Dreams Meet Prince Charming). 
At his first show with me, in Leiden, NL he won his very first CACIB.

Luxembourg spring show came the first weekend of april and we did quite well. Prince got the cac, and Bazooka became Lux Jr Champion.

Bazooka got shortlisted in a big junior group at the international show in Antwerpen as well, and got her first Belgian Jr CAC

May started with the Europasiegershow in Dortmund, a show I always like, great organisation. Prince got the German VDH cac and Dolli came home with the Europasieger 2013 title, taking the first winner title of the year for our gang.
We had a double show weekend when the international show in Arnhem, NL and the national show in Wieze, BE came up on the same weekend.
Bazooka won BOB in Arnhem, being the only dog I showed there, getting her second jr and adult CAC! Not bad!
I was asked to show LC chihuahua Lexus of Chi-Roses, and he went all the way winning BOB and a group 2!
In Wieze Bazooka was BOB junior and shortlisted in the jr group.

Time for a road trip, and ch titles 5 and 6 where added when Penny and phalene Tiago became Danish champions at the international show in Vejen, Denmark.
The Clepnaco papillon speciality was a success, this is the show I had my papillon debute in 2012 with Dolli going BISS, this time Dolli was best male, got the last CAC needed for his Belgian Championship (and title nr 7 for "me"). 
I came back from Denmark with an extra dog in my luggage, Gloey the papillon (Halsakots Sweet Dreamz With A Deadline), she won BISS puppy :)

In june we had some sad news as well as Elmo went over the rainbow bridge after getting really sick from a nasty infection. We really miss him, but his spirit lives on in his daugther Stella, and granddaughter Luna, and hopefully soon great grandbabies when Ziva has her puppies.

Lots of shows in July, and lots of success. It started with Miles going BOB at the sighthound speciality in Tånga Hed, and Dolli winning BOB and shortlisted in the group, with Bazooka winning BOB jr becoming Belgian Jr Ch and again shortlisted in a strong group of juniors.

It's been a while since I PARTICIPATED in the German IG speicalty, they had Anna Marshall from the UK judging, and I was excited to enter under her. The breeder of BIS, Ch Tamoretta Tailormade, the one and only.
I did not regret the trip to Germany, Emil won the open class, got the full VDH CAC and the reserve CAC loosing only to Houdini who is a son of Miles (Houdini went BOB), Penny won the champion class and Luna won the intermediate class.
Luna then went on and won the CAC (and the VDH cac of course), she was shortlisted to best head and expression, loosing to a pretty little girl who is a daugter of Billy (Emil's and Penny's brother). Luna won the JAS title, and topped it off by winning best movement of the day! -great day for caeles!

Liege in Belgium was successful with Penny winning BOB and Group 2nd with lots and lots of positive comments.
In Poland Luna's brother, Horace (C. Reach for the stars) finished his jr championship and got his first CACIB fresh in intermediate class.

After a rather hectic july, I had 1 show in August and we made it count with Dolli winning BOB, and group 1 ! 

Luxembourg fall show and Lena came over with her Ira kids.
All together we came home with 3 junior champions, Pia and Freddie the IGs and Gloey the papillon.
Dolli came home from Lux with the title, the 8th ch title for me.

We said goodbye to Prince who went back home, and we said see you later to Luna who went to Norway with Lena to go to some shows, and we said hello to Limit who I co own with Lena and Justin the powder puff who came here to do some shows.

I got new visitors in Asta and her mother, they came over to see Gloey off to her new owner in Brazil, along with another puppy from them, Klettur. And to see Dolli off as he was leased to Darfil knl in Russia.
Before we saw them off, we attended the double cacib show in Maastricht, NL where Dolli got the reserve both days and Gloey won the jr class both days and got the reserve both days (inheriting the full cac on Sunday )


Limit went to her first show with me, in Douai France where she won BOB under Lisbeth Mach, Justin debuted with me as well winning BOB puppy and ending up going BIS 3 puppy! 

That same weekend, Luna debuted in Norway with Lena by winning her first Norwegian CAC, BOB and finishing off going group 2nd! Way to start off!

In Russia that same weekend, Dolli won BOB and got his first cac torwards his Russian title.

We said hello and welcome to Titus, newest member of the gang coming all the way from Australia! I waited a looooooong time for Anu to get a solid colored pup, and there he was, and he is just fantastic in all ways possible!

Time for Kortrijk, and I just had 1 dog to show.. Justin, who won BOB junior both days with some competition.

Amsterdam Winner Show was busy and had me running between rings. 
Main success from this show was Phalene Ritzoretto winning cac, cacib, BOB and Amsterdam Winner 2013 and papillon Up and Down's Ohlily winning junior class and getting the title Amsterdam Jr Winner 2013. 

A great way to end the year.

That sums up to 8 champion titles, 4 junior champions and 3 winner titles. I don't enter to every show, and I don't go to all the winner shows, so I am very happy with the results of 2013, and I'm excited to see what 2014 will bring. 


Wishing everyone a happy new year